Does Aspirin In The Washing Machine Whiten Whites?

Do you have a box of aspirin lying around your home, and you’re wondering whether it’s true that a few tablets can make your white clothes even whiter?

To keep it simple, using aspirin could whiten your white garments, but it is not as effective as other products such as bleach, or even bicarbonate of soda or distilled white vinegar. If you want to make the most out of your time, it’s better to use those products for quick results. 

However, if you really want to use aspirin, you can, and there are still benefits to including a few tablets in your laundry sessions. 

How Can You Use Aspirin During Your Laundry Sessions?

If you frequently suffer from headaches, you may have a steady stock of aspirin in your home. But what does aspirin do when you add them to your laundry? 

Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid, which can help remove those tough stains that make white clothes look old or yellow. It is also said that when you mix aspirin and water, it’ll produce salicylic acid that has bleaching properties. 

However, since the effects are so mild, don’t expect a magic cure to make your clothes vibrant. Instead, view aspirin as a tool that can help get rid of stains from things like sweat, without the harsh effects of bleach. Its gritty nature is also wonderful for removing dirt that may be clinging to your soiled fabrics. 

Question: Can you put aspirin directly in your washing machine? You can, but it’s likely that you won’t see a huge difference. Instead, use it to soak your fabrics or as a paste, which we’ll teach you how to do below:

Using Aspirin To Brighten Your Clothes

Want to make your white clothes even whiter? Here’s what to do:

You will need:

  • 5 to 10 Aspirin tablets (325 milligrams each)
  • Hot water
  • Bucket

What to do:

  1. Crush 5 to 10 tablets of aspirin with a spoon, then put into a bucket of hot water. If you have a lot of clothes, adjust the number of aspirin you use. 
  2. Soak your white clothes in the solution overnight. 
  3. Wash as normal, then dry outdoors under direct sunlight for best results. 

WARNING: Make sure to read the care labels of your fabric and check if it can hold hot water. If it says things like “cold wash only”, do not do this method as it will shrink or damage your clothes. 

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Using Aspirin To Remove Stains On Your Clothes

Want to remove mild stains on your fabrics? Here’s what to do:

You will need:

  • 2 to 4 Aspirin tablets (325 milligrams each)
  • Cold water
  • Soft-bristled brush (old toothbrush will do)

What to do:

  1. Lay the stained clothing on a flat surface.
  2. Use cold water to dampen the stain. 
  3. Crush 2 to 4 aspirin tablets, depending on the size and consistency of the stain. 
  4. Apply the powder directly on the stain. 
  5. Add a few drops of cold water and gently rub together using your finger or soft-bristled brush to create a paste. 
  6. Let the paste sit for at least two hours. 
  7. Use the soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the stain away. 
  8. Rinse with cold water. If there are still some stains left, repeat the process. 
  9. Wash as normal and if possible, air dry. 

WARNING: Avoid using hot water when dealing with stains, as the heat can set it on the fabric permanently. Always use cold water in your treatment sessions. 

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Make Your Laundry Days Easier!

Using aspirin in your laundry is a clever trick for keeping your whites bright without harsh chemicals. It’s easy, safe for most fabrics, and is so much gentler than using bleach!

Here are some additional tips when using aspirin:

  • Patch Test
    To avoid potential accidents, it’s always a good idea to test the products you’ll use on your garments. If this is your first time doing this and don’t know how your clothes will react to the aspirin, test the solution on a small, inconspicuous area first.
  • Only Use Aspirin On White Garments
    Aspirin can change and lighten the colours of dyed fabrics, so be cautious when using it on anything other than whites.

If you want the easiest way to make your white clothes bright and remove stains and don’t mind using a shop-bought product, we recommend using oxygen bleach. It is a milder version of bleach that is even safe to use for your coloured garments. 

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  • Removes tough stains and odours even at 30°C

Let us know about your experience with using aspirin in your laundry below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use aspirin to whiten clothes?

Yes, you can use aspirin to whiten clothes. It contains acetylsalicylic acid, which helps to remove tough stains and can make white garments appear whiter, although it is not as effective as other whitening agents.

What is the best way to whiten whites in the laundry?

The best way to whiten whites in the laundry is by using bleach or alternative products like bicarbonate of soda or distilled white vinegar. These options are more effective and provide quicker results compared to aspirin.

Does aspirin get rid of stains?

Yes, aspirin can get rid of stains. It works by breaking down the stains on fabrics, especially those from sweat, without the harsh effects of bleach. However, its effectiveness is mild, so it’s not a guaranteed solution for all types of stains.

Which is better to whiten clothes vinegar or bicarbonate of soda?

Whether vinegar or bicarbonate of soda is better for whitening clothes depends on the specific needs of the laundry. Vinegar is excellent for removing odours and slight discoloration, while bicarbonate of soda is great for general whitening and removing tougher stains. Both are effective, but their suitability can vary depending on the laundry situation.

Where do you put bicarbonate of soda in a washing machine?

When using bicarbonate of soda in a washing machine, you should put it directly into the drum along with the laundry. This allows it to mix thoroughly with the water and act directly on the clothes for effective cleaning and whitening.

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