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CheckAppliance.co.uk was created to help you with your home appliance and laundry problems. Whether it’s fixing a washing machine, getting the best out of your dishwasher, or tips on laundry and cleaning we’ve got your back.

We know that appliance problems can be a headache. That’s why our website is filled with easy-to-understand guides and tips. No jargon, just simple and practical advice. We’re here to make dealing with your home appliances as straightforward as possible.

Whether you’re trying to figure out why your fridge isn’t cold enough or how to stop your washing machine from making that weird noise, you’re in the right place. Because it’s our job to give you the most accurate information we can to help simplify your life!

Our Writers

Meet the writers behind CheckAppliance:

Daniel Domestic Appliance Repairs

Daniel launched CheckAppliance back in 2020 with the goal of helping people understand how to repair the most common appliance problems. With a background in appliance repairs, and a direct to-the-point approach to writing – the guides he writes are the best you can find online.

The website quickly gained a name for itself as one of the most reliable sources of information in the industry, with 10,000’s of people benefitting from the expert advice shared.

Most notably, Daniel’s guides on: LG, Samsung, Kitchenaid, Kenmore and Hotpoint appliances were the first to solve some of the biggest problems repairmen face, making him a trusted name throughout the UK and USA.

Daniel then got the idea to expand the website out into not just repairing appliances, but also how to use them on a day to day basis too, due to the fact that improper use of appliances is one of the main reasons why people need repairs in the first place!

He has since written, edited and fact checked thousands of articles, making sure that the information provided by CheckAppliance is as accurate as possible.

Angela Cleaning & Laundry Professional

Angela joined the team in 2021 after leaving her role in a local domestic cleaning company to help share some of her knowledge about household cleaning and laundry. Her hands-on experience as a respected domestic cleaner means she brings a wealth of knowledge to CheckAppliance, sharing tips on how to clean to a professional standard.

From the most efficient ways to use your washing machine to keeping your home spick and span – there’s little she learned in her years of experience.

Her contributions to the site have been instrumental in improving our content, particularly in areas related to laundry and general home cleaning. Angela’s approachable and informative writing style has made her a favourite among our readers, many of whom regularly seek her advice for their household questions.

Known for her deep understanding and practical tips, Angela has established herself as a reliable and trusted voice on laundry and cleaning.

When she’s not researching and testing home appliances, Angela loves art, travelling, cooking and spending time with her family.

Andrea Cleaning Aficionado

Andrea joined the CheckAppliance team in early 2023, enriching our site with her extensive knowledge and fresh perspectives on laundry and cleaning. As a genuine “cleaning aficionado”, she brings a wealth of experience to the site, often breathing new life into our older articles with new ideas and techniques.

She stands out for her use of natural cleaning methods that are gentler and safer for your health. This focus not only prolongs the life of appliances but also ensures a healthier home environment.

Her expertise in white goods and continual quest to learn more makes her an invaluable asset to our team.

Andrea’s enthusiasm for all things related to home care shine through in her work, making her a trusted and knowledgeable voice for our readers who seek practical, easy to understand solutions for their appliance and cleaning needs.

Outside of work, Andrea is an avid hiker, often found scaling mountains and embracing the great outdoors. And when she’s not doing that, true to her profession, she’s often found doing her family’s laundry and maintaining an immaculate home – ensuring her personal space is as pristine as the advice she shares on CheckAppliance.

Our Media Team

Say hello to the people who make our content visually appealing:

Mary Graphics Design & Social Media

Mary is responsible for many of the photos and graphics you see on CheckAppliance. Her talent in photography and graphic design allows her to illustrate complex points clearly, often adding helpful annotations that make the information we’re sharing very easy to understand.

As well as her graphics design, Mary is the voice behind our social media presence. When you reach out to us on social media, it’s likely Mary you’re chatting with, so don’t forget to say hi to her!

Whether she’s capturing the perfect photo, designing an informative graphic, or interacting with our followers online, Mary’s work is central to making our content both accessible and enjoyable for our readers.

Paul Video Production

Paul is the creative genius behind our popular videos. He’s really good at making and editing videos, which helps us explain things in a simple way for people who like watching videos more than reading.

If you’ve ever seen and liked one of our videos on social media or in our articles, it’s probably Paul who made it. He knows how to make videos fun and easy to understand, so you get the info you need without any confusion.

With a strong background in video editing, Paul has been a key player in growing our audience across different video platforms.

Reliable Information You Can Trust

When it comes to home appliances, you deserve advice that’s not just good, but the best. Our team’s deep knowledge comes from over 53 years of combined experience in appliance repair, cleaning, and digital content creation. This wealth of experience is not just a number – it’s the backbone of every guide, tip, and solution we share.

We’re proud of the hours we pour into research and testing each week – over 143 hours, to be exact. It’s this dedication that has earned us the trust of more than 14,000 readers every month. And it’s not just our readers who notice our commitment. We’ve received nods from industry experts and recognition for our thorough, reliable advice.

Our team is a blend of skilled appliance repair professionals, savvy cleaning experts, and creative multimedia talents. This mix ensures that our advice is not only technically sound but also practical and easy to understand. So, when you come to us with an appliance question, rest assured, you’re getting advice from a team that knows their stuff and is passionate about sharing it.

We’re committed to keeping our content current and relevant, regularly updating and revising our articles to ensure you’re always getting the most up-to-date advice.

4 Years in business
53 Years combined industry experience
143 + Hours research & testing per week
14,000 + Readers per month

Got A Question? We’re Here To Help!

Have a burning question about your home appliance? Not sure how to tackle that stubborn laundry stain? We’re just a click away! Head over to our Contact page and drop us a message. Our dedicated team at CheckAppliance.co.uk is always ready to help you with your appliance queries and concerns.

We value your questions, as they often inspire our next helpful guide or tip. So don’t hesitate – reach out and let us assist you in making your home life a little easier and more efficient!

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