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CheckAppliance High res logo
Blue = #4a93fe
Light Gray = #f4f4f4
White = #ffffff
Dark Gray = #26263c
Darker Gray = #1c1c2d
Font: Arial

Welcome to, the premier destination for comprehensive guides, insightful reviews, and expertly curated top 10 lists dedicated to the world of home appliances. Our mission is to be your trusted advisor in navigating the complex landscape of home appliances, ensuring you make informed decisions with confidence.

Logo & Usage Guidelines

Our logo symbolises trust, reliability, and authority in the home appliance industry. It is crucial that the logo is displayed correctly to maintain the integrity and recognition of the CheckAppliance brand.

Logo Composition

The CheckAppliance logo features a stylised ticked box, signifying precision and approval, followed by the brand name “CheckAppliance” (presented as one word).

This combination embodies the essence of our brand – a seal of approval for quality appliances.

Logo Colors

The primary version of the CheckAppliance logo is in black (#000000), ensuring bold visibility and brand consistency across various platforms. The logo also comes in an alternative white (#FFFFFF) version for use on dark or busy backgrounds.

CheckAppliance High res logo

Black Version (Primary)
HEX: #000000
RGB: 0, 0, 0

checkappliance high res logo white

Logo Protection Zone

To maintain clarity and impact, the logo must be surrounded by a clear space. This ‘protection zone’ ensures that no text, imagery, or other graphical elements infringe upon the logo’s visibility.

The minimum clear space around the logo should be at least equal to the height of the tick in the tick box.

Logo Placement

While there are no strict rules regarding the logo’s horizontal or vertical alignment, it is essential to ensure that its placement is visually balanced and harmonious with other elements on the medium it appears. The logo should always be positioned in a manner that maximises brand visibility and recognition.

Logo Sizes

The CheckAppliance logo should be scaled proportionally to maintain its aspect ratio. The logo must be clearly visible and legible in all applications, with a minimum size where the tick box is no smaller than 10mm in width to ensure clarity and legibility.

Logo Files for Use

The CheckAppliance logo is provided in the following formats:

  • SVG for digital and scalable applications
  • PNG for general web use with a transparent background

Usage of the Logo

The CheckAppliance logo is a fundamental asset and should be used responsibly and consistently.

Alterations to the color, proportion, or design of the logo are strictly prohibited without prior approval from the CheckAppliance branding team.

Colour and Font Guidelines

Our carefully selected palette and typography are integral to our brand identity, ensuring consistency and recognisability across all platforms and communications.

Colour Palette

Our color palette has been chosen to reflect our brand’s attributes of clarity, trustworthiness, and professionalism. The specific colors are as follows:

  1. Blue (#4a93fe):
    • HEX: #4a93fe
    • RGB: 74, 147, 254
    • Description: A vibrant and trustworthy blue, used for primary buttons, links, and to highlight important elements.
  2. Light Gray (#f4f4f4):
    • HEX: #f4f4f4
    • RGB: 244, 244, 244
    • Description: A clean and neutral light gray, used for backgrounds and to create a subtle contrast against white content areas.
  3. White (#ffffff):
    • HEX: #ffffff
    • RGB: 255, 255, 255
    • Description: Pure white, used for background spaces and to create a clean, open feel.
  4. Dark Gray (#26263c):
    • HEX: #26263c
    • RGB: 38, 38, 60
    • Description: A deep and professional dark gray, primarily used for text to ensure excellent readability and contrast.
  5. Darker Gray (#1c1c2d):
    • HEX: #1c1c2d
    • RGB: 28, 28, 45
    • Description: An even darker shade of gray, used sparingly for accents, footers, or to add depth and hierarchy to design elements.


The typography utilises Arial, a sans-serif font known for its readability and clean, modern aesthetic.


  • Used for both headings and body text across all brand communications.
  • Arial is versatile and legible, making it an excellent choice for both digital and print mediums. It supports a wide array of characters and is known for its clarity and simplicity.

Applying the Color Palette and Font

  • Consistency is key. Ensure that the colors are used consistently across all platforms, whether digital or print.
  • Text legibility should always be a priority. Ensure that there is sufficient contrast between text and background colours, especially for important or actionable information.
  • The colour palette has been designed to work harmoniously. Avoid introducing new colors without careful consideration of their impact on the overall brand identity.

For any specific questions about the application of the color palette or font, or for access to brand assets, please contact our branding team.

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Worked for me, cheers :0)


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Thank you for your straight forward guide. Managed to get it running again without pulling out any more of my hair. Lifesaver!


Huge thanks for the guide on resetting! I followed the steps and my fridge is back to working again (at least for now).

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Brand Overview

At, we understand that the modern consumer seeks more than just a product; they seek an experience and assurance. Our platform is meticulously designed to bridge the gap between uncertainty and decision-making in online shopping. From essential kitchen appliances like cookers and washing machines to innovative home technologies such as ring doorbells, our extensive range of reviews and guides covers the full spectrum of home appliances.

  • Excellence in Information
    Our team of experts delves deep into the details of each product, offering you insider knowledge and critical analyses that are second to none. With our in-depth guides and reviews, you gain access to the crucial information needed to understand what you’re investing in, ensuring that every purchase you make is backed by comprehensive research and genuine understanding.
  • Alleviating Online Shopping Stress
    Recognise the challenges of online shopping, particularly the absence of physical interaction with products. strives to mitigate this gap by providing detailed reviews and vivid descriptions, offering a virtual ‘touch and feel’ experience. Our content is crafted to give you a profound understanding of each product, alleviating the stress and uncertainty commonly associated with online shopping.
  • Solving Appliance Conundrums
    Beyond guiding purchases, stands as an authority in troubleshooting and resolving appliance issues. Our extensive library of how-to guides addresses a myriad of appliance concerns, making us your go-to resource for maintaining and maximising the lifespan of your appliances.
  • Engagement and Responsiveness
    We believe in the power of community and interaction. Our platform encourages users to request reviews for products they’re considering or seek advice for their appliance dilemmas. Our commitment to our audience is reflected in our responsive and engaging approach, prioritising the needs and inquiries of our visitors.
  • Locally Rooted, Universally Trusted
    Proudly based in the UK, is dedicated to serving the local market with content that is relevant, reliable, and tailored to the needs of our UK audience. We ensure that our reviews and guides are practical, addressing products available and accessible to our community.

In the bustling world of home appliances, stands as your reliable guide, your insightful friend, and your trusted advisor. Join us in navigating this ever-evolving journey, ensuring every decision you make is an informed one.