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Daniel Chief Executive Officer

As the founder of CheckAppliance, Daniel is the driving force behind our top-notch appliance repair guides. With a keen focus on brands like LG and Samsung, he’s renowned for his straightforward, expert advice that has helped countless individuals tackle common appliance issues.

Angela Expert in Cleaning & Laundry

Angela, a former domestic cleaner, enriches our site with professional cleaning and laundry insights. Her practical tips, drawn from extensive hands-on experience, are a cornerstone of our content, especially in areas of home cleanliness and efficient washing machine use.

Andrea Expert in Cleaning & Laundry

Andrea has infused our content with innovative cleaning and laundry techniques, emphasising natural, appliance-friendly methods. Her expertise in white goods and commitment to healthier home environments make her an indispensable member of our team.

Media Team

Mary Graphics Design & Social Media

Mary’s graphic design skills bring clarity to complex topics on CheckAppliance. Also managing our social media, she engages our audience with visually compelling content and interactive communication, playing a vital role in our online presence.

Paul Video Production Lead

Paul’s expertise in video production brings life to our content, offering visually engaging and easy-to-understand explanations. His talent in video editing and knack for creating enjoyable content has significantly expanded our reach on various video platforms.

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