Hoover Washing Machine Error Code 8? (here’s what to do)

If you own a Hoover washing machine and it’s displaying error code 8 it means the appliance has a problem. Some Hoover washing machines might display this as “08” but either way it indicates a similar fault.

If your Hoover washing machine is displaying error code 8, keep reading. In this article we take a close look at all of the possible reasons why a Hoover washing machine might display error code 8 and offer solutions to those issues.

What Does Error Code 8 Mean On A Hoover Washing Machine?

If your Hoover washing machine is displaying error code 8 it means there’s a problem with the motor. This might seem worrying but in some cases, the cure is simple.

Let’s start with the easiest thing to fix and work from there;

Probable CauseSolution
Electrical GlitchReset the washer
Unbalanced LoadRearrange the laundry in the drum
Overloaded DrumRemove laundry until the drum is no more than ¾ full
Tacho Coil FaultContact a technician
Worn Carbon BrushesContact a technician
Drum Shaft JammedContact a technician
Defective MotorContact a technician
Faulty PCBContact a technician

Let’s take a closer look into each:

Electrical Glitch

All electrical appliances can be subject to the occasional glitch. This can be caused by a power surge or fluctuations in the power supply. The PCB sends or receives a false message which leads to the washer shutting down and displaying an error code.

To check whether the error code was caused by a glitch all you need to do is disconnect the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes. This allows any residue power to dissipate. Once the appliance is reconnected to the power supply, the error code is usually cleared and the appliance can be started again.

However, if the error code reappears, it’s likely to have not been a glitch and you will need to investigate further.

Unbalanced Load

laundry room with pile of clothes

If the laundry in the drum is unbalanced, the washer will not be able to run its final spin. This could be enough to cause error code 8 to be displayed.

Always ensure that you wash large items separately to prevent all of the weight being on one side of the drum. 

This can also be caused by the next problem…

Overloaded Drum

large load in drum illustration

If you cram too many clothes into the drum, they don’t have room to settle and tumble freely in the drum as it turns. This can lead to an unbalanced load which can cause error code 8 to be displayed and the washer to stop working.

As a general rule, the drum of your washing machine should only be filled to between ½ to ¾ of its capacity. This means a washer with an 8 kg capacity shouldn’t be loaded with more than 6 kg of dry laundry.

Or to put it another way, the drum should never be filled to more than ¾ full of dry laundry. You can check by looking at the glass door, if the laundry is way up to the top of the door, it’s too full.

You should only fill the drum to around ½ to ¾ the way up the door.

Tacho Coil Fault

We’re getting slightly more technical now, which might mean it’s best to contact a technician. But we’ll explain how this problem can affect the washer and lead to the error code to be displayed.

The tacho coil is a small electrical coil that’s fitted to the motor on the opposite end to the drive belt. There is a magnet fitted to the end of the armature winding shaft and every time the motor turns a full revolution it is counted via software in the PCB (printed circuit board) through the tacho coil.

The PCB uses this information to regulate the spin speed of the motor and subsequently the drum spin speed (RPM). During the early years of washing machine manufacture, if there was a fault with the tacho coil, the motor would spin uncontrollably and cause damage to the washer.

Nowadays if a faulty tacho coil is detected, the washer will stop running and display an error code. We recommend getting a technician to investigate and fix this issue for you.

Worn Carbon Brushes

The carbon brushes are often the first thing an engineer will suspect if a washing machine is experiencing a motor issue. Carbon brushes wear down over time and will need to be replaced.

As this involves removing panels to access the motor, we recommend getting a technician to do this for you.

Drum Shaft Jammed

open washing machine door

The same error code could be displayed if the drum shaft is jammed. If the drum shaft doesn’t turn, the motor will struggle leading to the PCB assuming the motor is the problem.

You can check the drum shaft by opening the door and turning the drum, if it is easy to move, the drum shaft isn’t the problem. If the drum is difficult to turn, remove the drive belt and try to turn the drum again.

If it moves freely, the drive shaft is not the issue and it will almost certainly be the motor at fault. However, if the drum is still difficult to turn, it is likely to be the drum shaft that is jammed.

This is a job for a technician to investigate and repair. 

Defective Motor

If the tacho coil and carbon brushes are OK it could be the motor that is defective. This will almost certainly need replacing and as washing machine motors are relatively expensive, you will need to consider whether it’s worth replacing the motor or buying a new appliance.

This is where a technician will be best placed to advise you, as they will have inspected your appliance and assessed the condition of other components.

Faulty PCB (Control Board)

If the printed circuit board or control board develops a fault, it can cause the washer to shut down and display an error code. 

Unfortunately, these parts are never cheap or easy to fit which is why we recommend getting a technician to investigate and replace if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the error code E8 mean on a Hoover washing machine?

The error code E8 on a Hoover washing machine indicates a motor fault. However, it could be caused by any of the following; An imbalanced load, an overloaded drum, a jammed drum shaft, an electrical glitch, a motor issue or a PCB fault.

How can I remove error code E8 from my Hoover washing machine?

You can remove error code E8 from your Hoover washing machine by fixing whatever fault has caused it to be displayed. However, sometimes the error code is caused by an electrical glitch which can be cleared by disconnecting the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes.

How much laundry can I put in the drum of my 8kg Hoover washing machine?

The general rule is to not load more than ¾ the amount of capacity to the drum on a washing machine. In the case of an 8kg capacity washer that would be 6 kg of dry laundry. 

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