Samsung Refrigerator Leaking Water? (here’s how to fix)

If you notice water leaking from your Samsung refrigerator, don’t panic. Because in this article we explain the reasons why your Samsung refrigerator might be leaking water and offer ways to solve this problem.

It could be the drain hole is blocked, the water filter is damaged, the door seal is defective or the inlet valve is defective. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Is My Samsung Refrigerator Leaking Water?

There are several reasons why your Samsung refrigerator might be leaking water, which include;

Probable CauseSolution
Drain Hole BlockedCheck the drain hole and remove any blockage
Water Filter DamagedInspect the filter and replace if necessary
Door Seal Dirty Or DamagedInspect, clean or replace the door seal as necessary
Water Inlet Valve DefectiveInspect and replace the inlet valve if necessary
Appliance UnlevelCheck and level the refrigerator

Let’s look at each of these issues in more detail;

Drain Hole Blocked

open fridge door

This is one of the most commonly reported reasons for Samsung refrigerator water leaks. The drain pan can be found at the bottom of the fridge and collects excess water from the defrost cycle.

Your Samsung refrigerator automatically defrosts every 6 to 12 hours and excess water runs through the drain pan. If the hole on the drain pan is blocked with food, dirt, ice or other debris, it can cause water to leak from the refrigerator.

You will need to inspect and clean the drain pan hole to clear any blockage. This will allow the water to drain away properly and not leak out from the fridge.

You can remove any blockage using a thin, flexible object like a pipe cleaner. Gently dislodge any blockage and prise it out of the hole, taking care to not force it further into the hole and clogging it even more.

If the blockage was caused by ice, you will need to address whatever has caused ice to form in the drain hole. This will need technical investigation which is best carried out by a qualified technician.

Water Filter Damaged

The water filter on your Samsung refrigerator is there to remove any impurities from the water supplied to your fridge. If it is dirty, clogged, full or damaged, it can cause water to leak.

You will need to inspect and possibly replace the water filter to solve this issue.

Door Seal Dirty Or Damaged

All around the door of your refrigerator is a rubber seal or gasket. This is designed to keep the cold air in and prevent warm air from entering the fridge.

Over time, the door seal can get an accumulation of dirt or food particles that prevent the door from sealing correctly. This can allow water to leak out.

You will need to inspect the door seal and clean any dirt using a cloth soaked in warm soapy water. If you notice any breaks or signs of wear in the seal, it will need to be replaced.

Water Inlet Valve Defective

All of the water that enters your refrigerator does so via the water inlet valve. If this becomes defective, it can cause water to leak from the fridge.

You should inspect the inlet valve and if there are any signs of a leak, you will need to replace it with a new part. If you are a competent DIYer, you can fit the new part yourself. If not, we recommend contacting a technician to investigate and replace the inlet valve for you.

Appliance Unlevel

Your Samsung refrigerator is designed to allow condensation to run into a drip pan hidden underneath the appliance. If the appliance isn’t completely level, the condensated water could miss the drip tray and leak from underneath.

You will need to check the level of the fridge using a spirit level and adjust the feet accordingly. Check front to back and side to side and adjust the front legs to level the appliance. If it is levelled correctly, the door should swing closed by itself.

A Quick Word About Temperature Settings

A person opening a refrigerator

If the temperature inside your samsung refrigerator is set too low, it could cause excess condensation which leads to water forming inside the fridge.

You should check that the temperature is set to around 3o C (37o F) this is the recommended working temperature for a Samsung refrigerator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is water leaking from the bottom of my Samsung fridge?

If there is water leaking from the bottom of your Samsung fridge it could be because; the drain hole is clogged, the water filter is damaged or faulty and needs replacing, the water inlet valve is faulty, or the appliance is unlevel.

Why is my Samsung fridge leaking water onto the floor?

If your Samsung fridge is leaking water onto the floor it could be because the door seal is not working properly due to dirt or damage, the drain pan is clogged, the inlet valve is leaking or the filter is defective.’

Why is my fridge leaking water under the crisper drawers?

If your fridge is leaking water under the crisper drawers it is typically caused by the defrost drain tube being clogged with dirt or ice. This prevents the water from flowing down the tube and instead causes it to form puddles under the crisper drawers. Removing the blockage usually fixes this problem.

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