Spin Cycle Washing Machine Not Working? (Try This)

If you are experiencing problems with your washing machine not operating on the spin cycle, don’t despair, it could have an easy to fix solution. In this article we look at all the possible reasons why your machine will not spin and also show you how to remedy the problem too.

Wrong Program Selected

Modern washing machines have many programs. Including no-spin and no-drain, if you have accidentally selected one of these programs, the machine will not spin.

Technical Fault

Sometimes with electrical appliances, they develop an unexplainable technical fault that might only happen once, or might be more frequent. A power spike, power cut, or any number of other reasons can cause your machine to stop mid program. Try turning the machine off, unplugging it, and then try restarting it. This can sometimes reset it.

Drum Imbalance

If you cram too many clothes into the washing machine drum, or if you are washing a single large item the washing can all go to one side of the drum. This causes an imbalance in the drum which could result in damaging the drum, motor or any number of other working parts. Modern machines have sensors fitted that detect imbalance loads and stop the machine from spinning to save any damage.

To prevent the machine from stopping the spin cycle, never overload the machine and mix large and small items together to help balance the load.

Too Much Detergent

If the machine detects too much detergent or too many soap suds, it will stop the machine from spinning to try to absorb the excess suds. Be sure to use the correct detergent for your machine and in the correct quantity.


Drain Pump Blocked

If your washing machine doesn’t drain correctly, it will not start the spin cycle. The most common cause of the machine not draining is connected to the drain pump. Locate the pump filter (usually at the bottom on the front of the machine), lay a towel on the floor to soak up any water stuck in the filter and remove the filter. If there are any foreign bodies inside, items like; cloth, coins, hairpins, hair bands, screws, nails etc remove them and replace the filter.

Drain Hose Blocked

Another reason the machine won’t drain fully could be because the drain hose has a partial blockage. Unscrew the drain hose from the rear of the machine and check for any kinks or blockages. You can use a plumber’s snake to dislodge any objects that are causing a blockage.

Faulty Drain Pump

It is possible for the drain pump to stop working all together or develop an intermittent fault. This is a job for the experts and should not be tackled by an amatuer. 

Unlevel Washing Machine

If the washing machine is not completely level, this can prevent the machine from spinning. This is usually quite apparent as often the machine will move across the room if it’s uneven. To fix this; adjust the feet to level the machine up.

Worn Drive Belt

To make the drum spin, there is a drive belt that runs from the motor to the drum, much like a fan belt on a car. Over time this belt can get worn, stretch and become loose. This could result in the belt slipping instead of spinning the drum. You can fix this yourself if you are technically minded but you could void any warranty so it’s best left to an expert.

Faulty Motor

In some cases the washing machine will fill with water, drain, rinse and empty but not spin at all. You might not notice this unless you happen to be by the machine for long periods whilst it’s operating. If the drum is not spinning at all, it’s time to call an engineer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my washing machine washing, but not spinning?

If your washing machine washes but fails to spin it can be caused by a number of reasons. There are wash only programs, no-spin and no-drain programs, if you accidentally selected one of these the machine will not spin. Alternatively it could be caused because the machine has failed to drain correctly, usually due to a blockage in either the drain pump or hose.

Why won’t my washing machine agitate or spin?

If your washing machine fails to agitate or spin it’s probably the drive belt that’s causing the problem. Over time drive belts stretch and once they become loose, they will not move the drum.

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