Can You Put Eyelet Curtains In The Washing Machine?

Yes, you can put eyelet curtains in the washing machine after taking off any rings, hooks or pins. There’s no need to remove the grommets since they won’t get damaged or come off during the wash. 

Sheer eyelet curtains made of polyester or a similar material can be washed in a machine. However, before washing your eyelet curtains in the machine, always check the care label. 

Some curtains aren’t suitable for machine washing because of the fabric type, designs like embroidery or embellishments and other factors.

But how do you choose the right wash cycle, and is machine washing always the best option? Read on as we answer these questions, providing you with all the knowledge needed to keep your eyelet curtains looking as good as new.

Which Wash Cycle Should You Use For Eyelet Curtains?

30 Degree Wash Cycle

Make sure to wash your eyelet curtains using a delicate wash cycle with a slow spin setting and cool water temperature. Wash them at 30°C or less, using a mild detergent and setting the machine to a gentle spin cycle. 

If your eyelet curtains are really dirty, you can soak them in a bath for at least 20 minutes before washing.

Pro tip: If you just want to freshen up your dry-clean only curtains, you can use a chamois leather cloth to wipe off the dust. Make sure the cloth is damp but squeeze out excess water. You can also spray diluted vinegar to remove any odours from your curtains.

Is Hand Washing Better For Cleaning Eyelet Curtains?

Hand washing is the best way to clean your curtains without harming them. Putting them in the washing machine might make them crease, and those creases can be tough to smooth out. 

For example, net curtains are quite delicate, so it’s better to hand wash them rather than use a washing machine. The rough spinning in the machine can make the curtains tear or stretch.

To wash eyelet curtains by hand, first fill your bathtub with enough warm water to cover the curtains completely. Then add a bit of laundry detergent. 

Lay your curtains out flat in the water, folded. Swirl them gently to remove any dirt, then take them out of the water. Re-fold them again and repeat the same process. Once done, rinse them off with clean water.

What Is The Best Way To Dry Eyelet Curtains?

Always check the wash care labels

To dry your curtains, hang them out to dry away from direct sunlight, as this can harm the fabric and colour. 

Check the washing instructions to see if you can use a tumble dryer. If so, use a low heat setting. To prevent creases from setting, remove your curtains from the dryer while they’re still slightly damp, about 95% dry, and let them air dry completely.

Similarly, check the care label to see if your curtains can be ironed and, if so, iron them on the setting suggested by the label.

How Often Should You Wash Eyelet Curtains?

It’s best to give your curtains a thorough wash at least twice a year, or more frequently if they’re prone to gathering dirt, dust, and odours. 

Regularly vacuum them every week with a brush attachment to help keep them clean and extend their freshness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my curtains are washable?

To know if your curtains are washable, check the care label for washing instructions. The label will indicate whether they can be machine washed or require a different cleaning method.

Can you put metal eyelet curtains in the washing machine?

Yes, you can put metal eyelet curtains in the washing machine, but make sure to remove any detachable rings or hooks. The metal grommets themselves are typically safe to wash in a machine.

How do you wash curtains at home?

To wash curtains at home, you can either use a washing machine on a gentle cycle with cool water for washable curtains or hand wash them if they are delicate. Make sure to use a mild detergent and avoid harsh spinning if machine washing. For hand washing, use warm water and gentle detergent, and softly swirl the curtains to remove dirt before rinsing thoroughly.

How often should curtains be washed?

Curtains should be given a thorough wash at least twice a year, or more frequently if they’re prone to gathering dirt, dust, and odours. Regular vacuuming every week with a brush attachment can help maintain their cleanliness between washes.

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