Best Cordless Irons 2024

Using an iron has to be one of the most frustrating chores in the world. As you pass the iron across the fabric, the cord drags across and creates new creases as it goes. Then of course, there’s the new twists and knots that seem to magically appear in the cord every time you use it.

If as you read this you’re thinking “I know right”? Then you know not only how frustrating it is, but also how time consuming too! Ironing once is bad enough, but having to go back over and over due to the cord drag makes me want to tear my hair out!

If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s the way that no matter how close to the ironing board you are the cord always feels like it’s pulling you away from what you are trying to do! Added to this, if you have small children, or pets, the cord is always just at the height easy enough for them to reach and pull to the floor.

So your ironing is distracted, you can’t give it your undivided attention because of fear of accidental injury to a loved one. The weight of the iron would be enough, without the threat of burning.

The solution to this very annoying, and worrying problem is here, it is of course, the cordless iron.

Imagine the feeling of freedom, stand as far away from a socket as you like, no cable drag, and a worry free ironing experience.

Best Selling Cordless Irons

SaleBestseller No. 1
Tower T22008 CeraGlide Cordless Steam Iron with Ceramic Soleplate and Variable Steam Function, 2400 W, Purple
  • CORD/CORDLESS IRONING: Operate corded or completely cord free for unrestricted movement as you iron
  • CERAGLIDE PERFORMANCE: Multi-layered ceramic soleplate provides a smooth and easy glide for perfectly straight, crease free results
SaleBestseller No. 2
Morphy Richards EasyCHARGE Cordless Iron, 130g Steam Boost, 30g Steam Output, 350ml Water Tank, Anti Drip, Anti Scale, Auto Shut-off, 2.5m Cord, 2400W, Red/Black, 303250
8,619 Reviews
Morphy Richards EasyCHARGE Cordless Iron, 130g Steam Boost, 30g Steam Output, 350ml Water Tank, Anti Drip, Anti Scale, Auto Shut-off, 2.5m Cord, 2400W, Red/Black, 303250
  • Cordless: Go completely wireless with our cordless iron, the 360 degree charging base means that you'll never have to search for a plug ever again! The cordless design also frees you up to use your iron like a vertical steamer
  • Reheat in Under 40 Seconds: Never worry about it taking too long to press clothes again, the EasyCHARGE Cordless Iron features a lightning-fast reheat time of just 40 seconds
SaleBestseller No. 3
Swan SI16410N 2-in-1 Cord or Cordless Steam Press Iron, Non-Stick Ceramic Soleplate, 2800W, Blue
  • 2600W POWER: Powers through tough creases for fresh pressed linen
  • CORDLESS: Providing freedom of movement when ironing this Iron is cordless. Simply recharge when placed back on the base which is accompanied by a 1.9m cord
Bestseller No. 4
Beldray BEL0987RG 2 In 1 Cordless Steam Iron - 300ml, Rose Gold Edition, 360° Charging Base, Smooth Ceramic Soleplate, Corded or Cordless, 2600 W, 140g/min Steam Shot, Anti-Drip & Anti-Calc Functions
  • Tackle stubborn creases easily with this Beldray 2 in 1 Steam Iron which can be used corded or cordless without hassle.
  • Use the 360° charging base with LED lights to quickly recharge the iron, or simply lock in place to use as a corded appliance.
Bestseller No. 5
Russell Hobbs Cordless Steam Iron with One Temp Technology, Fast 6 second charge, Ceramic soleplate, 210g Steam Shot, 45g Continuous steam, 350ml Water Tank, Self-clean function, 2600W, 26020
  • Ready. Set. Go cordless - Ironing has never been more unrestricted. Without any wires to get in your way, you can enjoy the convenience of Cordless and get stuck in to your ironing.
  • One Temperature Technology - Say goodbye to confusion over temperatures, and sorting through your ironing pile to separate your silks from your denims.

How Do Cordless Irons Work?

This is the most commonly asked question concerning cordless irons. Because this is a relatively new technology, however, the principles haven’t changed since the invention of electricity. So let’s look at how cordless irons work.

With a traditional electrical iron, the power runs through the cable, to the back of the iron. This powers the heating element that’s behind the soleplate. Usually situated just below the handle, is a dial that controls the temperature thermostatically. 

Steam is created by heating water inside the reservoir which is released via a steam button. This is old news, we all know how conventional irons work. But what you might not know is cordless irons work in the same way, they’re just powered differently.

How Do Cordless Irons Maintain Their Heat

When ironing with a corded iron, when moving the clothing up, to iron the next section, the iron is placed on the stand at the end of the ironing board. With a cordless iron, the iron is placed back in its charger between usage. This ensures maximum power and optimum heat and steam.

There’s no delay, as soon as you are ready to iron the fresh section of the fabric, the iron will have charged enough to glide effortlessly through the creases. Some even communicate wirelessly passing information about charging and power.

What Are The Benefits Of Cordless Irons?

The main benefit of using a cordless iron is that it has no cord. Electric flat irons have been around since 1882 and have always had the same problem-the cord that drags across the clothes creating wrinkles and creases as it goes.

Cordless irons are also much lighter than corded irons, making it easier to use. Most cordless irons have soleplates made from ceramics, this conducts heat more efficiently than traditional metal soleplates.

The main benefits of using a cordless iron are freedom from the cord, no cord, no dragging. Also you can iron anywhere you want, you’re not restricted to close to a plug socket. They are lighter than corded irons, and the ceramic soleplate conducts heat better.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Cordless Irons?

As with any product, there is always a down side, and cordless irons are no different. The first thing is they are more expensive than corded irons, as an example, at the cheaper end of the market, cordless irons are around 50% more expensive than their corded counterpart.

The ceramic soleplate is a better conductor of heat, however if you’re not careful, this can cause burning of silk and similar materials.

Cordless irons tend to have smaller water reservoirs than corded irons, this means you could find yourself taking time to refill with water.

Cordless Irons  Buying Guide

As this is a relatively new invention, you will probably be slightly confused as to which cordless iron is the best to buy. This is of course a personal matter, you need to do some research to find out which features will suit your needs best. The main points to consider when buying a cordless iron are:-

What Is The Soleplate Made From

As stated above, most are ceramic but there are variations, some are stainless steel and some titanium. This is something that needs serious contemplation because there are both advantages and disadvantages to all of these.

Ceramic Soleplates

Although they’re called ceramic soleplates, they are actually made from either plastic or aluminium with a ceramic coating. The advantages of ceramic soleplates are:-

Good heat conducting capability, even heat distribution, prevents static build up, and prevents clothes from sticking at higher temperatures.

The disadvantages of ceramic soleplates are:-

Ceramic plates become brittle over time, and can peel away or wear out causing sticky surfaces when ironing light weight materials (like silk) rendering the iron useless.

Stainless Steel Soleplates

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and chromium and is well suited to making iron soleplates.

 The advantages are:-

As they are the most common type of soleplate for irons, stainless steel soleplates keep the cost of irons down, they conduct heat well, evenly distribute that heat, have a clean surface, and are corrosion resistant which prevents rust stains to clothes.

The disadvantages of stainless steel soleplates are:-

Over a period of time, stainless steel soleplates will accumulate sticky deposits that will easily transfer to the clothes being ironed. This means regular cleaning of the soleplate is necessary and can be time consuming.

Titanium Soleplates

These are not usually pure titanium, rather they are alloyed with either iron, or aluminium. The advantages of titanium soleplates are:-

A fast and even transfer of heat, extremely strong, durable, and lightweight, and easily maintainable clean surfaces.

The only disadvantage to titanium soleplates is they can overheat the material being ironed causing it to melt. So extra caution is needed when using.

Non-Stick Soleplates

There are some cordless and corded irons that have non-stick soleplates. The sole plates can be made from any of the other materials mentioned, but are then coated with material that is non-stick usually from one of the following:-

Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE), Teflon, anodized aluminium coating, silicone coating, enameled iron coating and others.

The advantages of non-stick soleplates are:-

Even heat distribution, durability, do not stain clothing, and are easy to clean.

The disadvantage of non-stick soleplates is the coating can break down over time and peel off.

Water Tank Capacity

The more water the iron will hold, the longer you can iron without having to stop to refill.

Most cordless irons have a capacity of between 250-350 mls but this is definitely worth checking, as some can have as much as 400mls capacity.


As a general rule of thumb, the higher the wattage, the faster the iron is going to heat up. If speed is your main concern then the higher wattage models will be your best bet. However, higher wattage cordless irons tend to be at the pricier end of the scale.


All of the major brands make a range of cordless irons including:-

Morphy Richards, Philips, Tower, Russell Hobbs, Tefal, Bosch, and many more. It is well worth considering buying a popular, well known brand as you then have the comfort of years of electrical appliance manufacturing experience.


Cordless irons tend to range in price from around £20-£150 but there are many different models and price is not always the deciding factor. If you are buying a branded product from a reputable retailer, even a relatively cheap cordless iron will have many desirable features. It’s more about which features suit your lifestyle than the amount it costs.

Where Can You Buy A Cordless Iron?

All reputable electrical retail stores stock cordless irons, including:-

Argos, John Lewis, Currys, The Range, Amazon, and many more.

How Much Do Cordless Irons Cost?

The prices for cordless irons range from around £20-£150 depending on brand, make and model. With the higher wattage models coming in at the more expensive end of the scale. Some models have faster recharge and larger water tanks but this is not always indicative of price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cordless Irons Worth It?

If convenience, safety and easy ironing are your requirements then yes cordless irons are definitely worth it.

How Do You Charge A Cordless Iron?

The charging base is plugged into the mains, the iron is placed on the base, once it reaches the desired temperature, it is ready to use.

Which Is Better Ceramic Or Stainless Steel Soleplate?

There are pros and cons to both, stainless steel soleplates tend to be used on the cheaper irons, and are easier to clean. Whereas ceramic soleplates distribute heat more evenly but do eventually wear out over time.

Why Does My Iron Stick To My Clothes?

There are a few reasons for this, the most common is having the iron on too high a setting, this can actually cause your clothing to melt. There could be dirt and sticky residue on the soleplate of the iron. Also limescale deposits could cause the iron to stick.

How Long Do Irons Last?

Irons usually come with a 12 month guarantee, but they will probably last much longer if looked after properly.

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