How Much Is A Freeview Box?

Freeview is the preferred way to access free-to-air Digital TV in the UK. The Freeview service covers more than 98% of the British Isles and apart from the initial purchase price of the Freeview box, there are no other costs involved. Freeview boxes are made by a number of manufacturers and come in many designs from the sleek, to the almost industrial looking. 

What’s The Price Of A Freeview Box?

It all boils down to functionality, the lower priced boxes tend to be pretty basic, and lack certain functions. Here are some of the prices we found when looking at various retailers:

  •  £20 buys a low storage memory box with no on demand support at all.
  • £30 buys a box with many more functions than the basic models, including built-in WiFi, HD ready, can handle both SCART and HDMI cables, which allows use with new or even older TVs.
  • £35 is enough to get watch, record, play and rewind live TV, HD ready, dual lead support SCART and HDMI, and Dolby Audio
  • £50 will get you probably the best of both worlds – model with record rewind, pause and play live TV, HD ready Dolby sound  1 TB memory.
  • £125 will purchase a 4K ultra HD freeview and on demand service, rewind, record pause and play live TV.

The question is not how much is a Freeview box, as much as which model will best suit your needs. We recommend a mid priced model as these seem to offer the best of both worlds, simple to use, yet having many useful functions.

What Other Costs Need To Be Taken Into Account?

As long as your outdoor aerial is up to scratch, and your TV is good enough to receive Freeview signals, the set top box is the only expense. So anywhere from £20 to £200 for the box and no other charges at all.

TV Licence

A current TV licence is the only other outlay you need to enjoy Freeview TV. This tax by any other name is needed whatever type of TV you watch. Currently set at £157.50, a TV licence is a legal requirement covered under the communications act 2003 and the communications (Television Licencing) regulations 2004 (as amended).

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cheap Freeview box?

The makes that feature time and again in most surveys for the best cheap Freeview boxes are Manhattan and Humax.

Do Freeview boxes need the Internet?

If all you want to do is watch free-to-air digital TV you do not need the internet, but if you want to access catch-up TV or on-demand content, you will need to be connected to the internet.

Do I need a TV Licence for Freeview?

You do need a TV licence to watch any TV in the UK regardless of the service you access it by. But once you have a TV licence you will not need to pay anything else to watch Freeview.

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