How To Cook Chips In A Halogen Oven

How chips turn out can make or break a meal, perfect chips allow for other parts of the meal to not be so good. What I mean is, no one likes hard chips or soggy chips, and the way the chips turn out is all you can usually remember about a meal. So is it possible to cook perfect chips in a halogen oven?

Is it necessary to parboil the chips before cooking? Many people say that chips can’t be cooked in a halogen oven, they’re either too hard, too full of fat, or too soggy. Is that the truth? Or is there a way to cook perfect chips in a halogen oven?

5 Ways To Cook Chips Using A Halogen Oven

Having done our research, we have found 5 different ways to cook chips in a halogen oven. Some are better than others, some are easy, and some involve quite a lot of work. We’ll explain each way in detail and give you our honest opinion on the results of each way.

Then it’s over to you to see which way suits your cooking style and which way suits your taste too.

#1 The Halogen Oven recommended Method Of Chip Making

This first method involves a lot of work and is also relatively time-consuming. You parboil your slices of potatoes for 5 minutes, drain and dry them, spray them with oil then place them in the halogen oven. Set the time and temperature according to your halogen ovens instruction manual and allow them to cook.

#2 The High-Temperature No-Boil Method For Making Chips In A Halogen Oven

This one doesn’t need to parboil the potato slices before cooking in the halogen oven. Just peel and slice the potatoes, spray with oil, place them in the halogen oven making sure they are all separate (not touching), cook for 15 minutes at 200C.

#3 The Double Cook Method For Chip Cooking In A Halogen Oven

No need to parboil on this one either, peel and slice the potatoes in the usual way, coat the chips in oil, place on the rack and cook at 150C until soft, then turn the heat up to 200C and continue cooking until the chips are golden brown.

#4 Cooking Frozen Chips In A Halogen Oven

This is the easiest method, but not necessarily the most satisfactory. Just place the frozen chips in the halogen oven and follow the instructions on the bag. If there are no halogen oven instructions follow fan assisted oven instructions and lower the temperature by around 20 degrees C and lower the timings slightly.

#5 Cooking Chips In The Air Fryer Attachment

Most halogen ovens come with an air fryer attachment. This is so easy to use, put your chips in the attachment put it on top of the halogen oven bowl and start cooking.

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The Best And The Worst Of The 5 Ways To Cook Chips In A Halogen Oven

Cook Chips In A Halogen Oven

We tried all 5 of these methods and here’s our verdict on the results.

#1 The Halogen Oven recommended Method

These came out great, yes they took the longest time overall, and you have to keep an eye on them. But they came out crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

#2 The No-Boil High-Temperature Way To Cook Chips In A Halogen Oven

This method produced very crispy chips that were low in fat. And got a thumbs up from all of us.

#3 The Double Cook Method

This is the slowest method and also the only one where you have to keep going back to the halogen oven once cooking begins. It’s difficult to judge when the pieces of potato are soft enough to increase the temperature for the crisping and browning process. These chips also held onto the most oil, making them greasy and not as healthy as the other options.

#4 Frozen Chips

This is the method with the least amount of work involved but it’s not the best. We found the cooking instructions on the bag were incorrect, in our case we had to cook for considerably longer than stated. Plus the chips once cooked, were still hard on the inside.

#5 Using The Air Fryer Attachment

By far the easiest method to use, and the best tasting chips too. Crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside with no watching and easy cleaning.

Our Expert’s Verdict

If we never had the air fryer attachment, we would definitely use method #2 low fat crisp and fluffy. However, we did have the air fryer attachment and these were by far the best chips of the lot. We found method #3 to be the worst, closely followed by the frozen chip option.

Here’s a list in order of our recommendations as a convenient visual guide:

  1. #5 Air Fryer
  2. #2 No-Boil High-Temperature
  3. #1 Halogen Oven recommended
  4. #4 Frozen Chips
  5. #3 Double Cook

With that said, any foods cooked in a halogen oven are relatively easy to cook and easy to clean up afterwards too. How many ways have you tried? What was the best way in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

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