Is It Safe To Put A Tumble Dryer In A Boiler Cupboard?

Placing a tumble dryer in a boiler cupboard may seem like a convenient space-saving idea, but is it safe? 

The short answer is no, and here’s why: If your tumble dryer catches fire and mixes with gas from the boiler, it could lead to a dangerous explosion. 

But that’s just the beginning; let’s learn more about the safety concerns, alternative placement options, and key considerations to help you make an informed decision.

The Risk Of Placing A Tumble Dryer In A Boiler Cupboard

First and foremost, safety should be a top priority when deciding where to put your tumble dryer. 

If your boiler cupboard already houses a boiler, it’s a no-go for your tumble dryer.

Why? Because boiler cupboards typically don’t have enough space to comfortably accommodate both the boiler and the dryer while maintaining the necessary distance between them. 

Imagine, a small, confined space where gas and fire hazards can potentially combine – not an ideal combination. 

Placing your tumble dryer in a compact space like a boiler cupboard alongside a boiler won’t provide your dryer with the necessary room for proper ventilation. Poor air circulation can seriously affect your dryer’s performance and potentially damage it.

If, however, your boiler cupboard has had its boiler and pipework removed, it’s essentially the same as a regular cupboard. 

But before you go ahead and place your tumble dryer in there, it’s important to check that there is enough space. If it’s too big for the space, you’ll face challenges in both installing and maintaining it properly. 

This can lead to insufficient airflow, causing your machine to overheat. Plus, neglecting maintenance can result in dirt clogs, which can become a fire hazard.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Right Spot For Your Dryer

Selecting the right spot for your tumble dryer involves considering the available space, ventilation, and the type of tumble dryer you have. 

Good Ventilation

Proper ventilation is important to make sure the hot air generated during the drying process doesn’t get trapped, reducing the risk of fire and moisture buildup, which can lead to mould and health hazards.

Poor air circulation can lead to reduced dryer efficiency, potential damage, increased energy consumption, and extra costs. 

It helps to leave the cupboard door open when your dryer is in use to allow air to flow.

Space Around Dryer

Your tumble dryer also needs enough space around it on all sides and should be clear of any flammable items like cleaning supplies and clothes. 

Tumble dryers generate heat during use and proper spacing around it is an important measure to make sure it’s safe and functioning properly.

Having enough space to perform regular maintenance, such as emptying the lint tray to prevent buildup and inspecting the exhaust vent for blockages, can help you avoid fire risks and keep your machine in good condition.

Which Type Of Dryer Can Be Put In A Boiler Cupboard?

Tumble Dryer

If your boiler cupboard is empty, you can install certain tumble dryers in it. Let’s take a look at each and see how suitable they are:

Condenser Dryer

A commonly chosen option for placement in a cupboard is a condenser dryer, primarily because it doesn’t require an external vent. 

Instead, it has a water tank that collects moisture from your wet clothes, which you need to empty after each drying session. This means condenser tumble dryers offer more flexibility in terms of placement without worrying about external vents.

Heat Pump Dryer

Heat pump tumble dryers are similar to condenser types in that they don’t need external vents. Both collect moisture from your wet clothes during the drying process, and can be placed in a cupboard. 

However, a heat pump tumble dryer takes it a step further. It reheats the hot air, helping to evaporate the moisture and recirculate it through the drying process. This makes heat pump tumble dryers energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Vented Dryer

On the other hand, vented dryers need a vent to release hot air. If you place a vented dryer in a cupboard without a vent, it won’t work as it should. The hot and moist air will have nowhere to escape, causing potential overheating issues for both your cupboard and your dryer. 

For vented dryers, it’s best to position them near a window or an outside wall with a vent to guarantee proper airflow. This makes them unsuitable for most boiler cupboards.

Alternative Ideal Locations For Your Tumble Dryer

Where is the Best Place To Put A Tumble Dryer

So, if a boiler cupboard isn’t the best option, where should you place your tumble dryer? 

Ideally, you want a space that doesn’t get too cold, especially during winter, with a stable floor and good ventilation. Here are some alternative placement options:

Utility Room or Kitchen

Utility rooms and kitchens usually have vents, electricity, and water connections readily available, making them popular choices for tumble dryer placements. Placing your tumble dryer next to your washing machine streamlines laundry chores, saving you both time and money on renovations.


While there are strict guidelines in the UK regarding the placement of electrical sockets in bathrooms, some people are now considering placing their tumble dryers and washing machines there. 

You can only do this if you have an additional space of at least 3 metres between the electrical socket and the bath/shower area. This option adds convenience by centralising your laundry activities.

Garage or Outbuildings

It’s common to place a tumble dryer alongside a washing machine in a garage or outbuildings. Just ensure that the temperature is well maintained and doesn’t drop below 5°C, so you won’t encounter any issues with your machines.

Pro-tip: Stacking your washing machine and tumble dryer together is a space-saving solution. Make sure you have the right tools, like a stacking kit, to secure the appliances together, or ask for help from a professional. Before stacking, consider the noise and vibration the machines might produce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a tumble dryer be used in a cupboard?

It depends on the type of tumble dryer. Condenser dryers can be used in a cupboard because they don’t need external vents. Vented dryers require proper ventilation and may not be suitable for cupboards.

Does a boiler cupboard need ventilation?

Yes, a boiler cupboard does need ventilation, especially if it houses a boiler. Proper ventilation helps guarantee safety and efficient operation.

Can you install a tumble dryer anywhere?

Tumble dryers should be installed in locations with good ventilation, stable temperature, and enough space around them. Not just anywhere, but in spaces that meet these requirements.

Can you put stuff in the boiler cupboard?

Yes, you can put certain items in a boiler cupboard but it’s important to make sure they don’t obstruct ventilation or pose a fire hazard.

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