LG Dishwasher HE Error Code? (here’s why & what to do)

If your LG dishwasher is displaying the HE error code it can be worrying. But as there are only a few things that could cause this, you can often fix it yourself without needing to contact the manufacturer or a technician.

If you see the HE error code on the display screen of your LG dishwasher it indicates that the appliance has a fault with heating. The code HE stands for Heating Error which can cause one of 2 problems;

  1. There Is Not Enough Heat Detected In The Dishwasher
    If the dishwasher can’t heat water for a prescribed (set) period of time.
  2. The Dishwasher Is Overheating
    If the sensor detects that the temperature has risen to above 90°C (194°F).

Neither of these conditions is ideal and will need resolving as soon as possible. Which is where this article comes in, because in this article we identify all of the likely reasons your LG dishwasher is displaying the HE error code. We also talk you through ways to solve this issue and get your dishwasher working properly once more.

Why Is The LG Dishwasher Displaying The HE Error Code?

Possible CauseSolution
Electrical GlitchReset the dishwasher
Faulty Thermistor Replace the thermistor
Defective Heating ElementReplace the heating element
Faulty Pressure SwitchReplace the pressure switch
Defective Control BoardReplace the control board
Faulty WiringCheck the wiring and repair/replace as necessary

Let’s start with the most common and easiest to fix issue related to the HE error code;

Electrical Glitch

All electrical appliances can experience an electrical glitch at some point. Depending on where in the system that glitch occurs, it could cause the dishwasher to display the HE error code.

The best way to clear an electrical glitch is to reset the dishwasher. This is a simple task and requires no tools or any dismantling of the dishwasher. All you need to do is;

  1. Disconnect The Dishwasher From The Power Supply
    Remove the plug from the wall socket or flip the switch on the circuit breaker to the off position. This removes all power from the dishwasher.
  2. Wait Around 10 to 15 Minutes
    Allow 10 to 15 minutes to pass to ensure all residue power has been removed from the appliance.
  3. Restore The Power
    Reconnect the wall plug, switch on the socket or flip the switch on the circuit breaker to the on position. 
  4. Test The Dishwasher
    After you have restored the power to the dishwasher, run a short wash cycle to see if the error code has been cleared.

Faulty Thermistor 


The thermistor or temperature sensor monitors the water temperature in the dishwasher. This information is sent to the control board which allows the control board to start various functions depending on the results.

If the thermistor detects that the water isn’t hot enough, it will send a message to the control board to supply the heating element with more power to increase the water temperature to the required level.

If the water temperature is too hot, the thermistor sends the message which gets the control board to cut the heat and allow the water to cool sufficiently.

If the thermistor is faulty, it will send the wrong information to the control board which could result in the dishwasher not heating at all or overheating.

If the thermistor does prove to be faulty, it will need to be replaced. If you’re technically minded you can perform this task yourself or you can contact a technician or LG if the appliance is still under warranty.

Defective Heating Element

The heating element is responsible for all of the heat produced in the dishwasher. It is basically a large resistor which converts electricity into heat.

If the heating element develops a fault of some sort, it will cause problems with the performance of the dishwasher. This could lead to the heater not working at all or overheating. Either of these conditions could lead to the HE error code being displayed.

If the heating element proves to be faulty, it will need to be replaced with a new one. This is a relatively easy task to perform. All you need to do is locate the heating element which is found at the base of the appliance.

Then disconnect the element from both sides and replace it with a new element.

Faulty Pressure Switch

If the thermistor and heating element are working correctly, the pressure switch is the next place to check. The pressure switch controls the supply of water that flows into the heating element. 

If there’s not enough water flowing into the dishwasher, the pressure switch could send a message to the control board to turn the heating element off.

This would result in the dishwasher not heating the water and cause the HE error code to be displayed. If the pressure switch develops a fault, it could turn off the heating element even if there is enough water flowing through the system. 

If the pressure switch does prove to be faulty, it will need to be replaced. This can be done by a competent DIYer but as it requires the dismantling of the dishwasher, it’s best left to an expert.

Defective Control Board

person pressing a button on dishwasher control panel

The control board or PCB (printed circuit board) controls every working part of the dishwasher. This means that if the control board becomes defective, it can affect any part of the appliance including the heating element.

This could lead to the HE error code being displayed even if the heating element, thermistor and pressure switch are working correctly.

The best way to solve this is to replace the control board and as these parts are easily damaged, we recommend getting a technician to do this for you.

Faulty Wiring

All of the components that make up a LG dishwasher are connected via a myriad of wires and connections. Any one of which could become defective or develop a fault. This could cause the appliance to display the HE error code.

This is another task that could be performed by a competent DIYer but does involve checking each and every wire and connector on the appliance.

Which is why we recommend getting a technician to perform this task.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HE code on my LG dishwasher?

The HE code on your LG dishwasher is an error code that indicates a fault with the heating element or heating system.

How do I get rid of the HE error code on the dishwasher?

You can often remove the HE error code on an LG dishwasher by disconnecting the appliance from the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes.

Where is the heating element located on a LG dishwasher?

The heating element is located in the base of aP LG dishwasher.

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