LG Dishwasher LE Error? (here’s why & what to do)

If your LG dishwasher is displaying an error code it can be worrying. Especially if you don’t know what that error code indicates, and to be honest, sometimes when you try to find out what it means, the explanation can sound like it’s in a foreign language.

In this article, we take a close look at the LE error code sometimes found on LG dishwashers. We explain exactly what it is, what it means and how to solve this issue.

What Does The LE Error Code Mean On A LG DIshwasher?

The LE error code is an abbreviation for load motor error which indicates that the dishwasher’s circulation pump has failed to provide a signal to the control board

The circulation pump distributes the water to every part of the dishwasher ensuring every item gets washed and rinsed.

If there is a fault with the circulation pump, the dishwasher won’t get the dishes thoroughly clean.

What Causes The LE Error Code To Be Displayed?

There are several reasons why the LE error code might be displayed on a LG dishwasher which include;

Possible CauseSolution
Electrical glitchDisconnect the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes
Too many soap sudsEnsure you always use the correct detergent in the correct quantity
Thermal overload protection activatedAllow the appliance time to cool down
Spray arms impededEnsure dishes are stacked correctly and not impeding the spray arms
Drainage IssuesClear any blockages
Obstructed impellerCheck for any foreign objects that could be obstructing the circulation pump’s impellers and remove them
Faulty wiringCheck the wiring and replace/repair any damaged wires
Defective circulation pumpReplace the circulation pump
Defective motorInspect and replace motor if necessary
Defective control boardInspect and replace control board if necessary

Let’s look at each one in more detail;

Electrical Glitch

In some cases, the problem is simply caused by an electrical glitch that can easily be cleared. All you need to do is disconnect the appliance from the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes.

Then reconnect the power and switch the dishwasher on. Many times this is all that’s needed to clear the error code and get the appliance working properly again.

Too Many Soap Suds

dishwasher pods

If you have used the wrong type of detergent or too much of the right detergent in your dishwasher, the excess suds could be causing the problem. 

Too many soap suds can impede the function of the circulation pump and as the pump struggles to operate, it can trigger the LE error code.

To clear the excess soap suds, run a rinse and drain cycle. Consult your user manual to find out the correct approved detergent for your dishwasher to prevent this from happening again.

Thermal Overload Protection Activated

LG dishwashers have a thermal overload protection feature that prevents the motor from overheating. If the motor becomes too hot due to overuse or other issues, the thermal overload protection circuit cuts in.

This can trigger the LE error code to display. If this is the cause of the problem, simply waiting 30 to 40 minutes to allow the motor to cool sufficiently is all that is needed to restore the appliance to full working order.

Spray Arms Impeded

All of the water that enters the dishwasher flows through the spray arms. If one of the spray arms becomes blocked or impeded by anything, it can make the circulation pump work too hard leading to the LE error code being displayed.

Always load the dishwasher in such a way to allow the free movement of the spray arms. Just one incorrectly placed dish or utensil could cause serious problems.

It’s also good practice to remove the spray arms occasionally and give them a good clean. Ensure all of the nozzles are not clogged or blocked with food particles, grease or limescale.

Drainage Issues

For the dishwasher to work properly it needs to be able to drain freely. If there are any problems within the drainage system, like the drain hose is twisted or blocked or the filter is clogged or the drain pump is defective, it can cause the dishwasher to not drain properly.

This can cause the dishwasher to display the LE error code. Ensure the drain hose is free from twists, kinks and blockages, clean the filter and inspect and replace the drain pump if necessary.

Obstructed Impeller

loading a dishwasher

In some cases, foreign objects like large food particles, broken glass, broken crockery or even utensils can obstruct the proper movement of the impeller. This can disrupt adequate water flow which leads to poor water circulation.

If the water flow is disrupted, it can trigger the LE error code because the control board detects a problem with the circulation pump. You will need to investigate the pump which is typically located below the lower spray arm.

Check for any foreign objects that could be obstructing the circulation pump’s impellers and remove them.

Faulty Wiring

Over time the wiring harness can become damaged, loose or disconnected. This can interrupt the signals between the circulation pump and the control board.

This interruption can be enough to cause the dishwasher to display the LE error code. If there is a problem with the wiring, it is normally found behind the dishwasher’s door.

You will need to dismantle the door to access the wiring which will typically be enmeshed in the insulation material inside the door. As this can be tricky to access, we recommend getting a technician to do this for you.

Defective Circulation Pump

The circulation pump itself could become defective over time. Typically the problem will either be the oil seal becomes leaky or the bearing becomes worn.

Either of these issues causes increased friction inside the pump and the strain from this friction can trigger the LE error code. On some older LG dishwashers there is a built-in hall sensor in the circulation pump.

The hall sensor monitors the rotational speed and position of the motor. If the sensor becomes defective, it can interrupt the signal from the pump to the control board. This interruption can trigger the LE error code.

If you feel confident, it is possible to remove the pump and inspect it and replace it if necessary. However, we recommend getting an expert to do this for you.

Defective Motor

If the motor becomes defective with either mechanical or electrical issues, it will not be able to operate the pump correctly.

The control board detects that there’s a problem and issues the LE error code. Accessing and investigating the motor might be a step too far for even enthusiastic DIYers. Which is why we recommend getting a technician to do this for you.

Defective Control Board

The control board sends and receives messages from all parts of the dishwasher. If it becomes defective it will cause communication issues which could result in the LE error code being displayed.

If you have ruled out all of the other issues, and the LE error code still persists, you might need to get the control board checked out and replaced. We recommend getting a technician to do this for you because control boards can be sensitive and easily damaged.

Ways To Prevent LG Dishwasher LE Error Code 


There are a number of ways you can help prevent the LE error code from being displayed on your LG dishwasher. These include;

  • Always Ensure Dishes Are Loaded Correctly
    One of the most common causes of the LE error code being displayed is the incorrect placement of dishes. This causes the spray arms to be impeded which puts excessive pressure on the circulation pump.
  • Always Use The Correct Detergent In The Correct Quantity
    Consult your user manual for the correct type and quantity of detergent recommended for your appliance. This will help prevent excessive soap sud buildup.
  • Have A Regular Cleaning Schedule
    You should run a hot service wash using a commercial dishwasher cleaner or a bowl filled with white vinegar at least once per month. As well as cleaning the filter and the door seal monthly too.
  • Inspect Hoses Regularly
    The inlet and drain hoses can become twisted, kinked or otherwise impeded at any time. It is best practice to check these hoses at least once per month to prevent any problems.
  • Deal With Any Problems Immediately
    If you notice any strange noises, incomplete cycles or error codes on your LG dishwasher, deal with them straight away. Check in your user manual for any advice on ways to deal with any issues or contact LG’s customer support. They can be reached on 0344 847 1402 or by following this link.

If you stick to these preventative tips and act promptly if any problems do occur, you will reduce the risk of any serious issues and prevent many unwanted and unnecessary error codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the LE error code stand for on an LG dishwasher?

The LE error code on an LG dishwasher stands for “load motor error,” indicating a failure in the circulation pump, which is responsible for distributing water throughout the dishwasher.

Why is it important to address the LE error promptly?

Addressing the LE error promptly is crucial because a faulty circulation pump can result in inefficient cleaning, leaving dishes dirty. Ignoring the error may lead to further damage and more extensive repairs.

How can an electrical glitch cause the LE error code?

An electrical glitch may disrupt communication between the circulation pump and the control board. Disconnecting the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes can often clear the glitch and resolve the error.

What steps should be taken if too many soap suds trigger the LE error?

To resolve the issue caused by excessive soap suds, run a rinse and drain cycle. It’s important to use the correct detergent in the recommended quantity to prevent suds-related problems in the future.

How does thermal overload protection relate to the LE error code?

LG dishwashers have a thermal overload protection feature to prevent motor overheating. If activated, waiting 30 to 40 minutes for the motor to cool down is often sufficient to clear the LE error.

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