Multi Cooker vs Pressure Cooker – Which Is Right For Your Home?

Multi cookers and pressure cookers are two of the most popular kitchen countertop appliances. They make the whole cooking experience easier for the clever cook. They are both great for cooking meals in a shorter time than would be possible on a cooker top and/or oven.

What’s The Difference Between A Multi Cooker and a Pressure Cooker?

Many people confuse one for the other, but there are a number of differences between them. Which is the purpose of this article, to tell the differences between multi cookers and pressure cookers and to find out which will suit your lifestyle better.

However, the main difference is that a pressure cooker is really only used for one purpose whereas a multi cooker can do a large number of cooking tasks.

What Is A Multi Cooker?

A multi cooker is a countertop kitchen appliance which has multiple pre-programmed settings which allow you to perform a wide range of cooking functions. Some of which include: Boiling, braising, stewing, Frying and baking.

What Are The Pros Of A Multi Cooker?

The advantages of a multi cooker include; 

  • The amount of different functions available
  • The ability to cook multiple foods simultaneously
  • The ability to perform all of the cooking steps commonly performed on the cooker top and oven
  • Ease of use, the ability to perform many hands on tasks, at the press of one button
  • Foods cook so much faster than any other conventional cooking appliance
  • Safer than a pressure cooker which can explode in some rare cases
  • Less chance of over cooking foods in a multi cooker as you can remove the lid and see what’s happening, something that’s not possible in a pressure cooker
  • Can be used to cook food from frozen
  • Extremely versatile, can be used to make bread, yogurt, cook rice, hard boil eggs, fried foods, baked food, roasts, chillies, curries, and much more

What Are The Cons Of A Multi Cooker?

The disadvantages of a multi cooker include;

  • As it is such a versatile appliance, it takes a long time to master all of the multi cooker’s functions
  • Once the cooking process is underway, you are unable to see or taste what’s cooking
  • Although the multi cooker has many functions and is very versatile, it doesn’t have the ability to grill

What Is A Pressure Cooker?

Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is a countertop appliance that uses a small amount of liquid to cook food far quicker than it could be cooked on the cooker top. They work by cooking foods in a sealed pot using a small amount of liquid (usually water but could be milk or broth). The appliance then builds up steam and pressure inside the pot raising the internal temperature way above boiling point. 

The vapour or steam cooks the food in a much shorter time than pots on the cooker top or slow cookers without losing any of the food’s flavours.

What Are The Pros Of A Pressure Cooker?

The advantages of the pressure cooker include;

  • Energy efficiency, pressure cookers use between 80 to 90% less energy to cook a similar amount of food on the hob
  • Water conservation, as they use a small amount of water to cook and the pot is sealed, there’s no chance of topping the water up
  • Speed, pressure cookers use far less time to cook foods than cooking the same foods on a cooker top
  • Easier to clean than a multi cooker
  • As the pressure cooker is designed to only perform one function it does it far better than using a multi cooker for pressure cooking, giving far more consistent and precise cooking results

What Are The Cons Of A Pressure Cooker?

The disadvantages of a pressure cooker include;

  • Although it is possible to cook porridge (oatmeal) and pasta in a pressure cooker, this runs the risk of clogging the pressure valve which could cause the pressure cooker to explode (although this isn’t a common occurrence)
  • Less control over food, it’s not possible to remove the lid and check on the food during cooking in a pressure cooker
  • Food can become over cooked easier in a pressure cooker as you can’t lift the lid during the cooking process

Which Is Better Multi Cooker Or Pressure Cooker?

When it comes to which appliance is better, we’d have to say the multi cooker. Purely because it is far more versatile than the pressure cooker, all pressure cookers can do is cook food under pressure. Multi cookers are able to perform so many more cooking functions from frying to roasting and everywhere in between.

Having said that, a pressure cooker might suit your needs better especially if you hate washing up.

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Multi Cooker Vs Pressure Cooker Price Comparison

To help you decide between a multi cooker or a pressure cooker, here are the approximate prices for both.

Multi Cooker Price

Multi cookers start at around £50 for a 4 litre capacity model and rise to around £220 for a 9 litre capacity model.

Pressure Cooker Price

Pressure cookers start at around £50 for a 5 litre capacity model and rise to around £120 for a 6 litre capacity non stick model.

Should I Buy A Multi Cooker Or A Pressure Cooker?

Whether or not you should buy a multi cooker or a pressure cooker depends on your preferred ways of cooking. If you usually make plenty of stews, soups etc then a pressure cooker would probably be your best bet. However, if you are a more versatile cook, you should probably go for the more versatile appliance which is the multi cooker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth buying a multi-cooker?

It is worth buying a multi-cooker if you want an appliance that can perform multiple functions and cook a whole meal at the flick of  a switch. Multi cookers can bake, boil, roast, make bread, cook rice, make yogurt and so much more. The only downside is the washing up (which can be difficult) although many parts are dishwasher safe.

What is the difference between an Instapot and a multi-cooker?

The difference between an Instant Pot and a multi cooker is that Instant pot is the brand name of one particular type of multi cooker. Multi cooker is the generic name of the actual appliance.

Do multi-cookers use a lot of electricity?

As the multi-cooker performs all of the cooking tasks that would take all of the hob and oven to perform, they are a far more energy efficient way of cooking compared to a regular hob and oven.

Can you slow cook with Multicooker?

You can slow cook with a multi cooker as well as perform multiple other cooking techniques including roasting, frying, baking, making bread, making yogurts, hard boiling eggs and much more.

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