Best Party Speakers UK (to electrify your party!)

If you’ve been looking for a party speaker, you’ll know just how much choice there is out there. So, where do you start, how do you know what’s good and what’s not? In this article we’ll give you all the information you’ll need to pick the right speaker for your parties.

There are a few basic questions you need to ask yourself before you go looking for speakers. Firstly, how much sound do you actually need? If your party is in a house and is for less than 50 people you probably don’t need a party speaker. If you’re planning an outdoor event or a party in a hall, barn or large open space, and you’re expecting a crowd of 50 or more then we’d recommend buying a party speaker.

Why Should You Buy Party Speakers?

The idea of a speaker is to play music, and play it loud. But why bother with a party speaker when your sound system comes with speakers? Those sound system speakers are designed for use indoors, at levels that won’t upset the neighbours. If your party is happening outdoors or in a large space and you’re expecting a large crowd, you need something that can pump up the sounds.

You’re going to need a portable speaker that doesn’t rely on mains power, can handle some bad weather, and be adaptable for wherever you want to put it. Indoors, outdoors, in a small gathering or a large event. You need speakers that are adaptable and flexible, no standard speakers are going to be good enough for all of that.

The good news is modern speakers have been designed for just the situations we’ve described. So what exactly do you need to look for? 

Party Speakers Buying Guide

A party’s not a party if the music is no good or worse still, you can’t hear it over the noise of the crowd.  Whether you’re a DJ or just enjoy a good party, it’s all about the sounds. So let’s get right into what to look for when buying a party speaker.


Size & Portability

If you’re having a pool party or a party in a field you’re going to need a speaker that can easily be transported across open ground, rough terrain and still be loud enough and big enough without being too cumbersome. Size isn’t everything, but it does seem to work out that the best sounds come from the bigger speakers but you do need to be able to carry them from gig to gig.

Strength & Durability

Transporting speakers around outdoors over rough ground, up flights of stairs, in and out of cars, or wherever, can cause damage to lesser quality speakers. Look for speakers with strong outer casings, look at reviews from verified buyers to get a real view of what to expect. Be sure to check for dustproof and waterproof capabilities too, you’ll definitely get caught in a shower at some point even if you never organise a pool party.

Type Specific Speakers

Speakers are designed for different settings, indoor speakers, outdoor speakers and some that span both categories. You might have to pay more for a speaker that does it all, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Remember that outdoor speakers will need to be either rechargeable or battery powered. 

Check for how long they’ll last before recharging or replacing, you don’t want the party vibe to stop because your speakers have lost power halfway through the gig.

Sound Quality

This is the only thing the party goers are interested in, the quality of the sound your speakers produce can make or break a party. Check out the power of the speakers, usually quoted in watts, the higher the watts, the more power the speakers will have. However, loud doesn’t necessarily mean good when it comes to sound quality, check out the frequency as well.

The frequency is measured in hertz, the more hertz (Hz) or kilohertz (KHz) the further the sound is likely to carry and the better quality it will have. The frequencies are;

  • Highs
    The high pitch frequencies are the treble sounds, think violins, flutes etc.
  • Mids
    The mid frequencies are sounds in the mid range like cellos, oboes etc.
  • Lows
    The low frequencies are the bass sounds, drums, bass guitar etc.

The general rule is the more power your speaker has, the louder you can crank it without losing sound quality. The quality of sound is far more important than the decibel level however. It’s no good having a loud speaker that distorts the sounds at high volume.

Stereo Speaker

How Many Watts Do You Need?

How many watts you need depends on the size of the room you’re working in. For example, a room of more than 2000 square feet would need far more watts than a room of say, 500 square feet.

Size Of Room (in square feet)Watts Needed
Greater than 2,0002,000 to 4,000
1,000 to 2,000500 to 2,000
500 to 1.000100 to 500
Less than 50020 to 100

Please note these are all maximum values rated at peak values, or the maximum power level the speaker can attain in short bursts.To achieve the larger wattages you’ll need multiple speakers.

The Weather Can Affect Sound Quality

You will find you need less wattage in summer compared to partying in the same space in winter months. Snow can absorb a lot of sound so this needs to be considered before organising an outdoor party in the snow. It’s also worth remembering that a 200 watt speaker can cover a range of around 60 foot.

Bass Sound

That thumping bass sound that makes a party goer feel the music rather than just hear it, can make or break a party. To create that great bass sound you need a decent subwoofer. Check out the size, wattage and sub to be sure of a great sound.


Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity will let you sync your devices directly to your speaker. This allows you to put the speaker anywhere you like and use it on the move too. Using bluetooth technology allows you to manage your playlists anywhere as long as you’re in a relatively close range. It also means that any of the party goers could theoretically hijack your sounds, so be sure to keep an eye on that.

Or you’ll need USB connections and a cable to allow you to DJ the party in your own particular style. Most speakers come loaded with both options but be sure to check.

Eye Appeal, The Look

There are some speakers that will blend into the surroundings and become almost invisible as the night wears on. Others contain lights that can be set to give impressive displays. Check the speaker you choose for the look you’re after.

Extra Features

Many speakers offer extra features like microphones for karaoke, coloured lights, strobe lights, and other features. If you want to create a full party atmosphere from one speaker make sure it has all the bangs and whistles you need.

Other useful features include a strong set of wheels which can make transporting the speaker easier. A telescopic handle is useful too, especially if you’re planning on transporting the speaker from gig to gig. A carry handle set on the side of the speaker to make carrying over rough terrain is very handy as well.



We all have a budget, some larger than others but we all have a limit to how much we can spend. When it comes to speakers, the range in price is pretty large, starting at around £100 and rising to at least £500 or £600. It really does depend on how much you can afford. That’s not to say the lower end of the price spectrum is not as good. Work within your budget, set a limit and don’t break it.

What Does A Party Really Need?

There are really only 4 things needed for the perfect party, a decent party speaker playing awesome tunes, around 75 to 100 of your best friends, plenty of booze and a decent sized venue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many watts is loud enough for a party?

As a general rule, you need 5 watts of power per person indoors and 10 watts per person outdoors. So for an indoor gig with 50 people you’d need around 250 watts of power and for 50 people outdoors you’d need 500 watts of power.

How many speakers do you need for a party?

How many speakers you need for a party depends on the size of the space and the amount of people attending. One speaker is generally more than enough for a bedroom, but you’d need at least two speakers for a large event.

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