How To Remove A Samsung Freezer Drawer (without damaging your freezer)

If you need to remove the freezer drawer on your Samsung freezer and you don’t want to damage it, keep reading. In this article we’ll show you the safest way to remove your Samsung freezer drawer without causing any damage at all.

How To Remove A Samsung Freezer Drawer 

To remove your Samsung freezer drawer just follow these simple instructions.

  1. Remove The Upper Tray
    Pull the tray out and then push it back in slightly whilst lifting the wheels from the wheel slots. Lift the front of the tray from the drawer.
  2. Remove The Base Tray
    Do this by tilting the tray from the back, push it backwards whilst tilting it forwards and take it out of its slot.
  3. Remove The Freezer Drawer Door
    Remove the 4×10 mm bolts (2 on each side) using a 10mm wrench. The drawer door will now be easy to remove. Just grab it on both the left and right sides and lift it to remove it from the brackets.
  4. Remove Slide Rails
    Just remove the retaining pin that holds the gear shaft in position. Slide the shaft towards the right, lift towards the left side and slide it out. Then extend the slide rails as far as they’ll go and locate the locking tab and press it. The rails will now slide out.

This will work on all Samsung freezer models except Freezers with FlexZone drawers. With these, just open the FlexZone basket as far as possible, lift up the basket to remove it using two hands.

To Replace The Drawer In The Samsung Freezer Do The Following:

  1. Replace The Slide Rails
    Be sure to slide the gear end in position first. Once it locks into position, extend the rails all the way out and insert the gear shaft, making sure they align fully. Then replace the retaining pin to hold the shaft in the correct position.
  2. Replace The Drawer Door
    Hook the tabs on the brackets and ensure the slots are correctly on the glides. Then replace the 4×10 mm bolts (2 on each side).
  3. Replace The Tray
    Slide the back into the drawer before lowering the front into place. Then replace the upper tray by placing the back of the tray and then set the wheels into the slots. Move the assembled drawer backwards and forwards to be sure it’s locked into the correct position.

Why Won’t The Freezer Drawer Open?

If your Samsung freezer drawer won’t open at all, it is probably iced up. This is where a buildup of ice forms all around the drawer and runners. To remove this ice you will need to completely defrost your freezer. The best way to do this is to remove the power supply for upwards of 24 to 48 hours.

If this does the trick, slide the drawer open and wipe all of the moving parts dry with a soft, dry cloth to prevent them from refreezing. Then coat the slides with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) this helps to keep the drawer moving freely and prevents ice from building up.

If the drawer is still stuck even after a full defrost, it’s time to call an engineer to investigate fully.

Please Note

If removing the drawer of your Samsung freezer proves more difficult than you thought, stop and call Samsung to arrange for an engineer to investigate your problem properly. Also before tackling any repairs or maintenance tasks on any electrical appliance, remember to remove it from the mains power for your own safety. 

If your appliance is still under warranty, do not affect any repairs yourself. To do so will invalidate your warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to remove the freezer drawers from my Samsung freezer?

It is perfectly safe to remove the freezer drawers from your Samsung freezer. Just don’t force them if they’re frozen as this could break them.

How do I get my Samsung freezer drawer out if it’s stuck frozen?

If your Samsung freezer drawer is stuck due to ice buildup, you’ll need to defrost the freezer before you can remove it in the usual way.

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