Do Tennis Balls Really Help In The Tumble Dryer?

Many of us have heard about weird but effective ways to make our day-to-day lives more efficient and convenient.

Whether it’s using white vinegar to clean our clothes or baking soda to clean stuff, there are so many products being used unconventionally that it’s easier to believe tips we see on the internet.

This brings us to another rumour saying that tennis balls can be great laundry aids. As some people say, putting tennis balls in dryers can help dry garments quickly.

Whether this is real or not, let’s find out.

Why Do People Put Tennis Balls In The Dryer?

Have you ever seen your mum put tennis balls in the dryer along with the laundry? If you don’t know why she does this and never asked, the reason is that there are many advantages it brings to your laundry, mainly in the drying process of the garments.

Putting tennis balls in the tumble dryer helps dry clothes at a much faster rate. This is because the tennis balls agitate the fabrics in the dryer, causing better airflow and keeping them from clumping together. As a result, the garments will be evenly dry and fluffy once they’re done in the tumble dryer.

Benefits to adding Tennis Balls when drying your clothes

Let’s break down each advantage you’ll get when using tennis balls in drying your clothes.

Reduces static and wrinkling

Do you often get staticky and wrinkled clothes once they’re done in the dryer? If so, putting tennis balls in with them will make a huge difference to your garments.

When the balls agitate the fabrics inside the dryer, the process also reduces the wrinkling and creasing on them. This means that you won’t need to iron clothes as much.

Reduces electricity bills

Gone are the days when you have to dry your clothes twice because they’re still damp.

Putting tennis balls in the drum helps circulate the air inside the dryer more efficiently, leading to completely dry clothes. As a result, your energy consumption every month will be much lower.

Fluffs your clothes and bedding

Fluffing clothes and bulky garments can be a pain. This especially applies to bedding.

When it’s time to launder your pillows, blankets, sheets and comforters, add tennis balls to the dryer. We guarantee that your bedding will be fresh, fluffy, and cosy once they’re done in the tumble dryer.

Saves time

Finally, another advantage you’ll get in using tennis balls is a significant reduction in drying time.

This will save you so much time when doing your laundry, which frees up your schedule for other important tasks in your life. Win-win!

Guide to putting Tennis Balls in your Tumble Dryer

Before putting tennis balls inside your tumble dryer, here are some things you need to know:

You’ll need more tennis balls for bigger loads

Using the necessary amount of tennis balls is important for them to do their purpose. Or else, they’re just pointlessly bouncing around, without helping your clothes dry much faster.

For small laundry loads that occupy 1/3 of your dryer drum, use 2 to 3 tennis balls. Medium laundry loads that occupy half of your dryer drum need around 4 to 5 tennis balls. For larger laundry loads or bulky items, it’s best to use 6 or more tennis balls.

Tennis balls can be loud

When put inside the tumble dryer, it’s normal for the tennis balls to make a sound once the drum spins.

Unfortunately, the noises can be alarming to hear, especially if you’re doing your laundry at night.

To prevent this, it’s best to also add a towel inside the drum along with the garments and balls. This way, the towel will serve as a cushion that will lessen the noises during the spinning cycle.

Tennis balls shouldn’t be put with delicate garments

Tennis balls are rough. After all, they’re made for sports!

When using tennis balls in your dryer, it’s best to not put them in with delicate clothing. This can be wool, silk, and other items that need mild drying. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if your clothes start pilling after they’ve been through the dryer!

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You need good-quality tennis balls

When adding tennis balls to your dryer, it’s best to get good-quality ones.

tennis balls

No, we’re not saying you have to get the most expensive balls in the shops.

Rather, get good tennis balls that are durable and will not break the moment you put them in the dryer.

Tennis balls can make your clothes smell rubbery

One of the cons of using tennis balls with clothes is that they can make your garments smell rubbery.

After all, the materials that primarily make up tennis balls are nylon and, you guessed it right, rubber. When they’re put in the dryer, especially in high heat, the smell of the rubber can envelop your clothes, leaving an unpleasant smell.

To prevent this, avoid using tennis balls when using high temperatures in your dryer. There’s also the possibility that you’re using too many balls in your machine. Stick to the recommended number of balls you can add to every load.

Tennis balls may not be colourfast

Tennis balls come in many colours, but the most popular ones are neon/yellow-green.

Since they are not manufactured for laundry use, there’s a huge chance that some of their colours will transfer when they’re placed in the washer.

To prevent colour bleeding, avoid using tennis balls with white garments. Stick to adding them to black or dark-coloured clothes until you’re sure they’re colourfast.

Tennis balls can also be put in the washer

Like when you put them in the dryer, tennis balls will also work well when they’re in the wash with dirty clothes.

Tennis balls will help prevent clothes from lumping together. As a result, the fabrics will be washed thoroughly as the detergent gets better access to the garments.

NOTE: Make sure to not use tennis balls when you’re using hot cycles, as there’s a chance that the rubber may melt in your machine. Stick to 30°C temperature or colder when using them.

Dryer balls are still better than tennis balls

Tennis balls are great aids for laundry. However, there are dryer balls being sold in shops that are more convenient and efficient.

As an example, one of the best things to get garments to dry quickly are wool dryer balls.

Wool dryer balls are made with natural materials that are gentle on your clothing. Compared to tennis balls which can be rough due to their rubbery material, commercial dryer balls are specially designed to dry garments quickly, reduce static, and last longer which makes them a worthy investment.

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Tennis Balls can be great aids to your laundry sessions!

Do you want to see how adding balls inside your dryer can help dry your clothes? Are you not ready to invest in dryer balls for now?

In this case, why not check out the results of adding tennis balls when drying your garments? Chances are, you’ll like how they cut back your drying time that you’ll get the wool dryer balls sooner than you think.

What are your thoughts about using tennis balls in your dryer? Feel free to share them below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you tumble dry with tennis balls?

Putting tennis balls in your tumble dryer can make your clothes dry faster, fluffier, and softer.

Do dryer balls damage clothes?

No, dryer balls will not damage clothes, as long as they’re not made of delicate fabric.

Do tennis balls work as well as wool balls in the dryer?

Although they work well, wool dryer balls are still better as they are made with better materials that are gentler on clothing.

How many tennis balls do you put in a dryer?

The number of tennis balls you’ll put in the dryer will depend on how small or big the load is. This can be around 2-8 tennis balls.

Do you leave the balls in the dryer?

It’s best to remove the balls from the dryer once the spinning is complete. Place the tennis balls in a clean, well-ventilated area so that you can easily use them on your next laundry session.

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