Best Toaster And Kettle Sets 2024

Every kitchen needs a kettle, and every kitchen needs a toaster, but how about a matching pair? Of course this isn’t a new innovation, small kitchen appliance companies have been making kettle and toaster sets for some time. But there is much more choice nowadays. And what better way to compliment your kitchen decor than with a colour coordinated, matching kettle and toaster set.

You can have a nice tidy kitchen countertop with an orderly design running throughout. Or maybe choose a toaster and kettle set that stands out from the rest of the appliances and colour coordinated cupboards. To achieve this a few years ago, would have involved trying to match up the same colour toaster as the kettle you had just found. 

Best Selling Toaster And Kettle Sets UK

Bestseller No. 1
Trendi® Electric Kettle & 2 Slice Bread Toaster Kitchen Combo Set | 2200W 1.7L Cordless Jug Kettle Boil Dry Protection & Auto Shut Off | 650W 6 Level with Browning Control & Crumb Tray (Black)
  • Powerful Performance: Electric kettle features a 2200W heating element for rapid boiling of 1.7L water.
  • Safety Features: Boil dry protection and auto shut off ensure safe operation of the kettle.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Breville Bold Cream Kettle and Toaster Set | with 1.7 Litre, 3KW Fast-Boil Electric Kettle and 2-Slice High-Lift Toaster | Cream and Silver Chrome [VKT223 and VTR003]
  • Glossy, ridged textured finish with high shine chrome accents and illuminated controls for ease of use
  • 3kW concealed element for rapid boiling; 1.7 Litre capacity makes 6 to 8 cups
Bestseller No. 3
Daewoo SDA2680 Stirling Collection, 1.7L Pyramid Kettle with Matching 2 Slice Toaster, Safety Features, Easy Cleaning, Cohesive Kitchen Set, Stainless Steel, Grey
  • ULTIMATE BREAKFAST COMBO – Finish your kitchen off with a modern and stylish kettle and toaster set, available in a range of colours. This bundle set combines the best of both worlds with a 1.7-liter pyramid kettle and a 2 slice toaster
  • EFFORTLESS MAINTENANCE – The kettle includes a removable filter, while the toaster features a crumb tray for easy cleaning. Additionally, both appliances offer cord storage to keep your countertops organized, enhancing overall functionality and tidiness
SaleBestseller No. 4
DAEWOO SDA2566GE Kettle & 4 Slice Toaster Set, Plastic, Taupe
  • COMPLETE SET - Includes a matching 3KW Watt Rapid boil kettle and 4 slice Retro style toaster, with Stylish textured pattern, adds a touch of style to your kitchen
  • RAPID BOIL - The 3kw concealed heating element brings this kettle to the boil quickly, so you'll never be waiting long for your next hot drink
Bestseller No. 5
VonShef Kettle and Toaster Set Cream – Nordic 1.7L Rapid Boil Kettle 3000W & 4 Slice Wide Slot Toaster 1500W with 6 Browning Controls & High Lift - Fika Range
  • FIKA KETTLE & TOASTER: Kickstart your day in style with our Nordic kettle and toaster set. Featuring underneath cord storage, keep your family satisfied and your surfaces spotless.
  • 4 SLICE TOASTER: Toast a range of delights up to 38mm thick, from doorstop toast to fluffy crumpets. Enjoy the perfect slice using the defrost, reheat, and cancel functions, plus six browning levels.

What Are The Advantages Of Toaster And Kettle Sets?

There are a few advantages of buying a kettle and toaster set they are:

Convenient Colour Match

No searching the shops or spending hours online looking for the perfect colour match. As these sets are made by the same company, the colour and design will be a perfect match.

Large Choice Of Styles

Whether your tastes are contemporary, traditional, retro, industrial, or just plain and functional there will be a set to suit your style.

Kettle And Toaster Sets In Many Colours

As the choice has widened for kitchen cupboards and worktops, so has the choice for kettles and toasters. Whether you want the appliances to blend into the kitchen decor or be the stark opposite, there will be a set that fits the bill.

Not Limited By Size

Within these matching sets there are large capacity kettles, average capacity kettles and even small economy models. As for the toasters, 2 slices or 4 and up to 7 grades of toasting plus cooking from frozen, there is plenty of choice when it comes to functionality.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Toaster And Kettle Sets?

There aren’t any real disadvantages to speak of, apart from sometimes to get the correct toaster you might have to compromise on kettle capacity. Plus in some ranges there are limited colours to choose from too.

Toaster And Kettle Sets Buyers Guide

If you would like to upgrade your kettle and toaster and are considering a matching set here are a few pointers worth considering.

Toaster And Kettle Set


Consider the style of your kitchen, do you want a kettle and toaster set that matches the decor of your kitchen or a set that accentuates the opposites. Blend in or stand out? 


Apart from the traditional white, stainless steel and red, kettle and toaster sets can be bought in yellows, blues, pastel shades etc, there is so much choice you will definitely find a set to suit your kitchen.

Matching Toaster And Kettle

Not only matching in colour, but in design too. From Retro to ultra-modern and pretty much everywhere in between. Some with sleek shiny lines and others with that brushed steel look.

Kettle Capacity

The standard kettle capacity tends to be around 1.7 litres to put that into perspective, 1.7 litres will make 6 to 8 cups of tea depending on cup size. It is possible to find a 1.8 litre kettle within the kitchen set range and 1.8 litres will make between 7 to 9 cups again depending on cup size. If you have a large family or are often entertaining, a larger capacity kettle will probably suit you better.

Although somewhat of a rarity, there are 1 litre capacity kettles within the sets range. 1 litre will make 3 to 4 cups of tea, so this would be ideal for couples or single folk.

Toaster Functionality

Toasters toast bread, but it’s not that simple, some of us prefer nearly burnt toast whilst others prefer it to be almost raw bread. Check how many toasting settings are available on the toaster you choose. How many slices will it toast? 2 or 4? Plus does it have the ability to toast thick slices of bread as well as muffins or crumpets.

Not forgetting the ever popular defrost function and reheat plus cancel, for when the toast is going to be cooked way before the eggs are boiled.

What Are They Made From?

There are 3 basic materials when it comes to toaster and kettle design, 

  • Plastic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass

Not too many glass toasters knocking around but there are a few kettles with the appearance of glass that have been coupled with toasters that give the overall appearance of matching.

When it comes to the crunch stainless steel kettles are favourite as they don’t alter the taste of the water when boiling. Plus there is no fear of harmful BPA in stainless steel kettles.

Toaster And Kettle Set Price

Kettle and toaster sets come in many shapes, sizes, colours and as it turns out – prices too.  Starting at around £40 for a 1.5-litre capacity kettle and 2 slice toaster. 

The most pricey set comes in at around £180 for this you will get a kettle that is capable of boiling just 1 cup of water to save energy ( if needed) and a toaster with a bagel toasting option that only toasts one side.

For around £60 there are a number of sets to choose from that will satisfy most peoples tastes and requirements. 

Interestingly enough there is a particular set that cost around £100 that has been getting awful reviews.

And just to balance that, there have been some of the cheaper sets that have become increasingly popular. 


Most of the kettle and toaster sets available are made by reputable well-known manufacturers and getting a warranty from them should give you confidence. Because they are time honoured companies who are skilled at their craft and will not renege on any warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a kettle and toaster set?

 You should buy a kettle and toaster set if you would like all of your kitchen appliances and cabinets to colour coordinate.

Where can I buy a kettle and toaster set?

You can buy a kettle and toaster set from any reputable kitchen appliance store, stores like Dunelm, Robert Dyas, Amazon, Argos, and many more.

Is it safe to buy a kettle and toaster set online?

It is safe to buy a kettle and toaster set online as long as you buy from a trusted retailer.

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