11 Reasons To Buy A Water Dispenser

Why buy a  water dispenser? In recent years water dispensers have become a popular purchase at electrical retailers. More and more people are waking up to filtered water on tap constantly. Let’s see why they’ve become so popular.

Why Have Water Dispenser Sales Increased So Much Recently?

There are many positive reasons to buy a water dispenser, here are the main benefits for owning a water dispenser.

  1. Cold Fresh water Available 24 Hours A Day
    Conveniently situated on the worktop, you can access fresh cool water whenever you want to. 
  2. The Perfect Temperature Every Time
    Water dispensers keep the water chilled to a constant 4 degrees C. Every glass is the ideal temperature to refresh and rehydrate you.
  3. Saves Your Money
    Bottled water is what’s recommended for health conscious people, and bottled water isn’t cheap. At least £1 a bottle, and most of us drink 2 bottles per day. That’s £14 per week just on bottled water. Or to put it another way, that’s £728 per year on bottled water. 
  4. No Harmful Chemicals
    There’s no denying tap water has some chemical additives that are not only unnecessary, but also detrimental to health. A water dispenser has a state of the art filtration system to keep all that bad stuff from getting into your glass(or cup). Plus many plastic bottles contain BPAs which are known to cause health issues.
  5. Better Tasting Drinks
    The limescale and other foreign bodies in tap water affect the taste of your drinks. Using a  water dispenser with a filtration system, you and your guests will notice how much better your squashes and water tastes. Plus it’s always at the perfect temperature.
  6. Doing Your Bit For The Environment
    Once you start using water from a water dispenser, you won’t need to buy the 14 bottles of water every week. That’s 14 less plastic bottles that need to be processed by the recyclers.
  7. Better Hydration For You And Your Family
    In a recent survey almost half of the adult population of the UK were dehydrated. Having fresh, cool filtered water on tap will encourage you and your family to drink more water regularly.
  8. Healthier Skin
    If your body is fully hydrated, your skin will become more vibrant. You’ll notice less dull, dry, itchy skin patches.
  9. Less Constipation Problems
    One of the main factors in causing constipation is a lack of fluids. Having a water dispenser will encourage the consumption of more water, which will lead to a healthier body and regular toilet habits.
  10. Gives You More Energy
    It’s well known that dehydration causes tiredness and lethargy. By having cold fresh water to hand constantly will encourage you and your family to drink more water, and keep hydrated.
  11. Helps To Keep You Healthy
    The number one cause of dizziness and confusion is dehydration. According to medical experts men should drink 4 litres of water every day. Women should drink 3 litres of water daily to maintain a healthy body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are water dispensers worth buying?

Water dispensers are worth buying if you enjoy fresh, filtered water, and want to remain hydrated.

When is the best time to purchase a  water dispenser?

The best time to purchase a water dispenser is as soon as you have decided that you will benefit from fresh, filtered water without having to buy water in plastic bottles.

Can I buy a water dispenser on finance?

You can buy a water dispenser on finance, or you can rent a water dispenser from a specialist supplier.

Is it safe to shop for a  water dispenser online?

It is safe to shop for a water dispenser online as long as you stick to buying from a reputable retailer.

What  water dispenser manufacturer should I order?

You should order a water dispenser made by whichever company has the features you are looking for. Do your research and only buy once you’re sure it’s the correct one for you. Some popular manufacturers include Aqua Optima, Hydrate direct and YANGMAN WD.

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