17 Reasons To Buy A Water Flosser

Dentists recommend regular flossing to remove plaque and keep teeth and gums healthy. But is flossing sufficient? Or should we be water flossing? That’s what we’re here to find out is water flossing necessary? and how do we benefit from it?

According to leading dental experts, we don’t floss our teeth correctly. Apparently there is a correct way to force that piece of string through our teeth to remove plaque and other debris from our mouths. Dentists say that water flossing is a far superior way to clean between our teeth than using dental floss.

But why? What’s so good about water flossing? Let’s find out.

  1. Fresher Breath
    Daily flossing reduces the build-up of bacteria that causes bad breath. Water flossing is a more effective way of flossing – Which leads to even fresher breath.
  2. Healthier Gums
    Less plaque and less bacteria reduces the risk of gum disease and infection. Which in turn, leads to less bleeding gums. Healthier gums means healthier teeth.
  3. Much More Likely To Floss
    According to a recent survey only 50% of Americans floss daily, and 18% owned up to never flossing. When asked why they didn’t floss every day, the most common reason was the difficulty using floss. Using a water flosser is such an easy and pleasant thing to do. Once you start it will become a habit.
  4. Regular Flossing Reduces The Need For Dental Work
    Keeping the mouth healthy creates a healthy environment where germs and bacteria are less likely to spread and cause any decay.
  5. Brighter Smile
    Using a water flosser regularly will result in your teeth looking cleaner and whiter. Giving you a brighter smile and more self-confidence.
  6. Less Debris Caught In Dental Braces
    If you have to wear a dental brace, you will know that regular flossing is almost impossible. Water flossing makes cleaning dental braces an easy and painless experience.
  7. Less Chance Of Dislodging Crowns, Bridges Or Implants
    String floss can dislodge, make loose or even pull out any dental work. Using a water flosser is clinically proven to be twice as effective at cleaning dental implants than string flossing. With no fear of pulling any dental work from the gums.
  8. Reduces Inflammation After Dental Brace Removal
    One of the main causes of inflammation and discomfort after the removal of a dental brace is a lack of flossing whilst wearing the brace. Daily water flossing will eliminate this painful condition.
  9. Water Flossers Reach The Places String Floss Cannot Reach
    There are areas in the mouth, below the gum line etc, that string floss can’t get to. The stream of water from a water flosser easily accesses these hard to get at places. Removing more bacteria and creating an even healthier environment in your mouth.
  10. Reduces Pain And Sensitivity In Gums
    Using string floss, can aggravate sensitive gums. Using a water flosser is less likely to irritate the gums, causing less pain.
  11. Easier To Use If Dexterity Is An Issue
    If you suffer from rheumatism or arthritis or have RSI or any other debilitating condition, it can be extremely difficult and painful to use string floss. Water flossing is much easier to maneuver around the mouth even if you have minimum gripping ability.
  12.  Cleans Between Closely Spaced Teeth
    Some teeth are so close to each other that string floss cannot penetrate the minute gap between them. This is the ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria to form. Leading to tooth decay and gum disease and the associated pain, discomfort and halitosis (bad breath) etc. A water flosser can get into spaces string floss can’t access.
  13. A Fast, Effective And Efficient Way To Maintain Oral Hygiene
    When done right, it takes around 60 seconds to water floss correctly. That’s one minute to remove plaque, bacteria, germs, remove any food debris and generally clean your mouth.
  14. Lightweight And Convenient To Use
    Some models can be bulky and take up a lot of space, but if you go for a cordless or battery operated water flosser, they are usually small, slim,and easy to use.
  15. Adjustable Pressure Settings
    Having an adjustable pressure setting allows you to set the water pressure to a level tolerable to your teeth and gums sensitivity.
  16. Multi-Tips For Extra Convenience
    With 5 different tips, water flossers have the perfect tip for every situation. With the jet tip for everyday standard use, the orthodontic tip for braces etc, the dental work tip for crowns, bridges and implants, the pocket tip for periodontal pockets, and the toothbrush tip for general use, there will always be one tip that will suit your needs.
  17. Multi-Usage
    As the tips are interchangeable, one water flosser is enough for the whole family. Just be sure to colour code the base of the tips so everyone uses their own.

What’s More Effective Mouthwash Or Water flossing?


There have been many studies done to research the benefits of using a water flosser and some of the results might surprise you. 

Condition Effectiveness Water FlosserEffectiveness Mouthwash
Plaque Removal29%9%
Curing Bleeding Gums62%33%
Curing Gingivitis45%10%

By adding mouthwash to the water flosser you can improve on these results by at least an extra 10%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are water flossers worth buying?

Water flossers are worth buying if you want to improve your dental hygiene and reduce dental bills.

How long does it take to get a water flosser delivered?

How long it takes to get a water flosser delivered depends on who you order it from. Amazon Prime offers next day delivery, Boots.com offers the same next day service, many others offer free delivery but not next day.

Can I buy a water flosser on finance?

You can buy a water flosser on finance from many retailers or for just £15 you can buy a cordless water flosser outright.

What water flosser manufacturer should I order?

There are many well-known brands that make water flossers, some of the more popular are Waterpik, philips, Panasonic and many more.

Is it safe to shop for water flossers online?

It is safe to shop for a water flosser online as long as you buy from a reputable retailer.

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