Are Washing Machine Hoses Universal? (everything you need to know)

Generally speaking, all washing machines should use standard size hoses and fittings. However, there are variations in design between different manufacturers.

In this article we take a close look at washing machine hoses and explain the differences and potential problems when replacing the hoses on a washing machine.

Why Would You Need To Replace The Hoses On A Washing Machine?

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Washing machine hoses have a life expectancy of around 3 to 5 years. This means that the hoses on your washing machine could need changing after 3 years of use.

You might be questioning this but the reasons are fairly obvious when you stop to think about it. The fill hoses on a washing machine are under constant pressure which can cause wear and tear over time.

Then there is the issue of hard water which will leave limescale deposits in your washing machine’s hoses which can cause blockages or even damage the integrity of the hose.

Do New Washers Use The Same Hoses?

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All new washing machines come supplied with new hoses which are generally the same standard size. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t variations.

Let’s take a closer look at the hoses supplied with a new washing machine.

Fill Hoses

The most likely problem you’re going to find with the fill hoses supplied with a new washing machine is the length. Most washing machine manufacturers have found ways to cut on production costs.

These cost cutting measures include shorter hoses as well as shorter power cables. The new fill hose(s) might not reach the inlet tap which would mean either you will need to use your old fill hose(s) if they’re still in good condition, or buy an extra long fill hose.

Standard fill hoses are 1.5 metres in length, and extra long hoses are typically 2.5 metres long. However, it can become tricky if for example, your new washer was supplied with anti-flood hoses which have flood protection built in.

These anti-flood hoses have the same end fittings as regular hoses but are much larger, more bulkier and made from corrugated plastic. They look more like a drain hose than a fill hose and they have a large fitting on the tap end.

In some cases they can be difficult to fit and may not even be necessary. But if they came supplied with the new washer, you should fit them because the machine was designed to use them.

Likewise, some new hoses come with filters built in whereas most standard hoses don’t. It is advisable to use these new ones because the machine was designed to use the hoses with extra filters.

Hot & Cold Fill Washing Machines

The other problem you might encounter when buying a new washing machine is what to do with the hot fill tap. Most modern washing machines are cold fill only, they rely on in board heaters to bring the water temperature to the required level.

Your old machine might have had 2 filler hoses, one hot and one cold. You will have turned the supply taps off to remove the old machine and install the new one.

If the new machine only has a cold fill all you need to do is connect the new fill hose to the cold inlet tap and leave the hot inlet tap turned off.

Drain Hoses

The new washing machine’s drain hose should be very similar to the old one. But it could very well be shorter which could be problematic. This is due to cost cutting exercises on behalf of the manufacturer.

If the drain hose doesn’t reach the drain pipe, it’s not as easy to replace it with a longer one. This is because the drain hose is connected to the drain pump which although possible, is quite difficult and a step too far for the average homeowner.

If the drain hose supplied with your new washer is too short, you can extend it using a universal drain hose extension kit. This might involve cutting the original drain hose slightly to get a good straight run from the washer to the drainpipe.

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You will need to be extra careful when joining the drain hose extension and make sure the connection is tight and you’ll need to keep an eye on it for the first few weeks in case of any leaks. If it were to leak or become disconnected, your home would get flooded.

Differences In Washing Machine Hoses

Here in the UK we have standardised hoses when it comes to washing machines. The same is true for Europe and parts of Asia too. It’s a different story in the US where they have different types of fittings, different length hoses and different shaped hoses.

The only problem facing us here is the hose length might not be long enough. But thankfully all of the connections and fittings are standardised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all washing machine drain hoses the same size in the UK?

In the UK all washing machine drain hoses are the same diameter, however, the length can vary. This is especially true if you have recently purchased a new washer. Many manufacturers have reduced the length of hoses and power cords in an effort to cut manufacturing costs. This may mean you will need to buy longer hoses to reach your water supply and drain.

How often should washing machine hoses be replaced?

To lower the possibility of flooding, you should replace the hoses on your washing machine every 5 years, less in hard water areas (every 3 years).

Does a new washing machine come with a new drain hose?

All new washing machines come with a new drain hose fitted. There will also be a new fill hose which will need connecting to the inlet tap.

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