What Is The Size Of A Standard Washing Machine Drain Hose?

If your washing machine’s drain hose needs replacing because it is damaged or you’ve just moved home and the existing drain hose isn’t long enough to reach the drainage point, you’re going to need a new one. 

It makes sense to ensure that your new drain hose is the correct size to prevent any problems with leakage etc. A standard washing machine drain hose in the UK is 21mm in diameter and is typically 2.5 metres in length.

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How To Replace The Drain Hose On A Washing Machine

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If your drain hose has become damaged or isn’t long enough to reach the drainpipe it will need to be replaced. Replacing the drain hose on a washing machine is a relatively easy task which involves;

  1. Finding The Correct Replacement Hose
    Washing machine drain hoses are all pretty much a standard diameter in the UK and can be purchased easily in store or online.
  2. Disconnect The Power Supply
    Remove the plug from the wall socket or flip the circuit breaker to the off position.
  3. Gain Access To The Drain Hose
    Pull the washing machine away from the wall to allow you to access the drain hose easily.
  4. Remove The Drain Hose From The machine
    Place a bucket under the drain hose and disconnect the old hose by loosening the pipe clamp using a screwdriver. Carefully remove the old drain hose once all of the water has stopped flowing.
  5. Replace The Drain Hose
    Feed the end of the new drain hose over the lug and tighten the pipe clamp in place. Then feed the other end of the hose into the drain pipe.
  6. Reposition The Washing Machine
    Once you’re sure the drain hose is fitted correctly and securely, push the washer back against the wall and turn the power back on.
  7. Check For Leaks
    Run a rinse and drain cycle and keep a close eye on the drain hose for any leaks etc.

Is It Possible To Extend The Drain Hose On A Washing Machine?

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If you’ve just moved home or bought a new washing machine, you might have discovered that the drain hose supplied with the washer doesn’t reach the drainpipe. Many new appliances are supplied with shorter hoses as a cost cutting measure.

If possible simply buy a new drain hose which is long enough to reach the drainpipe as this is the least complicated way to solve this issue.

On the other hand, you can buy a drain hose extension kit which can be used to extend the drain hose far enough to reach the drainpipe.

How To Fit A Drain Hose Extension Kit

The extension kit should come supplied with everything you need to complete this task. All you need to do is;

  1. Disconnect The Power Supply
    Remove the plug from the wall socket or flip the circuit breaker to the off position.
  2. Insert The Connector
    There’s no need to remove the existing drain hose, just connect the new extension onto the end of the existing hose. The connector should be fitted as far as it will go into both hoses.
  3. Clamp The Hoses Tightly
    The clamps should be tightened on both sides of the connector to secure the hoses together.
  4. Connect The Hose To The Drainpipe
    The free end of the drain hose should be placed into the standpipe to a depth of no greater than 5 inches. Or connected to the drainpipe under the sink (depending on your waste water set up).
  5. Test The Washer
    Switch the power back on and run a rinse and drain cycle to check for leaks in the drain hose. Pay particular attention to the connectors, if there is any leakage, tighten the clamps more until the water stops leaking.

Tips For Fitting A Drain Hose Extension On A Washing Machine

  • The drain hose should not extend into the standpipe for more than around 12.7 cm because any deeper than this could cause the water to travel up the pipe and flood the floor.
  • This might mean cutting the extension hose shorter than the length it came supplied. When cutting the hose don’t forget to take those 12.7 cm into account.
  • The drain hose should be connected to the standpipe at a height of between 40 to 100 cm.
  • It is also recommended that any extension to the drain hose should be no more than around 1.5 metres or an overall length of 3 metres (including the existing drain hose and the extension).
  • You can buy universal extension kits and these are fine. But they’re not as good as kits specifically designed for your washing machine.
  • Universal extension kits include connectors with 18mm and 22mm ends. Check your hose and ensure you use the right size connector.

For more information on fitting an extension to the drain hose on your washing machine follow this link to our article entitled: Is it safe to extend the washing machine drain hose?

Washing Machine Warranties

Washing Machine

If you check your washing machine user’s manual you might find that there is a warning stating that extending the drain hose could void your warranty.

This is usually because you are altering their original design and they cannot take any responsibility for any alterations you make. This includes flooding or any malfunctions due to the extended drain hose. As well as any issues connected to the ill fitting of any extension hose.

However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done or that it’s not safe to do. All it means is the manufacturer is covering themselves in the event of anything going wrong that isn’t their fault.

It also means that even if you use the correct extension kit, your warranty could still be voided by the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What diameter is a washing machine waste hose?

The standard diameter of a washing machine drain hose is 21mm in the UK.

Can you change the washing machine waste hose?

If your existing drain hose on your washing machine is damaged it will need to be replaced. This is a relatively easy task and just involves removing the existing drain hose and connecting the new one in its place.

Do new washing machines come with a new drain hose?

New washing machines do come supplied with a new drain hose as well as new inlet hose(s) too.

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