What Is The Benefit Of Folding Clothes? (is it worth it)

Let’s face it – folding clothes after doing a pile of laundry is not really appealing for many of us. Who wants to spend their time doing this boring task when you can just dump your freshly laundered clothes on a chair?

But what if we tell you that there are many advantages to folding clothes you may not know? Once you’re done reading this article, you’ll probably think that it’s a chore worth doing.

Folding your clothes – why it’s worth it

Why should you fold your clothes? Here are the benefits that may improve your day-to-day life:

It reduces creases and wrinkles

When you are a person who works in an office or wants to look put-together, chances are you wouldn’t want to wear wrinkled clothes. Unfortunately, wrinkling or creasing usually happens to clothing that is not stored well.

To prevent this from happening, folding your clothing neatly can significantly decrease wrinkles from appearing on your tops and bottoms.

TIP: When you’re folding, smoothen the lines of your clothes before each fold. Then, make sure to fold along the seams, following their natural shape to avoid creases.

It keeps you organised

One of the reasons why you should fold your clothes is to save valuable space.

If you store your clothes inside a cabinet or drawer, there’s a chance that fitting them all in after doing laundry can be challenging. Folding them reduces the space they take up and will allow you to store them neatly in their designated area.

Organizing clothes

TIP: If you don’t have enough space in your closet, try the KonMari method! Doing so positions your clothing upright which could be so much better than stacking them on a pile. This is because piles can make it challenging for you to pick an item of clothing and will disrupt your arranged clothing easily.

It keeps your clothes in good condition

Organising your clothes and storing them well can definitely increase their lifespan for a much longer period.

Why? Because leaving them strewn or lying around on your place wrinkles your clothing and may even cause them to get snagged or lose a couple of buttons.

If you want to protect your clothing and keep them for much longer, fold them and place them snugly in your closet.

Some articles of clothing, like linen garments, are meant to be hung. Make sure to check the labels and store them as recommended.

What types of clothing should you avoid folding?

Avoid folding the following garments:

  • Linens, Satins, and Silks
  • Scarves
  • Office wear
  • Dresses

Instead of folding them, you can either:

  • Roll them tightly to avoid wrinkling while still keeping your clothing compact or;
  • Hang them in your closet

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It saves you time

Keeping your place organised saves valuable time and allows you to move around more efficiently. This also applies to the way you store your clothing.

Generally, if you have a designated space where you keep each piece of clothing organised, you’ll have less trouble choosing what you want to wear on every occasion. Folded clothes are more visible and getting them from the drawers is less difficult compared to when they are just in the basket or lying around somewhere.

Of course, some may say that folding clothes also wastes their time. If you also think this, you may want to look into accessories that could cut your folding time in half, like a T Shirt Folding Board.

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It may calm and relax you

Finally, one of the advantages of folding clothes actually has something to do with your mental health. Although this does not apply to everyone, the act of folding clothes can be very therapeutic and relaxing to many individuals.

Even if there are still only a few studies that explain it, some people say that folding clothes comforts them[1], helps with their depression, and allows them to practice self-care.

Folded clothes in closet

So Is It Worth Folding Clothes?

Folding clothes can be tedious – but the benefits you’ll get are definitely worth the trouble. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment after you do it!

So listen to a podcast or play your favorite music or show, and maybe start folding!

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you fold clothes?

It is best to fold your clothes once they are freshly laundered and completely dry.

Is folding clothes better than hanging them?

Folding everyday clothes or garments that are wrinkle-free is best, while hanging easily wrinkled garments is recommended.

What saves more space: hanging or folding clothes?

Generally, folding clothes saves more space than hanging them.

Is folding clothes a life skill?

Yes, folding clothes is an important life skill that one ideally knows how to do.

Does folding clothes make them lighter?

No, folding clothes does not make them lighter. However, it does make them more compact and easier to store.

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