Best Foot Spa For Arthritis

Best Foot Spa For Arthritis 2022

It’s an unfortunate fact of life, as we get older, we get more ailments, one of the more debilitating is arthritis. The older we get the more severe the arthritis flare ups tend to be. As anyone with arthritis will tell you, there’s no medical treatment that is good enough to remove the pain caused by arthritis. So we need to practise some pain management techniques, and a foot spa can be a great help when it comes to pain relief.

Using a foot spa before bed seems to ease the pain of arthritis giving you at least a decent night’s sleep. The trick to finding a good foot spa for arthritis sufferers is one that is relatively powerful but not so powerful as to cause even more pain. So we looked for all the factors that will make your life that little bit easier, and here are the results.

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How Does A Foot Spa Help With Arthritis?

The first thing you do when you get an ache is rub it, it’s almost instinctive, why? Because it works that’s why. Massage is a proven therapy to ease muscular and joint pain, and improve the flow of blood through your body. Massage along with heat is known to ease pain caused by arthritis , in fact the arthritis Foundation recommends heat to ease an arthritis flare up.

A foot spa combines heat with gentle massage to relax those aching joints and muscles, all in the comfort of your own home.

What Are The Advantages Of A Foot Spa For Arthritis?

When an arthritis flare up starts using a foot spa can be of immense relief here’s why:

Increases Blood Flow

As the warm water gently massages over your painful feet and legs, you will find your blood flow increases. Bringing relief to painful joints and muscles.

Relaxes Muscle Tightness

When pain strikes our muscles automatically tighten, this leads to more pain and extended areas of pain. Using the foot spa will help to relax those tight muscles, and ease away aches and pains.

Reduces Pain

Arthritic pain is usually due to inflammation, massage, heat and reflexology can all help to reduce inflammation and so reduce pain.

Improves Nerve Function

Arthritis is known to cause nerve damage through swelling, using a foot spa can greatly speed up nerve repair. This will reduce pain, and numbness that’s often associated with arthritis and nerve damage.

Removes Tension

Nothing causes tension like constant pain, it becomes all you can think about. Before you are even aware of it your increased tension has spread to the rest of your family. By relaxing the feet and legs in a foot spa you will remove some or most of that tension, turning you back into a reasonable human being once more.

Promotes A Feeling Of Well Being

As the pain subsides and our bodies relax, we begin to see everything in a different light. Less pain often means improved mobility, less tension and a more peaceful outlook on life in general.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Foot Spa For Arthritis?

Some foot spas can be heavy, especially when filled with water, this can be difficult to carry especially if you are already suffering with a painful condition like arthritis. Some foot spas can get cold very fast, you are then often in a worse position than you started in. If you overfill some models and then start the vibration function, water can spill from the top of the spa.

Foot Spa For Arthritis Buyers Guide

It has been proven without any doubt that a decency foot spa can improve the day to day life of an arthritis sufferer. Before buying a foot spa here are a ew things to look out for.

Water Heater

For relief from arthritis, heat is great. Be sure the foot spa you choose has a onboard water heater to keep the water at the optimum temperature for your comfort.

Reflexology Nodes

On some models these nodes that are on the footplate of the spa, can be too harsh and cause more harm than good. Look for smooth or rounded nodes.

Ease Of Use

You want a foot spa that is easy to use, functions that can be controlled remotely maybe. Or waterproof foot controls.

How Much Does A Foot Spa For Arthritis Cost

Foot spas range in price from around £23 to £100 depending on make and model you choose. Be sure the model you go for has all the features you will need to ease your conditions. Price doesn’t necessarily dictate quality, some of the more reasonably priced foot spas will do all you need. Some of the more expensive models are focussed more on pampering rather  than therapeutic values.

Reflexology bars

These are bars on the base of the foot spa, some are better than others, if the foot spa has the correct reflexology bars they will greatly reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.


Most decent foot spas will have a 12 month warranty, but remember the warranty is only ever as good as the company that issues it. Go for a well-known reputable brand and buy from a well-known retailer.

Ease Of Portability

The chances are, if you have arthritis it affects more than just your feet, be sure the foot spa you buy is comfortable for you to carry. Each litre of water weighs 1kg take this into account before making your final purchase.

Bubbles And Jet Spray

This function is an absolute must to ease the pain associated with arthritis, some foot spas don’t have this facility. Check before you buy that the jet stream and bubble function is available.


The cheaper foot spas have no settings other than on/off, you need to be sure the foot spa you buy has a controlled vibration setting, a heat setting and a temperature setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are foot spas good for arthritis?

Foot spas are great for arthritis sufferers the heat eases pain, the vibration soothes tired aching feet and the reflexology bars massage pressure points to relax and reduce pain.

Does drinking water help arthritis?

Drinking water is good for arthritis as it clears toxins from your body, and eases joint pain by keeping them fluid.

Can you use Epsom salts in a foot spa?

You can use Epsom salts in a foot spa, add around ¾ of a cup of Epsom salts to the water in the foot spa.

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