Can You Put Converse Trainers In The Washing Machine?

Ever wondered if you can throw your Converse trainers in the wash? Well, you can, but it’s not the best idea. 

The better choice is to wash them by hand using warm water and a gentle soap. 

Why not the washing machine, you ask? Stick around, and you’ll find out some pretty useful tips on keeping your Converse in great shape!

What Will Happen If You Clean Your Converse Trainers In The Washing Machine?

Here’s the lowdown: Converse themselves advise against machine washing. Tossing them in the machine might seem like a quick fix, but it can cause a bit of a mess. 

Hot water can weaken the glue holding your shoes together, and those vibrant colours might start to fade, especially if they’ve never been washed before. 

Plus, regular machine washing can wear out the rubber bits, like soles and toe caps. 

Now, if your Converse are on the heavy side, they could actually harm your washing machine during the spin cycle. This might even void your machine’s warranty, so you’d want to avoid that. 

It’s better to give your Converse trainers a good old hand wash with some warm water and a bit of mild soap. 

How To Clean Your Converse Trainers Depending On Their Type

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Keeping your Converse trainers clean is easier than you think, whether they’re made of canvas, leather, or suede. We’ve also got tips for the laces and insoles. Let’s get started on making your trainers look great again!

Testing Cleaning Methods on Different Materials

Before you start, do a quick spot test on a less visible area, such as the outer edges of the tongue or a strip of material beneath the shoelaces. Converse trainers come in various materials, and each needs a bit of a different approach.

Cleaning Canvas, Synthetic, or Leather Converse

Got Converse made of canvas, synthetic material, or leather? Here’s what to do: First, do a little test clean on a hidden part of the shoe. Then, take a soft cloth, dip it in some soapy water (make sure it’s not too hot), and gently wipe your shoes. 

Use a toothbrush for tough spots like the toe caps and the bottom. Don’t forget to get rid of any soap left on the shoes.

Caring for Suede Converse

If your Converse are suede, it’s a different story. Keep water away from them. Instead, grab a suede brush and gently brush off any dirt. To keep them safe from rain and spills, you might want to use a special suede protector spray.

Washing Shoelaces

Laces need cleaning too! Take them off and wash them in a mix of warm water and a bit of soap. Be gentle to stop them from getting frayed. Then let them dry in the air.

Hand Washing Insoles

And don’t forget the insoles! It’s best to wash them by hand. Mix some detergent in warm water and give them a gentle scrub. Don’t twist them to dry; just pat them with a towel and let them air dry. This helps keep them in good shape.

How To Clean Your Converse Trainers In The Washing Machine

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If you really must use the washing machine, first check the care label. It’s important because not all Converse trainers can handle a machine wash.

Before you put them in the machine, try to brush off as much dirt as you can. This helps get them cleaner and is kinder to your washing machine. 

Don’t forget to take out the laces and insoles – they need to be washed separately to avoid tangles and to dry properly.

Next, put your trainers in a pillowcase or a wash bag. This is a bit like giving them a safety net in the washing machine. If you’re using a pillowcase, use a few non-rusting safety pins to keep it shut. Just leave some gaps so the water can get in and do its job.

Now, about the washing part: add a few towels in with your trainers. This helps balance the load and keeps the noise down. 

Use a gentle liquid detergent – no fabric conditioner, please! Powder detergents aren’t great here because they might not dissolve all the way in cold water and leave a mess on your shoes.

Choose a gentle wash cycle with cold water and a slow spin. This is kinder to your Converse and helps keep their colours looking good. This way, you’re cleaning them without being too rough on the fabric and shape of the shoes.

How To Dry Your Converse Trainers After Washing

paper towels

After washing your Converse, don’t put them in the tumble dryer. It’s much better to let them air dry. This keeps them in good shape and stops them from getting ruined by the heat and tumbling. 

To help them keep their shape, stuff each shoe with some paper like paper towels. If the paper gets wet, just swap it for some fresh ones.

When drying your trainers, pick a place with lots of air moving around but keep them away from hot things like radiators or hairdryers. These can change the shape of your shoes and damage them. Also, don’t dry them in a dark and damp spot, as this can cause mould and make them smell not so nice.

How To Protect Your Converse Trainers From Dirt And Stains

Keeping your Converse trainers clean and tidy is easier than you think! Here’s a straightforward way to do it: use a shoe protection spray. 

This spray stops dirt and stains from getting deep into your shoes. If you get any marks on your trainers, clean them off right away. This stops the dirt from getting worse and makes it easier to clean later on.

Got some really tough spots, especially on the hard bits like the toe caps? A magic eraser can be just what you need. It’s great for getting rid of stubborn dirt. Just like that, your Converse trainers will stay looking good as new!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean Converse trainers?

The best way to clean Converse trainers is by hand washing them using warm water and a gentle soap. This method is more delicate and helps to maintain the trainers’ quality and appearance.

Can I put Converse in the washing machine in the UK?

Technically, you can put Converse in the washing machine in the UK, but it’s not advised. Machine washing can damage the shoes, weaken the glue, fade colours, and potentially harm your washing machine.

Can I clean Converse with detergent?

Yes, you can clean Converse with detergent. When hand washing, use a mild soap or detergent mixed with warm water. If machine washing, use a gentle liquid detergent, avoiding powder detergents that might not dissolve properly.

How do you wash Converse shoes in the washing machine?

To wash Converse shoes in the washing machine, brush off excess dirt first, remove laces and insoles, and place the trainers in a pillowcase or wash bag. Use a gentle cycle with cold water and slow spin, adding towels to balance the load and a gentle liquid detergent without fabric conditioner.

What setting should I put Converse in the washing machine?

If you need to use the washing machine, put Converse on a gentle wash cycle with cold water and a slow spin. This setting is less harsh on the shoes and helps to maintain their structure and colour.

What temperature should I wash Converse on?

If you choose to wash Converse in the washing machine, use a cold water setting. Hot water can damage the shoes, so cold water is the safer option to help preserve their colour and material.

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