Can You Put Dog Beds In The Washing Machine?

Excluding dog beds made with memory foam and leather, the majority of dog beds are suitable for machine washing. 

Before loading dog beds into the washing machine, it’s always wise to consult the wash care label for any specific cleaning guidelines.

But how exactly should you prepare dog beds for washing? What’s the best washing method to use? And what about drying and maintaining the dog beds after washing? 

Read on to learn the ins and outs of properly washing dog beds.

Prepare The Dog Bed For A Wash

30 Degree Wash Cycle

When washing the dog bed in the washing machine, opt for a cold cycle, around 30°C. Should the dog bed come with a detachable cover, take it off and wash it on its own. Vacuum the rest of the dog bed to clean it.

Put dog bedding in a mesh laundry bag before you wash it in the machine. If you don’t have one, a pillowcase with a zip works too. This stops the cover from getting caught on anything and keeps pet hair out of your washing machine.

Always wash the dog bed on its own, separate from other laundry. This helps prevent dirt or hair from getting onto your clothes or sheets, which could lead to allergic reactions.

If the dog bed doesn’t have a detachable cover, you might need to adjust its shape after washing. The stuffing could move around or get out of shape during the wash. Just give the dog bed a good shake or pat it back into shape.

Cleaning Dog Beds In The Washing Machine

open washing machine door

The best way to clean and sanitise dog beds is by using a washing machine, as long as the bed is suitable for machine washing. This thoroughly removes dirt and bacteria effectively.

Always check the wash care label on the dog bed for specific washing and drying instructions. It will tell you if you can machine wash the dog bed and whether or not you can tumble dry it.

There’s no need for fabric softener when washing a dog bed. Such products can have harmful ingredients for dogs, so it’s best not to use them on anything your dog uses, as they’re likely to lick it. Always opt for a pet-safe laundry detergent to keep your dog safe and well.

Pro tip: Don’t machine wash a memory foam dog bed. If it has a removable cover, take it off and wash it on its own in the washing machine. For the memory foam part, first vacuum it to remove dirt and pet hair. Then, sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda over it and leave it for a few hours before vacuuming again. This helps get rid of any smells. Finally, mix a bit of warm water with some pet-safe laundry detergent and lightly spray it over the top.

Alternative Washing Methods For Dog Beds

dog lying down on a dog bed

If machine washing isn’t an option for your dog bed, there are a few alternative washing methods you can try to keep it clean.

Spot Cleaning

If you’ve got a small dog bed, or if there’s just a little stain on it, consider spot cleaning instead of washing the whole thing. Simply use a wet cloth to carefully wipe away the dirt or stain. 

It’s best to choose a gentle or natural stain remover for pets, one that’s free from artificial fragrances or chlorine, to avoid giving your dog an allergic reaction. Make sure you rinse all the cleaner off properly.

Hand Washing

If your dog bed is too big for the washing machine, washing it by hand is a good alternative. 

Simply wash it in the bath using warm water. Use a bit of pet-safe laundry detergent, mixing it into the warm water. 

Let the dog bed soak for an hour, then rinse thoroughly with clean water to ensure no detergent is left behind. Remove as much water as you can and let it air dry by hanging it up.

How To Dry Dog Beds After Washing

After washing the dog bed’s removable cover, make sure it’s fully dried before putting it back on. Dry it in a bright place but not in direct sunlight. This will stop mould from growing and keep your dog safe.

Sunny days are ideal for airing out your dog bed to naturally remove any odour. Sunlight helps it stay fresh and clean. Just make sure not to leave it in direct sunlight to prevent any damage.

How To Keep Dog Beds Clean

Regularly clean the dog bed, as it can easily become dirty from drooling, dirt brought in from outside, and shedding. 

To prevent pet hair and dirt from accumulating on the dog bed, vacuum it regularly. This will keep the dog bed clean and make it easier to wash.

Keeping your dog away from health risks involves maintaining their bed, ensuring it stays fresh and clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are most dog beds machine washable? 

Yes, most dog beds are suitable for machine washing, excluding those made from memory foam and leather. Always consult the wash care label for specific instructions.

Is it OK to wash dog bedding in the washing machine? 

It is permissible to wash dog bedding in the washing machine, provided the bed is appropriate for machine washing and the care label guidelines are adhered to.

How do you wash pet bedding in the washing machine? 

To wash pet bedding in the washing machine, remove any detachable covers, hoover the bedding, and utilise a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase to prevent snags. Wash on a cold cycle, separately from other laundry, without fabric softener and with pet-safe detergent.

Can you machine wash the inside of a dog bed? 

If the dog bed lacks a detachable cover, you can machine wash the inside, assuming the bed is machine washable. Adjust the shape post-wash if necessary.

What is the best detergent to wash dog bedding? 

The optimal detergent for washing dog bedding is a pet-safe laundry detergent that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients and fragrances that could pose a risk to your dog.

What temperature do you wash dog beds?

Wash dog beds on a cold cycle, approximately 30°C, to safely cleanse the bedding without damaging the material.

How do you wash a smelly dog bed? 

To cleanse a smelly dog bed, hoover it first, sprinkle bicarbonate of soda to neutralise odours, then machine wash with pet-safe detergent or spot clean as needed. Air dry thoroughly to prevent mould and maintain freshness.

How often should a dog bed be washed? 

A dog bed ought to be washed regularly, depending on the level of dirt and odour, but at a minimum once a month to keep it clean and hygienic for your pet.

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