Can You Put One Thing In A Tumble Dryer?

If using a tumble dryer or washer dryer is new to you, you’ve likely seen the maximum capacity limits that advise you on how much laundry you’re allowed to to put in at one time.

But what if you only need to dry one item? Is there a limit on the minimum load on a tumble dryer or washer dryer?

The short answer is no, there is no minimum load on a tumble dryer or washer dryer – so you’re safe to dry just one item at a time. 

With that said, there are a few reasons why you might not want to dry only one item at a time in a tumble dryer…

Why You Shouldn’t Dry A Single Item In A Tumble Dryer/Washer Dryer

It’s not good for the environment

Although the energy efficiency of tumble dryers and washer dryers has improved in recent years, we should still be conscious of the impact wasting electricity is having on the environment. 

We’re not trying to shame you here as we’ve all had times when we need that shirt dried immediately, but we feel it’s worth pointing out to avoid making a habit of it.

It costs as much to dry one thing as it does to dry many things 

In most tumble dryers (although there are exceptions), it will cost you the same amount to dry just one item of clothing as it would to dry your entire family’s clothes for the week. 

This is why it doesn’t really make sense to put one thing in at a time, as there aren’t really any benefits of doing it.

It takes up more time

Again, assuming you have other things to dry, you’d be better off drying it all in one go when it comes to speed and efficiency. 

Tumble Dryer In Use

When Would You Only Dry One Item In A Tumble Dryer?

A good example might be if you’re staying in an airbnb and you only have one foot towel that has become drenched due to water coming out over the shower.

If this is the only foot towel you have, it’s raining outside and you do not have any other wet items to dry, it makes total sense to dry it in the tumble dryer ready for the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum KG I can tumble dry?

There is no minimum KG you can tumble dry in a tumble dryer or washer dryer. Meaning you’re safe to dry one item at a time.

Can I tumble dry less than 5 clothes?

Yes, you are safe to tumble dry less than 5 items of clothes in a tumble dryer or washer dryer unless the manufacturer states otherwise (which is rare).

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