Can You Put Oven Safe Dishes In An Air Fryer? (read this first)

Since they were first introduced in 2010, air fryers have become a favourite appliance with many cooks. For good reason, air fryers cook food using far less oil and cook food in a far shorter time than a conventional oven or hob.

As they are a relatively new innovation, it’s no wonder so many people have questions on what is and what is not safe to cook in the air fryer.

As part of our series on what can and can’t be used in an air fryer, this article looks at whether you can put oven safe dishes in an air fryer.

Can You Put Oven Safe Dishes In An Air Fryer?

The short answer is yes, you can put oven safe dishes in an air fryer. However, you will need to check first because some oven safe dishes cannot withstand the intense heat of an air fryer.

Before we start, let’s look at some of the factors to consider before using a dish in the air fryer. 

Firstly, whichever type of oven safe dish you decide to use in your air fryer, you must never block the air flow. Remember oven safe dishes don’t have any holes in them. Which is great when cooking in a conventional oven, but not so good when using an air fryer.

Air fryers rely on a steady constant flow of hot air passing around the food to get it cooked. If the airflow is blocked, the food might take longer to cook.

Or it might not cook at all! Some parts might be overdone while the rest is not done at all.

For this reason you need to use dishes that do not cover all of the holes in the basket or shelf of your air fryer.

Secondly, you need to know the interior dimensions of your air fryer shelf or basket because dishes come in different shapes and sizes and a square 4 pint dish will not necessarily fit in a round 4 pint basket and so on.

It’s the interior size of the basket or shelf that you need to know and not the overall capacity.

Thirdly, keep away from dishes with large handles because 9 times out of 10 they will be too big to fit in the air fryer.

The best dishes for using in the air fryer should be made from materials that are;

  • Oven Safe
  • Non-Toxic
  • Durable
  • Easy To Clean
  • Heat-Resistant

So let’s look at some of the oven safe dishes available and see whether they can be used in an air fryer or not.

Ceramic Oven Dishes

MALACASA, Series Bake, Rectangular Baking Dish Set of 4 (9"/11"/12"/14"), Oven to Table Baking Dish with Ceramic Handles Ideal for Lasagne/Pie/Casserole/Tapas, Red
  • 【MADE OF DURABLE PORCELAIN】A type of premium LEAD-FREE and NON-TOXIC ceramic that is anti-chip, scratch resistant, bright surface, and easy to clean and maintain, longer service life. Safe for dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves, and ovens. Get the most out of your investment with our MALACASA Casserole Dishes.
  • 【4 SIZES TO MEET ALL NEEDS】(Including handles size) ① 14.7"L x 8.4"W x 2.5"H, 3.1QT ② 12.2"L x 7.1"W x 2.4"H, 2.1QT ③ 11.1"L x 6.5"W x 2.2"H, 1.5QT ④ 9.4"L x 5.2"W x 2"H, 0.8QT. This oven dish can meet all your needs in the kitchen, from individual servings to large family meals, you can effortlessly find the perfect size.

Ceramic ovenware like casserole dishes, ramekins and ceramic bowls fit many of the criteria needed for use in the air fryer. 

They are generally heat resistant, not liable to crack under the heat, easy to clean and as an added bonus they have good heat conductivity which means they will allow the food inside to cook evenly.

However it’s always best to check with the manufacturer to be sure that their ceramic dish will be OK in an air fryer.

Borosilicate Glass Oven Dish

Set of 4 Glass Baking Dish, Glass Oven Dishes, Lead-free Borosilicate Glass - Oval (0.9+1.4+2.2+3.4L)
  • 🥩【Set of 4 Dimensions 】There are 4 different volumes of baking dish for you in one set, to Meet your different needs
  • 🥩【A Must for Everyday】This glass baking dish is useful for every meal. No matter what you want to cook, this practical baking tray can help you a lot. This oven dish is ideal for roasts, lasagna, salad, quiche etc.

Best known under the brand name Pyrex, borosilicate glass is strong enough to withstand the intense heat of an air fryer.

These glass dishes are available in a range of sizes to fit almost every air fryer basket. As they are see-through, these glass dishes allow you to monitor the food as it cooks.

Be sure the glass dish you intend to use is made from borosilicate glass and not standard glass. Because standard glass will shatter in an air fryer at high temperatures.

Metal Dishes

EVADOW 4 Pack Non Stick Oven Baking Tray Set Heavy Duty Black Carbon Steel Baking Sheets Deep Roasting Tins Pans (PFOA Free)
  • Set of 4 baking sheets to meet your different needs; 2 x Large: 34 x 24 x 6cm; 1 x Medium: 32 x 22 x 5.5cm; 1 x Small: 30 x 20 x 5cm.
  • The oven baking tray made of non-stick carbon steel, 100% PFOA free and provides 2 layers of durable no-stick protection.

Any metal dish that can be used in a conventional oven can be used in an air fryer.

The advantages of using a metal oven dish or tray is that they are comparatively light weight, durable and easy to handle. But you’ll need to keep in mind that as metal is such a good conductor of heat, you might need to adjust your cooking times.

Many are non-stick which will help make washing up easier however, you will need to be careful to not remove that non-stick coating during the cleaning process.

Stainless Steel Dishes

Baking Tray Set of 3, Herogo Stainless Steel Baking Trays for Oven, Rectangle Baking Sheet Pan, Deep Oven Tray for Lasagna Cookie Brownie Pizza, Heavy Duty & Anti-Rust, Easy Clean & Dishwasher Safe
39 Reviews
Baking Tray Set of 3, Herogo Stainless Steel Baking Trays for Oven, Rectangle Baking Sheet Pan, Deep Oven Tray for Lasagna Cookie Brownie Pizza, Heavy Duty & Anti-Rust, Easy Clean & Dishwasher Safe
  • 【FOOD GRADE MATERIAL】Herogo oven tray made of food grade stainless steel without any harmful substances into foods, ensure safe and healthy for daily baking use, Compare with aluminum tray, stainless steel baking trays is rust resistant and heavy duty for durability and long-serving time
  • 【PRACTIAL BAKING TRAY SET】Included baking oven tray set of 3, Different sizes (23x17x5cm, 26x20x5cm, 31x24x5cm) can meet all of your baking roasting needs and can stacked together to save space in your kitchen, 5cm depth and seamless design enable to keep food contained without leaking

Stainless steel oven dishes or trays come in a wide range of sizes to fit any air fryer. Stainless steel is a great heat conductor which helps to cook food evenly. 

Be careful when removing any metal dish from an air fryer or oven as they can become extremely hot. This also means you should allow a metal dish more space in the air fryer.

Stainless steel is also likely to discolour in an air fryer if it is overheated. Even though your food is being cooked in an oven tray, there’s no need to add extra oil as the hot air circulating around your food will cook it quickly without the need for extra oil.

Air Fryer Accessory Set

Air Fryer Accessory Set, 5piece Air Fryer Accessory Set, Cake Bucket, Pizza Pan, Metal Stand, Multi-Purpose Tilting Rack, Silicone Mat, Non-Stick Pan, Washable.
  • What you will receive: 5 pieces of air fryer accessories, 1 cake bucket, 1 pizza pan, 1 metal stand, 1 multipurpose tilting rack, 1 silicone mat, simple and practical for your air fryer's basic needs.
  • Quality materials: The air fryer accessories are made of stainless steel and food grade silicone, it is hard wearing, durable, rust free, safe and fast, heat resistant, enjoy cooking and they are easy to clean through the dishwasher.

These sets are available online and as long as you know the dimensions of your air fryer they are a great addition to your air frying arrangement.

They usually consist of a cake bucket, a pizza pan, a metal rack, a metal stand and other useful gizmos.

They’re usually dishwasher safe, durable, heat resistant and designed exclusively for air fryers.

 Aluminium Foil Trays

ORION ELEMENTS 60 Premium Small Disposable Aluminium Foil Trays Containers with lids Paper foil Lids 500ml. Best for Meal Prep Baking Food Storage Takeaway Tin (Pack of 60 with Paper Foil Lids)
  • PREMIUM HEAVY QUALITY - The aluminum foil trays is super thick not flimsy sturdy grip for easy handling and serving you only need to use one to save you money & to make sure your food does not end up on the floor, Made with special food grade aluminium
  • MULTI-USE TRAYS WITH LIDS - Perfect for catering party portions, baking, broiling, roasting pan, cakes, pies, casseroles, cooking, oven, and steam table picnic, bbq, chafers, buffet or takeaway. It is freezer safe containers to store away your delicious food

These can be used in air fryer baskets or in toaster oven type air fryers. They allow you to cook otherwise messy foods without leaving any of the mess in the air fryer.

However, there is scientific evidence linking aluminium with Alzheimer’s and acidic foods can cause the aluminium in the foil to leach into the food.

So if you do use aluminium foil or foil trays make sure none of the ingredients are acidic. That means foods like;

  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Lemons/lemon juice
  • Any Citrus
  • Vinegar
  • Wine

Or any sauce or marinade made from any acidic ingredients.

Silicone Oven Dish

Silicone Pot Fits for Ninjas Dual Air Fryer, Air Fryer Accessories,2Pcs Replacement of Parchment Liner Paper, Basket (Black)
  • Waterproof & Oil-Proof & Non-Stick : Our reusable air fryer liners are made from high quality silicone material, it is waterproof, oil proof, non-stick bottom, and the raised edge of the air fryer liner protects the sides of the air fryer from food grease Splash, saves us cleaning time tremendously.
  • Reusable Silicone Material:Made of safe food grade silicone, non-stick, non-toxic, odorless, heat resistant up to 464°F (240°C), reusable, save money, better than disposable parchment

These reusable silicone oven dishes will fit in most air fryer baskets and offer a great way to cook food whilst keeping the air fryer clean.

Made from high quality waterproof, oil proof and non-stick silicone, they are non-toxic and they’re even dishwasher safe.

As these silicone dishes are pliable they can easily be removed from the air fryer basket once the food is cooked.

Disposable Liners

Air Fryer Disposable Liners, 50 PCS Airfryer Liners, Non-Stick Cooking Parchment Baking Paper for Air Fryer Accessories Oil Proof (6.3Inch)
  • ★ Including 50 pcs air fryer liners for baking, sufficient quantities offer a wide range of choices for your daily cooking, baking and replacement needs. Just throw away the paper-liner after use. No need to clean the fryer anymore
  • ★ Baking paper using food grade parchment, Disposable Paper for Household Air Fryer is waterproof, oil-proof, non-stick, 100% healthy and with nice heat resistant, bamboo steamer can withstand temperatures up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. And baking parchment has no effect on the taste of food.

These reinforced parchment paper liners fit inside the basket of your air fryer and are available in various sizes to fit different basket sizes. 

They are suitable for use in air fryers, microwave ovens and steamers and can withstand temperatures up to 220 C (428 F).  They are waterproof, grease proof and non-stick.

Having used these personally, we have found them to be one of the best ideas in a long time. Easy to use, easy to take out of the air fryer after cooking and the best bit, no washing up.

Plus many local councils take disposable liners for recycling (check with your local authority).

So Remember…

Any oven safe dish can be used in an air fryer as long as it can withstand the high temperatures achieved when air frying. Always check if you’re not sure and if in doubt, use something else.

There are many safe alternatives that can be used in the air fryer. Some that will even prevent the basket from becoming greasy or need to be washed up as regularly as you do currently.

Always ensure that your oven safe dish is small enough that it doesn’t block all of the holes in the air fryer’s basket (or shelf). You need to allow a free flow of hot air to cook your food.

If you decide to use a glass dish, be sure it is made from borosilicate glass which is often sold under the brand name Pyrex.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put a Pyrex dish in an air fryer?

As long as it is oven safe, it can be used in an air fryer. Pyrex is the brand name for borosilicate glass which is designed to endure high temperatures and is therefore OK to use in an air fryer. Be sure to never transfer a borosilicate glass dish directly from the fridge to the air fryer as the sudden change in temperature could cause the glass to shatter. Always allow the glass to reach room temperature before putting in the air fryer.

What dishes can you use in an air fryer oven?

You can use any oven safe dish in an air fryer. This includes; pyrex dishes, many ceramic dishes, stainless steel dishes, metal dishes and silicone dishes.

What containers can I use in an air fryer?

You can use the following containers in an air fryer; borosilicate glass (Pyrex) containers, ceramic containers, silicone food containers, disposable air fryer liners, aluminium foil trays, metal containers and stainless steel containers.

Can you put mugs in an air fryer?

There are some ceramic mugs that can be put in an air fryer, however, you’d need to check that it is heat resistant first.

Can you reheat soup in an air fryer?

You can reheat soup in an air fryer as long as it is in an oven safe bowl that doesn’t block all of the holes in the air fryer basket.

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