Can You Put Shake And Bake Chicken In An Air Fryer? (read this first)

Shake and bake is an American breadcrumb mix which was introduced to taste like Southern fried chicken. Although not available in the UK unless you can find some on Amazon and pay for international postage, there are shake and bake alternatives that can be used in the same way.

Can it be cooked in an air fryer? Absolutely! And here’s how… 

How To Make Shake And Bake Style Chicken In An Air Fryer

Once you’ve tried this recipe you’ll find it soon becomes a family favourite. All you need to do is follow these simple instructions;


  • 4 Chicken Breasts
  • Shake And bake Style Breadcrumb Mix


  1. Place the chicken in a resealable sandwich bag
  2. Pour the breadcrumb mix into the bag
  3. Seal the end and shake to ensure all of the chicken becomes coated in the breadcrumb mix
  4. Prepare the air fryer basket by spraying with oil or lining using a disposable air fryer paper liner or silicone liner
  5. Remove the coated chicken from the bag and arrange in the air fryer basket in a single layer with a gap between each piece
  6. Air fry at 195 C (380 F) for 15 to 20 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 75°C (167°F)
  7. Once cooked, remove the chicken breasts from the air fryer basket
  8. Allow the chicken to rest for a few minutes before serving

If you decide to use pork loins instead of chicken for this tasty treat, the pork should reach a temperature of 75°C (167°F) before serving.

Air Fryer Shake And Bake Style Chicken Cooking Tips

  • If you find the breadcrumb coating isn’t sticking to the chicken breasts you could spread mayonnaise on each side of the breasts before placing them in the bag
  • Cooking times will vary from air fryer to air fryer and depending on the thickness and size of your chicken breasts
  • Can also be used for pork loins
  • Lining the air fryer basket with a disposable paper liner or a silicone liner will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to clean up after cooking
  • You should always allow the meat to rest after cooking to allow the juices to redistribute and the fibres to relax

Serving Suggestions

These shake and bake style chicken breasts can be served with boiled new potatoes or mashed potatoes or chips. Along with fresh garden vegetables including peas, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage etc.

What Is Shake And Bake?

Shake and bake was originally made by General Foods in 1965 in the US and is currently made by the Kraft Heinz group of companies. Shake and bake used to include the plastic shaker bags in the boxes but this practice was discontinued in 2022.

The seasoned bread crumbs were simply placed in the bag along with either chicken or pork and the whole bag was shaken until the coating adhered to the surface of the meat.

It was a convenient way of coating meat in a tasty crispy crumb coating before cooking.

Are There Any UK Alternatives To Shake And Bake?

There are several shake and bake alternatives available in the UK. One that springs readily to mind is Paxo Southern Fried Breadcrumbs. These are available from most UK grocery stores and are made using breadcrumbs and various herbs and spices.

Or you could make your own, all you need is breadcrumbs and your own favourite herbs and spices. These should be mixed together and then poured over chicken breasts or pork loins in a bag and shook until fully coated.

Suggested Herbs & Spices

If you decide on making your own breadcrumb coating you should mix the breadcrumbs with any or all of the following;

  • Paprika
  • Garlic Powder
  • Dried Oregano
  • Chilli Flakes
  • Dried parsley
  • Ground Fennel
  • Salt & Pepper

What did the gluten intolerant wife say to her husband when he said he’d make fried chicken for dinner?
You batter not!!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use shake n bake in the air fryer?

You can use shake and bake or any other breadcrumb mix to coat chicken or pork to cook in the air fryer.

Is it better to bake chicken in an oven or an air fryer?

It is better to bake chicken in an air fryer because it is a healthier way to cook food. The air fryer needs little to no added oil which means you will consume less oil. Baking chicken in an air fryer will typically take up to 30 to 40% less time to cook, saving on energy bills too.

Is shake and bake available in the UK?

You can buy shake and bake in the UK but only from American based companies. Which means shipping costs could be quite expensive.

Is air fryer baked chicken healthy?

Compared to deep frying, air frying chicken uses 80 to 90% less oil. Which makes air fryer baked chicken a far healthier option.

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