Can You Tumble Dry Sheepskin? (what to expect)

The experts disagree on how to care for sheepskin products which is why we recommend consulting the care label that is attached to your sheepskin for specific instructions.

You should always consult the wash care label on your sheepskin as there is conflicting advice on the use of tumble dryers with sheepskin products.

The reality is that if you want your sheepskin product to last, you need to care for it correctly.

However, as sheepskin products are so thick, they will take a long time to dry naturally.

What The Tumble Dryer Symbols Mean On Sheepskin

Tumble Dryer Symbols On Clothes

Below we have listed all of the symbols relating to tumble drying that could be found on your sheepskin product.

Some will not be relevant but we’ve included them all for your reference.

  • Square With White Circle And A Black X On Top; This symbol is used to indicate that the item should not be tumble dried. Many sheepskin products carry this symbol.
  • Square With White Circle; This symbol indicates that the item can be tumble dried. You could find this on some sheepskin products.
  • Square With White Circle, One Black Dot In Circle; This indicates you can dry on a low heat setting, you can find this on some sheepskin products.
  • Square With White Circle, Two Black Dots In Circle; This indicates you can dry on a medium heat setting. It’s unlikely that you’ll find this symbol on any sheepskin product.
  • Square With White Circle, Three Black Dots In Circle; You can dry on a high heat setting. You are unlikely to find this on any sheepskin product.
  • Square With Black Circle; You can dry using no heat. This is often found on sheepskin products.

How To Dry Sheepskin Without A Tumble Dryer

Sheepskin can be dried in many ways without using a tumble dryer. 

We recommend checking the care label first as even some methods of drying are contrary to some sheepskin product manufacturers guidelines.

Line Drying Sheepskin

You can air dry your sheepskin by hanging it over a washing line, retractable clothesline or rotary line.

Many companies recommend drying sheepskin in this way. However some warn against allowing your sheepskin to dry in direct sunlight.

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Using An Airer (Clothes Horse) To Dry Sheepskin

You can drape your sheepskin over an airer either outdoors or indoors depending on the weather.

Sheepskin rugs can often be too heavy for single airers in which case you might need to drape the rug across two airers.

Some sheepskin products are OK to be dried in front of a warm radiator, others advise against it.

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Using A Dehumidifier To Dry Your Sheepskin

Some manufacturers advise against the use of a dehumidifier because it can dry the air out too much which can cause the natural sheepskin to become brittle.

Others advise using a dehumidifier to speed up the drying time of their sheepskin products indoors.

Using An Electric fan To Decrease The Drying Time Of Your Sheepskin Indoors

You can create a breeze similar to a gentle summer’s breeze by pointing an electric fan at the sheepskin as it is drying indoors.

For this to work you’ll need to open a window in the same room to allow an adequate airflow.

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Why You Should Always Read The Wash Care Label On Sheepskin

Always check the wash care labels

Sheepskin products are produced by many companies and each of these companies have their own care guidelines.

Some encourage tumble drying, while others are opposed to it.

Failure to do as the wash care label says on your sheepskin product is likely to cause;

The Sheepskin To Shrink

Even with no heat, sheepskin is prone to shrinkage in a tumble dryer. 

This is because of the friction caused when items are rotated in a tumble dryer.

The Sheepskin Can Become Damaged

The fibres of wool can become ripped or torn which can then make the skin weak. This will make the sheepskin susceptible to damage.

Also the woollen fibres can become burnt if exposed to high temperatures.

The Sheepskin Can Stretch

Due to the rough treatment given to sheepskin in a tumble dryer, it is likely to become stretched in places.

This can give sheepskin an odd appearance (rugs can become lumpy, coats can become misshapen etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to put sheepskin in a tumble dryer?

You should consult the wash care label because some companies recommend tumble drying their sheepskin products while others advise against it.

How can I dry sheepskin without a tumble dryer?

You can dry sheepskin products without a tumble dryer by air drying on a washing line or by using an airer.

How long does a sheepskin rug last?

If it is cared for correctly a sheepskin rug should last for anywhere between 5 to 10 years.

Can I dry a sheepskin rug in the dryer?

You should always consult the wash care label before drying your sheepskin rug in a tumble dryer. Some companies advise against it while others allow tumble drying.

How do you dry sheepskin in the dryer?

If the wash care label indicates that the sheepskin can be dried in a tumble dryer, you should use the wool cycle on the no heat setting and remove the sheepskin before it is fully dry.

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