Do Clothes Actually Get Clean On A Quick Wash?

All washing machines have a quick wash function but do clothes actually get clean in a quick wash? The answer to this question is, yes, usually. 

It does depend on a few factors which we’ll go into later on, but as a general ruleclothes that aren’t too soiled will get clean using a quick wash.

What Is The Quick Wash Setting On A Washing Machine?

The quick wash cycle is the shortest and fastest cycle available on the washing machine. It offers a quick wash time with a fast spin speed which removes more water from the clothes, allowing them to dry faster.

When Should You Use The Quick Wash Cycle?

It can be tempting to use the quick wash cycle every time you use the washing machine. However, it should really only be used to freshen up items or wash a few bits that are only lightly soiled.

When using the quick wash cycle, you should remember that the programme operates a shorter wash and spin time. As a result, you should limit the amount of clothes washed at one time.

You should also adjust the amount of detergent used accordingly to prevent the laundry getting too soapy.


When Shouldn’t You Use The Quick Wash Cycle?

There are many occasions when you might be tempted to use the quick wash cycle. But there are times when you shouldn’t use it. These include;

  • Extremely Dirty Or Soiled Clothing
    Clothes that are heavily soiled or extremely stained and dirty will not get clean in a quick wash cycle. They need a longer wash cycle.
  • Work Overalls
    Any work overalls or work clothes that get extremely dirty will not become clean in a quick wash.
  • Baby Clothes
    Baby clothes that often get covered in vomit or other bodily fluids will not get sanitised in a quick wash cycle.
  • Bedding
    Bed sheets are too large to get washed properly in a quick wash.
  • Clothing Worn By People With Sensitive Skin
    Due to the short spin cycle on a quick wash programme, soap suds often get left behind. This can be a trigger for some allergic reactions for people with sensitive skin.
  • Delicate Items
    Due to the fast spin cycle, delicate items could easily become damaged in a quick wash cycle.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Using A Quick Wash Cycle?

Let’s look at the pros & cons of using the quick wash cycle in more detail.

What Are The Advantages?

The main advantages of using the quick wash cycle on a washing machine include;

  • Saves Time
    As the quick wash cycle is a fast wash programme, it saves time and is usually finished in around 15 to 30 minutes depending on the make and model of your washing machine.
  • Saves Water
    As the quick wash is such a short programme, it uses less water than a regular wash programme.
  • Saves Energy
    The quick wash programme uses less water as it is only for small loads of laundry. This is useful if you’re on a water meter.
  • Suitable For Washing A Few Items In A Hurry
    If you need a particular shirt at short notice, it can be washed using a quick wash and be ready to wear in a few hours.
  • Great For Refreshing Dusty Clothes
    If you have clothes that are dusty and they need a quick spruce up, the quick wash is ideal.

What Are The Disadvantages?

The main disadvantages of using the quick wash cycle on a washing machine include;

  • You Can Only Wash A Limited Amount Of Laundry At One Time
    If you were to put too many clothes in at once on a quick wash, the chances are they will not get cleaned.
  • Heavily Soiled Clothes Will Not Get Cleaned On A Quick Wash
    Heavily soiled, dirty clothes will not get enough of a wash to get clean in a quick wash.
  • There Is Often Detergent Residue Left In The Laundry
    As the quick wash is so fast, it doesn’t rinse clothes sufficiently. This means if you use too much detergent in a quick wash, the clothes will still have detergent residue when the cycle has finished.

Is A Quick Wash As Good As A Regular Wash?

As can be seen from above, a quick wash cycle is a great way to refresh slightly dirty or dusty clothes. In other words, it will clean clothes just as long as they aren’t too dirty to start with.

With that said, not all fabrics can be put through the quick wash cycle. Delicate clothes for example, cannot be put through a quick wash cycle because the fast spin is likely to damage them.

Whereas a regular wash cycle can be used for many more fabrics than a quick wash can handle. Regular wash programmes can clean heavily soiled clothes and sanitise those exposed to bacteria and germs.

The one point where a quick wash cycle wins is, it’s fast. Regular cycles take far longer to complete than quick cycles . However, they clean clothes better.

In many ways it comes down to personal choice and how dirty your clothes actually are. And more importantly, the types of clothes you need to wash.

Sportswear, gym wear, school uniforms and the like will get cleaned better using a regular wash cycle. However, if you have forgotten to wash a school uniform and you only have a few hours until it’s needed, a quick wash will see you through.

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Will A 15 Minute Quick Wash Cycle Be Enough To Clean My Laundry?

As long as you only have a few bits to wash and as long as those few bits are not too dirty or stained, a 15 minute quick wash will be sufficient. However, if you have a full wash load that’s heavily soiled, you’re going to need a more substantial wash programme.

If this is the case we’d recommend using a regular wash cycle which is more suited to cleaning large wash loads of dirty clothes.

Will A 30 Minute Quick Wash Cycle Be Sufficient To Clean My Laundry?

Again, it all depends on how much laundry you have to wash and how dirty it is. If all your clothes need is a short freshen up and they’re not heavily soiled, and you only have a few clothes to wash, a 30 minute quick wash will probably be OK.

However, a full load of very dirty or stained clothes will need more than a 30 minute wash can supply. In which case you’ll be better off using a regular wash programme.

Is The Quick Wash Cycle Good Enough For All Of My Laundry?

The quick wash cycle should only be used for cleaning clothes that are only lightly soiled and few in number. A full wash load of dirty laundry will need a more substantial wash programme and possibly one that gets hotter than a quick wash.

Using a regular wash cycle will ensure all of the laundry gets cleaned and is sanitised. Also not all fabrics are suitable for use in the quick wash cycle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does quick wash actually clean clothes?

A quick wash is ideal to clean a few clothes that aren’t particularly dirty in the first place. If you have a full load and they are heavily soiled, you should select a regular wash cycle and not the quick cycle.

Does a 15 minute wash actually clean clothes?

A 15 minute quick wash is long enough to clean a few clothes that aren’t particularly dirty. You should use a different programme if you have more than a few dirty clothes that need washing.

Is a quick wash better than an eco wash?

Whether a quick wash is better than an eco wash depends. A quick wash is great for washing a few not too dirty items of clothing in a short time. An eco wash on the other hand can wash far more clothes that are much dirtier but it will take around 4 hours compared to the 15 to 30 minutes of a quick wash.

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