Do I Need To Run A New Washing Machine Empty First?

If you’ve just got a new washing machine, we know you’ll be eager to give it its first run. Someone might have suggested that you run it empty first. This is actually good advice because there could be something lurking in the machine that could be detrimental to your laundry.

If you’ve just got a new washing machine and are wondering whether you should run it empty before washing your clothes, keep reading. In this article we look at the reasons why you should always give a new washing machine a trial run without any clothes.

Should A New Washing Machine Be Run Empty?

When your new washing machine is first delivered, it looks all shiny and new and this could make it tempting to throw a few items in the drum and start getting your laundry clean. You’ve probably been without a washing machine for a few days and the laundry is bound to have built up.

However, you should always run a cleaning cycle before using the washer to clean your clothes. This is because the machine could have any number of chemicals, grease, dirt etc which accumulated during the manufacturing process.

You wouldn’t wash your clothes in dirty water, and you shouldn’t wash them in a dirty washing machine either. In fact all washing machine manufacturers recommend running a service wash at least once a month to remove any residue or harmful germs and bacteria.

So you know that running your washing machine empty won’t cause it any harm. In fact a long hot wash cycle is a great way to check that your new machine is plumbed in correctly.

You can check for leaks, squeaks and any other problems before you load it full of washing.

How To Run An Empty Wash Cycle

Before you attempt to use your new washing machine, you should ensure that it’s plumbed in correctly. You have plenty of options here, you can pay to have your appliance professionally plumbed in or you can follow the instructions that came with your appliance or watch any number of videos online.

If you plan to install the machine yourself, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. If you’ve had your old appliance for a number of years, the chances are the new one will have changed quite a bit.

We recommend going through the instruction manual thoroughly to ensure that you know exactly how to operate it correctly. This is particularly important before running the machine for the first time.

Some models need water poured into them before you start the appliance for the first time, while others recommend which products will be needed for the initial cycle to clean the drum properly.

If there are no specific instructions concerning the first wash, you should run the hottest wash cycle on the machine. There’s usually no need to add any detergent or other cleaning agent as the heat of the water will be sufficient to remove any unwelcome elements.

Once this first cleaning cycle has completed, you can start using your new machine as you normally would.

Do I Need To Run A Cleaning Cycle Before Using My New Washer?

Washing Machine

The short answer is, yes, you do need to run a cleaning cycle before using your new washing machine to wash your clothes. Think about it this way, you wouldn’t use new plates or dishes without washing them first and you definitely wouldn’t use new knives or forks without washing them first.

This is because you don’t know where they’ve been or what they’ve been exposed to, and the same is true of your new washing machine. Giving it a cleaning wash before using it ensures that your washing machine is clean and will not cause any harm to your laundry.

Do I Need To Add Detergent To The Cleaning Cycle?

No, you don’t need to add detergent or any other cleaning agent to a cleaning cycle, the hot water will be sufficient to clean the washing machine.

What Steps Should Be Taken When A New Washing Machine Arrives?

When your new washing machine is delivered to your home there are a few things you should do. These include;

  1. Inspect the box for any visible signs of damage
  2. Check the appliance for any damage (dents, scratches, etc)
  3. Study the instruction (user) manual
  4. Plumb the appliance in and ensure it is level
  5. Run a cleaning cycle as per manufacturer’s instructions
  6. Check for leaks, squeaks and noises
  7. Go online and register your warranty

How Often Should I Run A Service Wash?

It is recommended that you should run a service wash at least once a month to ensure your washing machine stays clean and running at its optimum best. 

This entails running a long, hot wash with no laundry once a month. Doing this will keep your appliance working efficiently for longer and ensure your clothes get cleaned in the washing machine and don’t come out dirty or full of bacteria.

It’s also good practice to clean the washer’s filter every time you run a service wash. This will ensure the appliance is always at its best.

Will Running A Washing Machine Empty Damage It?

Running a washing machine empty is recommended by all manufacturers to maintain their appliances and keep them running as they should. This will not harm or damage the appliance in any way and should be done at least every month.

This will ensure that all germs and bacteria along with any detergent residue or dirt is removed from the machine. This keeps you and your clothes safe as well as ensuring the washing machine doesn’t start to smell.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you run an empty load in a new washing machine?

Yes, you should run an empty load in a new washing machine to remove any dust, oils or any residue left inside the machine during its manufacture.

What is the purpose of a service wash on a washing machine?

A service wash is used to remove any dirt, detergent residue, germs or bacteria from a washing machine and should be run at least every month.

Do I need to add detergent to a cleaning cycle on an empty washing machine?

No, there is no need to add any detergent or any other cleaning agent when running a cleaning cycle on a washing machine. The hot water and long time span will ensure the machine is clean.

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