What Is Air Turbo On Samsung Washing Machines?

Samsung’s Air Turbo feature on certain selected top loaders, works by drawing in air at room temperature into the washer during the fast spin cycle. This makes clothes dry up to 40% faster than if they were taken directly from a regular washer and placed on a drying rack or wash line.

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What Is The Samsung Air Turbo Feature?

The Air Turbo feature on Samsung top loader washing machines draws air into the drum as the laundry is running through the spin cycle. This creates a type of whirlwind inside the drum which speeds up the drying process.

The rapid spin speed combined with the circulating air reduces drying times by as much as 40%. This is great for getting your laundry dry faster and even works in hot, humid conditions. 

The air that’s drawn in is at room temperature and the appliance doesn’t use added heat. It’s not the heat that helps dry the clothes, it’s the combination of the spin speed and circulating fresh air.

When Should You Use The Samsung Air Turbo Feature?

The Air Turbo feature can be used on any wash load that is washed on a cycle that includes a spin cycle. It is ideal for use on wash loads containing synthetic fabrics or bulkier items like denim or towels.

However, it is not suitable for delicates or other items not suitable for fast spin speeds. You should always check the wash care label in every item before washing to avoid any laundry mishaps.

What Is The Difference Between Samsung’s Air Turbo & A Tumble Dryer?

Tumble Dryer

The main difference between the Samsung Air Turbo feature and a tumble dryer is that the Air Turbo doesn’t use any heat at all. It relies purely on the spin speed and the added fresh air to reduce the moisture content in the laundry,

This means that although the Air Turbo feature does make the laundry dryer than a standard wash cycle, you will still need to complete the drying process in some other way. Either on a washline, drying rack or in the tumble dryer.

Tumble dryers on the other hand, use heat to force the moisture out of the laundry. This means tumble drying will dry clothes more effectively but at a greater cost. A more financial cost to pay for the electricity needed to heat the air in the dryer and a greater environmental cost because it requires more energy.

What Are The Benefits of The Samsung Air Turbo Feature?

laundry room with pile of clothes

There are a number of benefits to using the Samsung Air Turbo feature which include;

  • Reduced Drying Times
    The Air Turbo feature reduces drying times of laundry by anywhere between 30 to 40% compared to a regular spin cycle.
  • Saves Money On Energy Bills
    As the Air Turbo feature doesn’t use any heat, it saves money compared to tumble drying. Even if you go on to tumble dry the items after using the Air Turbo feature, the drying time is reduced which also saves money on energy usage.
  • Great For larger, Bulkier Items
    Large Bulky items like denim, jeans, blankets and towels absorb far more moisture than other items. Using the Air Turbo feature will reduce the moisture content contained in these bulkier items allowing them to dry faster.
  • Great For Synthetic Fabrics
    As many synthetic fabrics cannot be tumble dried, reducing their drying times by as much as 40% can greatly reduce their drying times.
  • Reduces bad Smells Due To Mould & Mildew
    During the colder, winter months using the Air Turbo feature will help clothes to dry faster which reduces the risk of mould or mildew spores forming on the damp items. This means less musty, mouldy smells in your home.
  • Better For The Environment
    As the Air Turbo feature uses no heat, it means the overall energy usage involved in the washing and drying of your laundry is reduced. This makes the Air Turbo feature much more environmentally friendly than regular washing and tumble drying.

How To Use The Air Turbo Feature

person changing the program on washing machine

All you need to do is press the Air Turbo button when selecting the programme to run your laundry through. As long as the programme has a spin cycle, the Air Turbo feature will work.

Press the Air Turbo button once for a 30 minute session, twice for a 15 minute session and three times to turn the Air Turbo feature off.

Is The Air Turbo Feature Available On All Samsung Washers?

Unfortunately, the Air Turbo feature is only currently available on selected Samsung top loading washing machines. If the idea of the Air Turbo feature appeals to you, ensure it is available on the model you choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Air Turbo on Samsung washing machines?

The Air Turbo feature on some Samsung top loader washing machines is a system that draws in air at room temperature during the spin cycle to reduce the drying time of the laundry by between 30 to 40%.

Is the Samsung Air Turbo feature available on all Samsung washing machines?

The Samsung Air Turbo feature is currently only available on a selected few Samsung top loader washing machines.

Is the Samsung Air Turbo feature the same as tumble drying?

As the Samsung Air Turbo feature uses no heat, it is not the same as tumble drying. However it will reduce drying times by 30 to 40% but you will still need to finish the drying by some other method; either on a clothesline, drying rack or tumble dryer.

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