Do Tumble Dryers Have Transit Bolts?

If you’ve just had a new tumble dryer delivered, and you’re excited to start using it, you’ll probably be wondering if it can be used straight away. Or do you need to set it up in any way?  

Most tumble dryers (and washers) have some form of transit bolts to protect the drum and other movable parts from damage during transit. They work by preventing the drum from moving which could cause it to get damaged during the moving around when the appliance is being delivered.

To find out more about transit bolts and whether your dryer has them or not, keep reading. In this article we look at the various ways manufacturers protect their appliances during transit.

What Exactly Are Transit Bolts?

Transit bolts are long metal bolts which are bolted into the appliance to prevent the drum from moving from side to side when the appliance is being moved.

If the drum were to move around it could become damaged which would cause problems when using the appliance. They are typically found on washing machines and tumble dryers, basically anything that incorporates a large drum.

Where Are Transit Bolts Located?

Transit bolts are typically located at the back of the appliance and are easy to see. You will need to consult the user manual on your dryer to see if it has transit bolts and exactly where they’re located.

Unlike washing machines which almost always have physical transit bolts that need to be removed before using the appliance, many tumble dryers have automatic transit bolts. Let’s take a look at both types of transit bolts in more detail.

Manual Transit Bolts

Manual transit bolts are actual bolts that are bolted into the appliance from the back and will need to be removed using a spanner or screwdriver depending on the type used.

They’re usually easy to remove but it’s essential that you do remove them before using the dryer. If you try turning the dryer on with the transit bolts still in place, you’re likely to damage the drum or the motor or another internal component.

Once removed, your dryer is ready to be used. We recommend keeping the transit bolts somewhere safe in case you move home in the future. You can replace the transit bolts to protect your appliance during your move.

Automatic Transit Bolts

Some tumble dryers don’t have physical transit bolts, they have automatic ones. These automatically unlock the first time you use the dryer.

You will hear a relatively loud bump which can be disconcerting as you could think there’s something wrong with the appliance. However, if you’re sure your dryer has automatic transit bolts, this bump sound is quite normal.

Before assuming that your dryer has automatic transit bolts, you should check the user manual to make sure. If it does have physical transit bolts and you try to operate it with them still in place, you could cause serious damage to your appliance.

Other Safety Packaging

You will have paid good money for your new tumble dryer and you want it to be in good condition when it arrives. Well so do the manufacturers which is why it will have been packaged in such a way as to protect it on its journey to your home.

As well as transit bolts, you could find your dryer has foam transit blocks taped to the body. As well as more tape ensuring the door is shut, cardboard packaging, shrink wrap and even a large cardboard box covering the whole thing.

Do All Tumble Dryers Need Transit Bolts Removed Before Using For The First Time?

Tumble Dryer

The answer to this question is yes, all tumble dryers do have transit bolts that need to be removed before its first use. However, you’ll need to check the handbook on your dryer for specific instructions.

This is because not all dryers have physical transit bolts. Some have automatic transit bolts that will automatically release once you start the first cycle.

You can usually tell whether a dryer has physical transit bolts or not by looking at the back of the appliance. The transit bolts are often shiny metal bolts fitted into plastic or rubber rings (typically black rings but not always).

But it’s recommended that you check the manual for more information before using your dryer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to remove anything from a new tumble dryer?

You will need to check the user manual that came with your dryer for specific instructions. But new tumble dryers often come with transit bolts fitted to protect the drum from damage during transport. These will need to be removed before you can use your new dryer.

What happens if you don’t remove transit bolts from a tumble dryer?

If you don’t remove the transit bolts from a new tumble dryer, the drum will not be able to move as it should, which is likely to cause damage to the appliance.

What tool to remove transit bolts?

The tool needed to remove transit bolts depends on the manufacturer of your appliance. It is typically a spanner (often 10mm) or a screwdriver.

Where are transit bolts located?

Transit bolts are typically located on the back of the appliance and there are usually 4 of them, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom of the middle panel.

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