Can You Tumble Dry An Oodie? (everything you need to know)

According to the manufacturers, you cannot tumble dry your Oodie. They also say that the Oodie should not be ironed or washed in with other colours. 

They state that your Oodie should be hand washed or machine washed using cold to warm water with a maximum water temperature of 40 C. They carry on to say that you should only use very mild detergents like those approved for wool/silk to keep your Oodie clean.

We’ve discovered that some individuals tumble dry their Oodies on a cool setting after an additional spin cycle in the washing machine. 

Whilst we’re not endorsing this practice—since it contradicts the manufacturer’s recommendations—we’re simply sharing information from numerous Oodie owners. 

They suggest letting the washing machine complete its cycle, wait for 15-20 minutes before respinning the Oodie to eliminate extra water before using the cool tumble dry setting.

However, be warned, we have also had some reports of Oodies losing their softness once they have been dried in a tumble dryer. Keep reading to learn more tips on keeping your Oodie clean and in perfect shape.

What Happens If You Tumble Dry An Oodie?

Always check the wash care labels

Oodie should not be tumble dried, as recommended on the care label of the garment. Despite this, some people choose to tumble dry their Oodies on a low setting. 

However, there’s a valid reason behind the manufacturer’s recommendation to avoid tumble drying. This is because Oodies are made from synthetic flannel-fleece and sherpa fleece, typically polyester-based materials.

Let’s look at the reasons that Oodies should not be tumble dried;


Tumble drying, even without heat, can create wrinkles in the Oodie due to tumbling movements, making them hard to remove.

And as we already know, the Oodie should not be subjected to any heat.


If, as we suspect, the Oodie is polyester based, or even one of the other man-made fibres, it is likely to shrink if subjected to too much heat. 

Which is why the manufacturer recommends a cold water hand wash or at the very maximum a cool wash at no more than 40C.

Loss Of Softness

If the Oodie is subjected to heat in a tumble dryer (or washing machine) it is likely to lose its softness. 

The Oodie is described as “fluffy” and it’s that fluffiness that’s at risk if you don’t follow the guidelines about washing and drying your Oodie.

What The Tumble Dryer Symbols Mean On An Oodie

Tumble Dryer Symbols On Clothes

We’ve included the whole list for your information but there’s really only one that applies to the Oodie and that’s the ‘do not tumble symbol’ (Square With White Circle And A Black X On Top).

Below is a list of tumble dryer settings and the possible effects on your Oodie.

Tumble Dryer SettingImplications For Oodie
No heatSome Oodie owners have reported using this setting without harmful effects, but it goes against manufacturer recommendations and may risk the softness and quality of the Oodie.
Low heatCould cause wrinkling, shrinking or loss of softness. If you do use this setting, select the lowest possible heat and monitor closely to prevent damage. Remember, this is not recommended by the manufacturer.
Medium heatVery likely to cause wrinkling, shrinking and loss of softness.
High heatWill cause wrinkling, shrinking and loss of softness.

How To Dry An Oodie Without A Tumble Dryer

outdoor clothes airer

If you want to ensure that your Oodie remains almost as soft and comfortable as it was when you first bought it, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash and dry it.

They tell us that the Oodie is made from a synthetic flannel-fleece and sherpa-fleece material and that it should not be tumble dried or subjected to any heat at all (which includes the temperature of the water it is washed in).

They also say the Oodie should not be ironed as this can cause damage to the material. 

So how can you get your Oodie dry? Below we have listed several ways to dry an Oodie that won’t subject it to any heat:

Dry Your Oodie On The Washing Line

Once you have carefully washed your Oodie and given it an extra spin to remove as much water as possible, we suggest hanging it on the washing line. 

As long as the weather is dry and not too windy, a good blast of fresh air will help to dry your Oodie. We suggest turning your Oodie inside out before hanging it on the line as this will help it to dry faster.

Use A Clothes Airer To Dry Your Oodie

If the weather’s too bad for outdoor drying, hang your Oodie on a clothes airer (or clothes horse as they used to call them back in the good old days). Simply hang your Oodie on the clothes airer in a room in your home and allow it to dry.

It might help to place a dehumidifier close by to absorb any excess moisture in the air. Or, if you don’t have a dehumidifier, place an electric fan close by to simulate a breeze and create airflow. It’s also a good idea to open a window to remove any excess moisture from your home.

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If you have a heated clothes airer, it’s OK to use this for drying your Oodie as long as you do not plug it in or apply any heat to the oodie at all.

Retractable Clothes Line 

If space is at a premium, the retractable clothes line might just be the answer to your Winter wash day drying issues. 

There are several of these on the market but they all work using the same principle. A wall mounted box with a nylon line that can be extended out and secured to a point across the room. 

You can then hang your Oodie on the line. Once the Oodie is dry, the line can be unsecured and it will then retract into the box until the next time you need an indoor clothes line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to put an Oodie in a tumble dryer?

According to the manufacturers of Oodie, it is not safe to put the Oodie in a tumble dryer. Many people dry their Oodies in a tumble dryer on a cool setting without any adverse effects but it is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Why can’t I tumble dry my oodie?

You can’t tumble dry your Oodie because the heat can cause shrinkage, wrinkles that are hard to remove, and loss of the soft, fluffy texture that makes it so comfortable. Manufacturers recommend air drying to preserve its quality.

How can I dry an Oodie without a tumble dryer?

You can dry your Oodie by hanging it on a clothesline, we have found turning it inside out helps to dry it faster.

How do you make your Oodie Fluffy again?

According to the manufacturer, you need to hand wash your Oodie in cold water and allow it to dry naturally to preserve its softness and cuddliness. If you have lost those qualities, try soaking your Oodie in cold water for 30 minutes and then put it on a spin cycle in the washing machine (just spin and drain), and then dry naturally.

How long do Oodies take to air dry?

In fine weather, the Oodie will take anywhere between one to two days to dry. It is recommended that you turn the Oodie inside out to speed up the drying process.

Why do Oodies say not tumble dry?

If your Oodie says do not tumble dry, it can be for several reasons including; damage to the material, wrinkles that will be difficult to remove without heat or shrinking.

How often should I wash my Oodie?

How often you should wash your Oodie depends largely on how frequently you wear it. If you wear it regularly, aim for a wash every 1-2 weeks.  If you wear it only occasionally, you can wash it less often. However, if you spill something on it or it starts to smell, wash it immediately to maintain its optimal condition.

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