Best Electric Inset Fires (2023 UK Review)

There’s nothing quite so welcoming as a roaring fire in the fireplace after coming in from the cold on a Winter’s evening. One of the problems with open fires is they take time to get going. Which means the room is cold for some time before it eventually heats up to the point that it’s too warm.

There’s no regulating a real open fire, no switch to control the level of heat and plenty of mess to clear up the following morning. Which is where an inset fire comes in.

A decent inset fire can instantly warm up any room and add that cosy glow associated with open fires or log burners. The heat can be adjusted at the flick of a switch, there’s no mess and far less chance of pets or children getting accidentally burnt on an inset fire.

This Months Popular Electric Inset Fires

SaleBestseller No. 1
Endeavour Fires Roxby Inset Electric Fire Chrome Trim and Fret, 220/240Vac 1&2kW, 7 Day…
  • To meet the requirements of Eco design 2018 (Lot20), this product is designed and manufactured to produce the optimum energy efficiency available for space…
  • 100% LED Flame effect having a amazingly realistic flame effect.
  • Thermostatic multi-functional 7 day programmable remote control with LCD display, The remote control will automatically turn the fire on & off and between 1 &…
  • Dimensions W 510mm x H 605mm x D 197mm
SaleBestseller No. 2
Dimplex Clement Optiflame Inset Electric Fire, Traditional Style, Matt Black, LED Flame…
  • STYLISH INSET ELECTRIC FIRE – The Clement has a classic black finish with striking, realistic log effect LED fuel bed;One piece frame designed to fit 16”…
  • OPTIFLAME FLAME EFFECT – Our popular realistic flame effect with cost effective LED lighting;The flame effect works independently of the heater, so you can…
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Designed for a quick and easy installation into a 16″ or 18″ fireplace opening – perfect for replacing an existing electric or gas fire
  • 2kW HEAT OUTPUT – With a choice of 1kW or 2kW of heat when you need a quick burst of warmth, or use the flame only option all year round. Ideal for 12-20m²…
SaleBestseller No. 3
Zanussi 2 KW Stainless Steel Electric Inset Fire Stove with 2 Heat Settings, Timer and…
  • 2 HEAT SETTINGS & 2kW HEAT OUTPUT – Perfect for cold spells and with a maximum output of 2kW
  • ADJUSTABLE ELECTRIC THERMOSTAT – It’s easy to find the ideal temperature that’s right for you
  • REAL PEBBLES AND FLAME EFFECT – Flame effect can be used independently without the heat function
  • TIMER FUNCTION – Ideal for when you need it the most without wasting heat
SaleBestseller No. 4
The Adam Helios Brushed Steel Electric Fire with Pebble Bed Glow Effect
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Fire
  • Sits flat to the wall
  • Simply plug in–no assembly required
  • Illuminated Pebble bed. 12 cm recess required
SaleBestseller No. 5
Dimplex Cheriton Deluxe Freestanding Optiflame Electric Fire, Brass and Black Free…
  • FINISH: A elegant, free standing electric flame effect fire with brass effect fret and trim coupled with a black surround. A coal fuel bed adds to the timeless…
  • OPTIFLAME FLAME EFFECT – The UK’s most popular flame effect enhanced with additional flame colours and variable flame intensity and using our most cost…
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Designed to fit flat to the wall or against an existing fireplace, the Cheriton Deluxe is an out-of-the-box solution; perfect for a quick and…
  • 2kW HEAT OUTPUT – Providing a choice of 1kW or 2kW of heat output for when you need that quick burst of heat. The thermostatic temperature control maintains…
Bestseller No. 6
FLAMME 60″/152cm Castello Slim Frame Recessed Media Wall Inset Electric Fireplace with…
  • Safe to mount below a TV in a media wall
  • Independent flame effect for maximum efficiency
  • Slim aluminium trim covers the space between the fireplace and the wall making the fireplace easy to install without any rough plasterboard edges
  • Dual flame colour design to make a combination of flame effects with orange and a range of 8 other colours.
Bestseller No. 7
Warmlite WL45050 Whitby Inset and Free Standing Electric Fire with Adjustable…
  • 2 HEATING OPTIONS: Choose between the two heat settings of 1000W & 2000W of power for ultra-fast heating. Its high-powered performance will effectively heat…
  • REALISTIC LED FLAME EFFECT: Feel relaxed and calm after a busy day by admiring the realistic essence of the LED flame effect. Its soothing ambience can even be…
  • ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT: Providing a maximum temperature of 150°C, find the most comfortable temperature for the climate. Simply adjust the temperature by using…
  • SAFE AND SECURE: With built-in overheat protection; the unit will automatically turn off once is becomes too hot. Suitable for use around children and pets
Bestseller No. 8
HOMCOM Contemporary Electric Fireplace Coal Burning Flame Effect Inset Fire Place Space…
  • REALISTIC FLAME EFFECT: This electric fireplace heater is designed with a feel of the real coal burning fireplace and time, temperature displaying, using…
  • INSET DESIGN: It can be used embedded in the wall or stand against wall; Designed with security cut-off device.
  • 1000W/2000W POWER: 30 M2 coverage area means your house will be warm; 1000W and 2000W adjustable power
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Certified by CE, EMC, GS and ROHS, ERP; Easy to assemble; Remote can control the power and the brightness of LED light

How Do Electric Inset Fires Work?

Electric inset fires, also known as recessed electric fires, work by taking in cool air and heating it up internally before forcing it back into the room using a fan. 

They have the look of a traditional log, coal or gas fire but that is created by cool LED lights. So if an inquisitive child were to touch the flames, they would be unharmed and the actual heat is controlled by a switch. So no struggling to light the fire with cold hands, all you need to do is flick a switch and you have instant heat.

Electric Fire

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Inset Fires?

The advantages of electric inset fires include;

  • Easy To Install
    There’s no need for professional installers, electric inset fires can be placed into position, plugged into the mains and you have instant heat and the ambient look of a traditional fireplace
  • Easy To Use
    Most inset fires have three switches, one to operate the fire display, and two to control and regulate the heat, and that’s it. There’s no need to chop wood, carry coal, etc
  • Energy Efficient
    As the energy used is converted directly to heat, electric inset fires are 100% energy efficient.
  • Safe
    The fire effect relies on LED lights that are cool to the touch. Which means if pets or children accidentally touch them, they won’t get burnt. There is also no risk of any toxic fumes, no room full of smoke when the wind is too strong for the chimney exhaust and complete temperature control at the flick of a switch
  • No Mess
    At the end of the night just switch the fire off and leave it alone. The following day there is no messy ash to clear before the fire can be used again.
  • Far Cheaper To Install Than A Real Fireplace
    In fact, apart from the purchase price, there are no installation costs at all and no ongoing costs for chimney sweeps either
  • Realistic Looking
    Modern inset fireplaces look as real as the real thing, with none of the associated mess
  • Flame-Only Option
    The flame-only option allows you to have that warm glow without any heat at all. Perfect for those Autumn evenings before it gets cold when you want to create that warm, welcoming look.
  • Generate Plenty Of Heat On Demand
    When you need to warm up the room, you can in an instant simply by flicking a switch

What Are The Disadvantages Of  Electric Inset Fires?

The disadvantages of an electric inset fire include;

  • Relies On Electricity
    If the power goes out, so does the heat and ambient glow
  • Needs To Be Sited Close To A Plug Socket
    Most electric inset fires have relatively short power cables. Which means you need a socket close to the fireplace or you’ll need to get one installed by an electrician
  • Relatively Short Lifespan
    Most electric inset fires come with between 12 and 24 months guarantee, after which they run the risk of breaking down
  • Only Looks Like A Real Fire
    There’s no authentic real fire smell or sound
  • Only Heats Directly Into The Room It’s Situated In
    One electric inset fire cannot heat the whole home, just the room it’s in

Electric Inset Fires Buyers Guide

Before rushing out to buy an electric inset fire, there are a few points to consider, which are;


You’ll need to think about where the fire is going to be positioned. Does the existing fireplace need blocking off first? How big is the area you want to put the inset fire into?

The Size Of The Room


If the electric inset fire is going to be the main source of heat for the room, you’ll need to have a fire that has enough power to heat that room. To work out how powerful the fire needs to be you’ll need to know the room size. To do this, multiply the length of the room by the width to get the square footage of the room.

For example, a room that is 10ft long and 10ft wide will be 100 square feet

10 (ft long) X 10 (ft wide) = 100 (square feet)

To calculate the amount of power needed to heat this room comfortably, just multiply the square footage by 10. Which means using our example, you would need an inset fire that was at least 1000W (1kw).

100 (square ft) X 10 = 1000(w)

This calculation will work on all rooms with adequate insulation and a ceiling height of 8ft. For every extra 2ft of height add 25% to the wattage which in our example would add 250 watts to the total wattage.

If you get to a figure above 2000 watts (2kw) which seems to be the maximum wattage of most inset fires, you’d need to add an extra source of heat to sufficiently heat the room.

Fire Size

Electric inset fires come in many shapes and sizes, you’ll need to check the space you have and get a fire that corresponds with that space.

Fire Style

Electric inset fires come in many styles. Do you want a fire that looks like a coal fire, a log burner, a stove, a gas fire, or a modern coloured light flame fire? Will that particular style fit in with your decor?

The Power Rating

All electric appliances are rated in watts. The average wattage for electric inset fires will be somewhere between 600W to 2000W. Many have the option to switch between high and low power. The thing to remember is, the higher the wattage, the more power the fire will consume.


If environmental issues are important to you, then we’d suggest you choose an infrared inset fire. These will cost more to purchase, but they use far less energy and will soon recoup the extra initial cost and they use far less energy. Which means they create far less of a carbon footprint.

Sleep Timer

This function can be used for operating both the flame lights and the heater.

Wifi And Smartphone Connectivity


The most up to date inset fires have wifi and smartphone connectivity. This allows you to control your fire via your mobile phone. Which can be very handy on a cold, wet evening as it allows you to turn the fire on and set the temperature before you even get home.

Touch Screen Control Panel

Featured on some models is a touch screen control panel which allows you to alter the settings with just the lightest touch of your finger.


We always recommend purchasing an electrical appliance from a well known, trusted brand. These companies will have many years of experience producing electrical appliances and they will also typically have great customer service departments, just in case something does go wrong.


Most electric inset fires come with a minimum of 12 months guarantee, with many having 5 years cover and the option to extend with the manufacturer once you register your product.

Thermostatic Control

Some models have built-in thermostats which allow you to set the heat once and never have to think about it again.

Remote Control Handset

Many of the better quality inset fires are supplied with a remote control handset which means you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your favourite armchair to alter the settings.

How Much Do Electric Inset Fires Cost?


The price of an inset electric fire differs depending on the make, brand, design and type, but just to give you an idea they range from around £70 for a brushed steel surround, coal effect fire, with a 1kw and 2 kw heat output up to £1000 for a 130cm log effect fire with a 1.6kw heat output, remote control, thermostatic controlled fire with LED flames.

How Much Will It Cost To Run An Electric Inset Fire?

Armed with the dimensions of your room, it is easy to calculate exactly how much the fire will cost to run. Our earlier example needed a 1000w heat output to heat our room. Electricity suppliers charge by the kilowatt (kw) which is 1000w. If you check on your electricity bill it will tell you the price per unit of electricity which is charged at the rate of kilowatts used per hour(kw/h).

If you are paying 30p per kw/h using the example of our earlier 1kw fire, it will cost you 30p per hour to run that particular fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is cheaper to run: A gas or electric fire?

It will be cheaper to run a gas fire as gas costs less than electricity. However, an electric fire has no maintenance costs, and there is a wider choice in electric fires than gas. Also electricity is safer as there can never be an electricity leak unlike gas.

Can you just plug an electric inset fire into the electricity socket?

You can just plug an electric inset fire into the electricity socket, switch it on and you’re heating the room.

How many hours a day should the heating be in the UK?

The average home in the UK is heated for around 8 hours per day during Winter months.

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