GE Vs. Bosch Dishwasher – Which Is Best?

We can all agree that a dishwasher is a great labour saving device and one that every kitchen should have. However, with so many brands to choose from, which is the best?

In this article we compare two of the more popular brands, Bosch and GE dishwashers and help you to find out which is the best fit for your life. 

Both of these companies offer a large range of models all with many features and up to date technology.

GE Vs Bosch Dishwashers: a Brief Overview


Let’s start with a brief overview of the two brands to give you some idea about the companies and their products.

GE Dishwashers

GE is an American based company who have been making home appliances for more than 100 years. Their dishwasher range is well known for their  advanced cleaning technologies and durable design.

They produce dishwashers in various sizes and designs, including;

  • Built-In
  • Portable
  • Freestanding
  • Hybrid

Many GE dishwasher models have a noise level of around 48 decibels which is relatively quiet compared to many of their rivals. They also have “Deep Clean Silverware Jets” technology which is designed to get cutlery clean.

In addition they offer models with WiFi connectivity, “Bottle Wash Jets” as well as wash options that can be customised to suit each load and household.

They are also well known for their many advanced features designed to make dishwashing more efficient and less like hard work. These features include;

Deep Clean Silverware Jets

The Deep Clean Silverware Jets are designed to concentrate on getting cutlery clean whilst also cleaning everything else in the dishwasher.

Bottle Wash Jets

Some GE models offer Bottle Wash Jets which are designed to clean baby bottles, vases, mugs and all other difficult to reach areas of tall narrow glassware etc.

Advanced Wash System

GE dishwashers that have the Advanced Wash System use over 140 water jets to ensure that each item is hygienically clean.

Dry Boost Technology

GE dishwasher Dry Boost Technology uses a heating element and a fan to ensure all of your dishes are fully dried before the cycle finishes. Hot air is circulated around the dishwasher ensuring dishes dry more thoroughly and at a faster rate.

Customised Wash Options

Some models allow you to adjust the strength and intensity of the wash cycle depending on how dirty the dishes are. They include options such as;

  • Express Wash
  • Heavy Wash
  • Auto Sense

Which allows you to decide on the right wash level that’s appropriate for the level of dirt on the dishes.

WiFi Connectivity

With GE WiFi connectivity you can control your dishwasher from your smartphone or tablet. It also allows you to monitor how the wash cycle is doing, start or stop the cycle and receive updates on when the cycle is complete.

Bosch Dishwashers

bosch dishwasher

Bosch is a German company who have been making home appliances for almost 100 years. Their dishwasher range is well known for their great designs and up to date features. 

Bosch makes the quietest dishwashers available on the market with many not creating more than 44 decibels! They have also developed their third rack design which provides extra space for cutlery allowing the lower rack free for more dishes and pots etc.

In addition they offer their “Aquastop” technology which prevents leaks and damage from water ingress. As well as WiFi connectivity, home connect and various loading options.

Let’s look closer at some of these innovative features found on Bosch dishwashers. They include;

AquaStop Technology

The AquaStop feature on Bosch dishwashers prevents leaks and water damage. It uses sensors combined with a safety valve that will automatically close if a leak or blockage is detected.

Third Rack

Many Bosch dishwashers feature a third rack to provide extra space for cutlery and smaller items. It is fitted above the regular upper rack and is easy to adjust or even remove to allow oversized items to fit more comfortably.

RackMatic System

Some Bosch dishwashers have the RackMatic feature which allows you to alter the height of the upper rack to allow extra large items to fit.

Flexible Loading Features

Every Bosch dishwasher offers some form of flexible loading features. Which allows you to alter the layout of the racks to best fit the items you need to get clean.

Some models offer flexible and adjustable racks, folding tines and even adjustable tines to accommodate even large pots and pans.

Home Connect

This feature is available on some Bosch models and allows you to control your dishwasher remotely from your smartphone or tablet. You can check the progress of the cycle, start and stop the cycle as well as get updates when the cycle has completed.

Precision Wash System

Some Bosch dishwashers have the precision wash system which uses sensors to detect how much dirt is on the dishes and alters the wash cycle accordingly.

It ensures that all of your dishes and other items are always washed to a high level of hygiene and all dirt and food particles are removed.

GE & Bosch Dishwashers: How Do They Compare?

person closing the dishwasher door

Now that we’ve looked at some of the available features offered by both brands, let’s compare their best and worst features and see how they shape up.

Cleaning Level

Both brands offer advanced cleaning technologies that ensure dishes are not just clean, but hygienically clean. We feel that GE has the edge here due to their “Deep Clean Silverware Jets” that is specifically designed to concentrate on cutlery.

Noise Level

When it comes to noise level, Bosch are the quietest of all dishwashers with an average of 44 decibels. However, GE aren’t so far behind them with an average of 48 decibels.

When you consider that normal conversation is around 60 to 70 decibels, neither is exceptionally loud.

Rack Adjustability

loading a dishwasher

Again we think Bosch has the edge here with their unique third rack design that frees up extra loading space on the lower rack. However, many GE models have adjustable racks that can accommodate larger pots and pans.

Energy Efficiency

Both brands are energy efficient and carry Energy Star certifications. But Bosch dishwashers have been rated as more energy efficient in many independent studies.

Colour Choices

If interior design is reliant on the colour of your appliances, both offer a range of options. Although, once again, Bosch has the edge offering the same black, white and stainless steel options as GE but also offering panel-ready or custom coloured panel options on some models.

GE does also offer slate and black slate options on some models but otherwise it’s black, white and stainless steel.

Price Range


When it comes to price, both brands offer models to fit both ends of the price spectrum. From budget models to high end models. Typically Bosch is more expensive than GE but it depends on the model and number of features.

Size Options

Both brands offer dishwashers in numerous sizes to fit most kitchen requirements. With both offering built-in options which are designed for standard spaces of around 24 inches wide, 34 inches tall and 24 inches deep.

We recommend measuring the space you have for your dishwasher carefully to avoid disappointment.

Cycle Choices

Both Bosch and GE offer many cycle options to suit your needs. Depending on the model, GE dishwashers offer;

  • AutoSense Wash Cycle
  • Heavy Wash Cycle
  • Normal Wash Cycle
  • Speed Wash Cycle
  • China Gentle Wash Cycle
  • Rinse Cycle

As you can see that covers pretty much every type of wash cycle you might need to get all of your dishes clean.

Bosch also offer the following depending on the model;

  • Auto Wash Cycle
  • Heavy Wash Cycle
  • Normal Wash Cycle
  • Eco-Cycle
  • Express Wash Cycle
  • Quick Wash Cycle
  • Sanitise Cycle
  • Delicate Wash Cycle

Plus both offer a half load cycle to save water and energy.

Consumer Reports

According to many recent consumer reports on dishwashers, both Bosch and GE feature in the top 3 and are highly rated. However, Bosch tends to come out on top of GE.

Bosch has an average of 4.3 out of 5 whereas GE has an average of 4.1 out of 5. When it comes to specific models that are highly recommended by consumers;

Bosch models in the 500 series, 800 series and Ascenta series stand out. Whereas GE models in the Profile series, Adora series and Cafe series stand out.


Bosch and GE dishwashers are ranked amongst the highest ranking when it comes to reliability. With Bosch having the slight edge over GE.

Which Is Best: Bosch Or GE Dishwashers?


As you can see when it comes to choosing which brand of dishwasher is best, there are a lot of variances to consider. Whether you choose Bosch of GE will depend on your needs, preferences and to a certain extent, your budget.

Both brands make models with a wide range of features and both are reliable and durable. This can make it a tough decision between the two.

However, there are a few factors that might influence your decision making. Bosch is known for their quiet running, innovative design and energy & water efficiency.

GE also offers relatively quiet dishwashers with a wealth of features and adjustable racks etc. One factor that could be the decider though, is price. Bosch dishwashers are generally more expensive than comparative GE models.

So to sum up, both GE and Bosch dishwashers are reliable, innovative and packed with useful options and features to make your dishes sparkle and clean hygienically. The best dishwasher for you will depend on your specific preferences, requirements and of course, budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are GE dishwashers a good brand?

GE is a reliable brand that makes many great kitchen appliances. Their dishwashers are highly ranked in many consumer reports.

Are Bosch dishwashers a good brand?

Bosch dishwashers are ranked top in many consumer reports for reliability and functionality as well as water & energy efficiency.

Who builds GE dishwashers?

GE dishwashers are built in the USA in a factory based in Louisville Kentucky. Since 2016 they have been majority owned by the Chinese company Haier.

Who builds Bosch dishwashers?

Bosch dishwashers are built in Germany by BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group. They also have manufacturing plants in the US and China.

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