Washing Machine Lights Flashing? (here’s what you need to know)

Modern washing machines usually show error codes when they have a fault, but basic models often don’t use error codes; instead, they use flashing lights to signal faults. Understanding what these signals mean is key to diagnosing issues quickly.

In some instances, you might need to count the number of flashes to determine which fault is being indicated. For example, The locked door light might flash 7 times, leave a gap, and then flash another 7 times. If this is happening continuously it would indicate error code 7. 

In this article, we’ll explain the common reasons behind flashing lights and error codes, helping you identify what might be wrong with your washing machine. 

Continue reading to learn how to interpret these signals and what steps you can take to address them, potentially saving time and avoiding costly repairs.

What Does It Mean If All The Lights Are Flashing?

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All lights flashing on the washing machine is quite a common issue and can vary between different brands. Often, if all the lights keep flashing, it might suggest a problem with the control board rather than the individual parts.

If you suspect this is the problem with your machine, we recommend calling in an engineer. It is not only dangerous to tamper with electrical appliances, but it could invalidate your warranty.

Error Codes

Even if your washing machine does display error codes, they’re not always that easy for the user to understand. 

For example, if you own a Zanussi washing machine and it displays the error code E40 it could mean any number of things, it could be that;

  • The door is not closed fully
  • There is laundry caught between the door glass and door seal
  • The machine is overloaded
  • The child safety lock is on
  • The door latch is broken
  • The door lock is broken

In some cases all that is needed to clear this error code is to turn the machine off and on again.

That’s just a simple error code to demonstrate just how many issues could be covered by one error code. This is why it is vitally important to report all flashing light sequences and/or error codes when contacting an engineer.

In addition to the familiar flashing lights, some washing machines might show their issues through option lights that remain lit without any flashing.

For example, if you notice that a certain light stays on continuously, this could be the machine trying to tell you something’s not right. It’s important to observe these lights carefully as they might represent an error code even though they aren’t blinking. 

Next time you spot a light that just won’t go off, make a note of which one it is. This could be key information when you need to figure out what’s wrong with your machine or when discussing the problem with an engineer.

If you own a Hotpoint washing machine check out this article which details what all of the error codes and flashing lights indicate.

What Is The Problem With Error Codes?

Washing Machine

Back in the good old days, washing machines didn’t have error codes or internal chips that analysed every drum rotation. When things went wrong, a skilled washing machine engineer knew precisely which questions to ask to diagnose your machine’s problem.

Jump forward to today and most of the important error codes are not even listed in the user manual. More worryingly they’re not even listed for fully qualified engineers. 

This shouldn’t be such a surprise really, because they are called codes, and codes by their very nature are secretive.

Limited Repair Available

The main issue is that washing machine repairs often require contacting the manufacturer, which generally results in higher costs.

Of course, in the past, you could describe the fault, but now the machine simply shuts down when it detects any problem. 

This leaves you with little to tell the engineer beyond a sequence of flashing lights or an error code. This makes it even harder for an independent engineer to diagnose the issue, let alone fix it.

On The Plus Side

The washing machine now turns off immediately if it detects a fault, reducing damage to itself and the home. This modern feature prevents the flooding and overheating problems that old machines often caused.

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Reporting The Problem To An Engineer

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If your user manual doesn’t specify what a particular light flashing indicates and you need to contact an engineer, they will assign a number to each specific light.

This will work as follows; LED 1 with LED 3 or LED 2 with LED 4 so when you speak to the engineer there’s no point telling them “extra rinse” with “delay timer”.

If you need to convey which light or combination of lights are flashing, engineers number them from left to right starting at number 1. 

If your lights are displayed vertically as opposed to horizontally, they will be numbered from 1 at the top and going down to higher numbers.

It’s important that you get the right numbers and combination of lights when you report it to an engineer. This is so the engineer can get some understanding of what’s wrong before he comes to look at your machine.

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Washing Machine Manufacturer Contact Details

If you live in the UK and own one of the more popular brands of washing machine and need to speak to the manufacturer, we have listed their contact details below.

BrandSupport Website
HotpointHotpoint Service Repairs
AEGAEG Support
LogikLogik Appliance Repairs
MieleMiele Appliance Repair
BoschBosch Support
IndesitIndesit Service
LGLG Support
ZanussiZanussi Support
BekoBeko Support
SamsungSamsung Support
HooverHoover Service
CandyCandy Service
GRUNDIGGrundig Customer Support
EbacEbac Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when my Indesit washing machine has all lights flashing?

If all of the lights are flashing on your Indesit washing machine it means the machine is not draining. This could be because the filter is blocked or the waste or drain pipe is blocked.

What does it mean when the spin light is flashing on my Hotpoint washing machine?

If the spin light is flashing on your Hotpoint washing machine it means the machine detects excessive weight in the drum or the load is unbalanced.

Why is my LG washing machine flashing all six lights?

If your LG washing machine is flashing all lights from 1 to 6, it means the machine has detected excessive weight in the drum or an unbalanced load.

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