Hotpoint Aquarius Lights Flashing? (here’s what it means)

The Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine range has several error codes which are indicated by flashing lights. This just affects the basic range as more sophisticated models with digital display screens use error codes to indicate particular faults. This can be slightly daunting especially at first, we always think of flashing lights as problems.

And in many cases having a flashing light on your Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine can mean there’s a problem. However, not all problems are serious as we shall see in a bit.

Flashing lights on Hotpoint Aquarius washing machines usually indicate a fault.

What Do These Flashing Lights Signify?

Now that we’ve established that a flashing light indicates a problem of some sort or another, what do they mean, and how can we fix them?

Flashing Door Locked Light 

If the door locked light is flashing, the chances are the door has not been closed properly. This is an easy one to solve, just open the door again, check for any obstacles around the edge of the door, paying particular attention to the door catch. Then shut the door again.

If the door is properly shut and the door locked light is still flashing, then the door lock must be faulty in some way. When you shut the door, the door catch should fit inside and operate something in the door lock which activates the lock. If this isn’t happening, we’d suggest contacting the manufacturer if the machine is still under warranty or call an engineer.

Flashing Wash Light

The only reason this should happen is if someone has turned the selected dial once the wash cycle has started. The light should stop flashing once the program has finished.

Flashing Pre-Wash Light

This usually indicates that the machine has detected a fault with water filling the machine. The machine has detected that not enough water has run through the machine during the maximum time allowed for that program or cycle. 

Check that the tap is turned on and none of the hoses has a kink in it. Failing that contact the manufacturer if the machine is still under warranty or an engineer if not.

Flashing End Light

The end light flashes to indicate the machine has been paused. To restart the machine, just press start/cancel. If this doesn’t work, try cancelling the program and starting again.

Flashing Final Spin Light

If you consult your handbook, it will tell you there is no fault if the final spin light is flashing. But the end result is that your laundry will be soaking wet at the end of the cycle. However, this is not usually caused by a mechanical fault, it’s almost always due to an imbalanced load. 

The balance detection system within the machine has detected that the load is imbalanced and prevented the machine from spinning the clothes to protect the drum. Always ensure the load is packed into the drum correctly to prevent this situation from arising.

All Of The Lights Flashing

If all of the lights are flashing at once it indicates that the machine has detected a critical error and the wash cycle has shut down. This can sometimes be caused by a glitch in the system which will clear itself if you turn the machine off and on again.

If the machine does sort itself out, keep a watch on it and if it happens again we would suggest you contact the manufacturer if the machine is still under warranty or if not, call an engineer. There are so many problems that this could indicate from issues with the pump, drainage hose,pressure switch or the motor itself. So it’s definitely not something you could tackle yourself.

Hotpoint Error Codes And Flashing Lights Explained

Washing Machine

On some Hotpoint machines there are visual display error codes, other Hotpoint machines rely on a flashing light system. Below is the Hotpoint code and the corresponding light and what it signifies. 

Hotpoint CodeFlashing Light(s)Fault
F01Flashing Light 4Electronic circuit board fault
F02Flashing Light 3Motor Fault – Drum not rotating
F03Flashing Lights 3 & 4Temperature sensing fault – often a faulty thermistor
F04Flashing Light 2Faulty pressure switch, hose or pump blockage or faulty wiring
F05Flashing Lights 2 & 5Waste pipe blockage or faulty pump
F06Flashing Lights 2 & 3Door lock fault
F07 Flashing Lights 2,3 & 4Circuit board fault or heating element fault
F08Flashing Light 1Heater fault, machine will stop mid program and the pump could keep running continuously
F09Flashing Lights 1 & 4Software fault
F10Flashing Lights 1 & 3Faulty pressure switch
F11Flashing Lights 1,3 & 4Faulty drain pump – possible pump circuit failure
F12Flashing Lights 1 & 2Electronic control fault
F13Flashing Lights 1, 2 & 3Washer dryer, dryer temperature sensor fault
F14Flashing Lights 1, 2 & 3Faulty motor – no drum rotation
F15Flashing Lights 1, 2, 3 & 4Washer dryer heater control fault
F16Flashing Light 5Top loader, drum lock position sensor fault
F17Flashing Light 5Front loader, door lock error code
F18Flashing Light 3 Internal data error, control board fault
H20Problem with the water supply

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are all the lights flashing on my Hotpoint Aquarius?

If all of the lights are flashing on your Hotpoint Aquarius it usually indicates that the machine has reached the end of its wash program.

Why are the wash, rinse and spin lights all flashing on my Hotpoint Aquarius?

If the wash, rinse and spin lights are all flashing on your Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine it usually indicates that there is a possible blockage in the filter or waste/drain pipe.

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