Hotpoint/Indesit Washing Machine Flashing 10 Times? (F10 error code)

 Washing machines relay any problems they are experiencing by using error codes. Older models that don’t have display screens use a series of flashing lights to indicate the error code.

For instance, if the lights flash 10 times the washer is indicating the F10 error code. If you own an Indesit or Hotpoint washing machine and it’s displaying the F10 error code or is flashing an LED light 10 times, keep reading.

As Indesit and Hotpoint are both owned by the same company, they use the same error codes across both of their washing machine ranges.

What Does Error Code F10 Mean On A Hotpoint Or Indesit Washing Machine?

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The F10 error code or the lights flashing 10 times (depending on the model), indicates a fault with the pressure switch. The pressure switch monitors the amount of water in the machine’s drum.

It does this by recognising the change in air pressure as the water level in the drum rises or falls. If the pressure switch develops a fault, the control board or printed circuit board (PCB) doesn’t receive a message notifying it that the water is at the correct level for washing or draining.

This triggers the F10 error code (or 10 flashing lights) and shuts the cycle down. There are 2 other error codes that relate to the pressure switch which are;

Error Code F04

F04 indicates that the pressure switch is stuck on empty. This means regardless of the amount of water in the drum, the pressure switch will convey the message to the PCB that the drum is empty. 

This will need to be sorted before the appliance can operate properly.

Error Code F05

F05 indicates the exact opposite of F04, F05 means the pressure switch is stuck on full. Which means whether there is water in the drum or not, the message that the PCB receives will be that the drum is full of water.

As all 3 of these error codes are related to the pressure switch, the way to solve all 3 involves investigating the same parts and areas.

What Causes Error Codes F04, F05 & F10?

There are several reasons why your Hotpoint or Indesit washing machine is displaying any of these error codes which include;

Possible CauseSolution
Defective Pressure SwitchInspect and replace the pressure switch if necessary
Blocked HoseCheck the hose for blockages and replace if necessary
Wiring FaultContact a technician
Defective Drain PumpContact a technician
Defective PCBContact a technician

Let’s take a closer look at each of these possible faults;

Defective Pressure Switch

There is a strong possibility that the pressure switch itself has developed a fault. Over time, components can wear and if you live in a hard water area, limescale can build up around the pressure switch and prevent it from doing its job.

As accessing the pressure switch involves dismantling parts of the washer, we recommend contacting a technician to check and replace the pressure switch if necessary.

Blocked Hose

washing machine drain hose

The hose or tube that connects the pressure switch to the drum can become clogged with detergent, fabric softener or even limescale. If it becomes blocked, the pressure switch will not be activated. Which means the PCB receives no message and displays one of the above error codes.

Once again this is another task best left to a technician to investigate and replace the hose if necessary.

Wiring Fault

As with all components on a washing machine, the pressure switch is connected to the control board or PCB by several wires and connectors. Any one of which can become loose, disconnected or burnt out.

We recommend getting a technician to investigate and replace any damaged wires or connectors.

Defective Drain Pump

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In some rare cases, the washing machine’s drain pump can become defective which could be enough to trigger the F04, F05 or F10 error codes.

If the drain pump has developed a fault, you’re more likely to see error code F11 displayed, but in some cases, the washer could display one of the error codes related to the pressure switch.

Defective PCB

The PCB controls every function on the washing machine. It does this using a system of relays or connections. These connections have the potential to break which could lead to one of the pressure switch error codes being displayed.

The PCB is an expensive part which should only be investigated by someone with the skills and knowledge needed to fix the fault. Which is why we recommend getting a technician to investigate the PCB for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the error code F10 on Indesit washing machine?

The error code F10 on an Indesit washing machine indicates that there’s a problem with the pressure switch.

What can cause my Hotpoint washing machine to display the F10 error code?

If your Hotpoint washing machine is displaying the F10 error code it indicates that there is something wrong with the pressure switch. This can be caused by; the pressure switch being defective, the tube connected to the pressure switch being blocked, a wiring fault, a problem with the drain pump or the PCB is faulty.

What does it mean when my Indesit washing machine lights flash 10 times?

If the lights on your Indesit washing machine flash 10 times it indicates that there’s a fault detected with the pressure switch.

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