Indesit Washing Machine F05 Error Code? (do this)

Almost all new washing machines have error codes that let you know when something is wrong. If, for example, your washing machine stops working in the middle of a cycle, the display will show you an error code that tells you why. Which is wonderful as long you understand what the error code means.

The error codes on Indesit washing machines tell you what’s wrong with the machine, which can help you figure out how to fix it. So, what does the F05 error code mean?

Please note: We do not advise you to undertake any repairs work yourself, this guide is for informational purposes only. Please also check your warranty before starting any work as taking apart your machine could invalidate it.

What Indesit F05 Error Means

If you see the error code F05 on an Indesit washing machine it means there’s an issue with the pump or waste pipe

In reality, it means that the pressure switch is stuck on. The pressure switch lets the machine know that there is no more water inside. This lets the machine move on to the spin cycle, since it won’t spin if it finds water in the machine, since the extra water that would be made by spinning would have no place to go.

So, error code F05 means that the machine hasn’t gotten the message that the water has been removed from the machine. This stops the door from opening as the machine thinks it’s full of water (or maybe it really is full of water?)

What Causes A F05 Error Code On Indesit Washing Machines

There are 5 common reasons why you might be getting a F05 error code on your Indesit washer, these include:

  1. A faulty pump
  2. A blocked filter
  3. A blocked waste pipe
  4. Jammed pressure switch
  5. Blockage in the air pressure chamber

What To Do When You Get The F05 Error Code

We would advise checking the following in this order:

  1. See If The Waste Pipe Is Blocked
    Set a bucket on the floor and take off the rubber waste pipe which is attached to the machine from the plastic wall pipe. Next, put the pipe into your bucket – if water comes out of the pipe quickly it means that you have a blockage in your drain pipe.
  2. See If The Filter Is Obstructed
    The filter is at the machine’s base, and the quickest and most convenient way to get to it is to pull the machine out and lean it back against a wall. Next, take off the plastic cover located on the machine’s bottom right. Make sure to set a bowl and towel underneath the appliance before removing the black circular filter cap. Verify that there are no obvious obstructions inside and that the impeller spins freely.
  3. See If The Pressure Chamber Bottle Is Blocked
    If, for instance, the water has drained away but the error code is still visible, and you suspect that the pressure switch may be malfunctioning, it may be that the pressure chamber bottle is blocked. Check this video out, as it works very similar on Indesit washers too:
  4. If It’s The Pump
    If the machine still shows the F05 error code, it’s likely the pump that’s the problem. And this is best left to a pro engineer. We recommend contacting Indesit or a local appliance repairs engineer.

If all else fails, or you don’t feel confident tackling any of the above yourself, contact Indesit directly or contact a local washing machine repairs specialist.

Other Common Indesit Error Codes

Error CodeWhat It Means
F01 ErrorFault with the electronic circuit board 
F02 ErrorFault with the motor circuit 
F03 ErrorFault with the temperature sensor 
F05 ErrorA faulty pump or waste pipe blockage
F06 ErrorFaulty door lock 
F07 ErrorFaulty electronic/heater circuit board 
F08 ErrorA faulty heater
F09 ErrorFaulty software 
F11 ErrorFaulty pump circuit 
F12 ErrorFaulty electronic control 
F13 ErrorFaulty dryer temperature sensor (washer/dryers)
F15  ErrorFaulty heater control 
F16 ErrorFaulty drum lock position sensor (toploaders)
F18 ErrorInternal data error

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