Are Grey Clothes Considered Light Or Dark (for laundry)?

Grey clothes can be a bit of a puzzle when it comes to sorting your laundry. Are they considered light or dark? 

Well, the answer isn’t as black and white as you might think. Grey clothes can be both light and dark, depending on their shade. 

So, what should you do? Don’t worry – this article has got you covered. Let’s go into the world of laundry and find out how to properly take care of your grey garments.

How To Sort Grey Clothes In The Laundry

In most cases, grey clothes should be included when you’re washing your dark-coloured clothes. 

person holding a laundry basket

This is because they contain dye that can be a potential risk for colour bleeding when washing with your white and light-coloured garments. Think of it this way: if your grey clothes are darker than the average British sky on a cloudy day, they belong with your dark laundry.

So, when you’re sorting your laundry, the clothes that should be mixed with your white clothes should be pastel colours like light blues, yellows, and pinks. These shades are light enough not to cause any colour mishaps.

But what if your grey clothes are lighter than the clouds parting on a sunny afternoon? Well, that’s when things get interesting.

When Can You Mix Your Greys With Light-Coloured Clothes?

Remember how we said earlier that greys are usually washed with dark garments? Of course, there is always an exception to the rule. 

There are cases when you can wash your grey clothes with your light laundry, as long as they are light grey. Some light grey shaded garments are so pale that they are closer to white than dark-coloured clothing. If this is the shade of grey that your clothes are, then feel free to add them to your light pile.

person holding a grey sweater

So, to determine whether you should include your greys in your light or dark pile of laundry, ask yourself this question: Are they a light grey? Or a dark shade of grey?

TIP: If possible, use cold washes

When you’re adding your grey clothes to your whites, an extra precaution to prevent colour transfer is using a cold wash. Hot temperatures encourage dye to bleed, which could ruin your light clothing. 

When Is It Necessary To Wash Your Grey Clothes In A Separate Load?

In most cases, it is okay to wash your grey shirt with your dark or light-coloured clothing. As long as the light greys are in the light-coloured pile and the dark greys are with the darks, it’s unlikely for anything to go wrong. 

However, there are situations when it’s better to be careful with your garments and wash them in a separate load such as when:

They Are Made Of Delicate Fabric

Delicate fabrics, like those used for the lace in grey underwear or silky grey blouses, need a bit of extra care. Washing them with regular laundry can lead to tears and snags on your garments. 


Instead of adding them to your regular laundry, consider using a gentle cycle or hand washing to keep your delicate greys looking their best.

They Have Embellishments

Got a grey dress with sparkling sequins or intricate embroidery? These embellishments can easily get damaged in a regular wash. 

It’s a good idea to wash them separately or place them in a mesh laundry bag to protect both the embellishments and your other clothes.

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They Are New

New clothes, especially those in vibrant shades of grey, can be prone to colour bleeding. 

You don’t want your fresh grey jeans turning your white shirts to a murky colour, do you?


To avoid this, wash new grey clothes separately for the first few cycles.

They Are Prone To Bleed

Some grey clothes are notorious for being prone to bleed dye. If your grey garments have a care label that says “wash with similar colours,” take it seriously! Washing them separately can save you from the headache of discoloured laundry.

wash and dry similar colours together care label

TIP: Check if your grey clothes are colourfast

Before adding your grey clothing to your usual laundry, you can always test if it’s colourfast or not. You can do this by soaking the garment in a basin of water. Once a couple of hours pass and the water is clear, this is usually a good sign that it is colourfast – meaning that the chances of the dye running are low.

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Keep Your Clothes In The Right Shade Of Grey

And, there you have it! Grey clothes can be a challenge to sort at the start, but once you are confident that they won’t bleed dye, your laundry sessions will be less of a hassle. 

Do you have any questions about how to make your clothes look their best? Feel free to ask them below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are grey clothes light or dark?

Grey clothes can be either light or dark, depending on their shade.

What temperature do you wash grey clothes?

For grey clothes, it’s advisable to use cold water for washing to prevent colour bleeding. Using the cold wash setting on your washer keeps the colours intact for a longer time.

What colours are light laundry?

Light-coloured laundry typically includes pastel colours like whites, light blues, yellows, and pinks.

What colours are considered dark for laundry?

Dark laundry consists of deeper and richer colours like blacks, deep blues, dark reds and greens.

Are jeans light or dark laundry?

Jeans are usually considered dark laundry due to their deeper colour, but it may depend on the specific shade of grey or blue in the jeans.

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