How Long Will A 60 Degree Wash Take? (here’s what you need to know)

The average duration of a 60 degree C wash cycle is around 2.5 to 3 hours. It all depends on the make and model of washing machine you own but they all take somewhere between 2 to 3 hours to complete a 60 degree C wash cycle.

Why Does A 60 Degree C Wash Cycle Take So Long?

A 60 degree C wash cycle is designed to remove as many germs and bacteria as possible whilst also saving water and energy. This is good from a financial viewpoint, but can be frustrating if you’re waiting for your laundry to finish.

The machine heats the water to 60 degrees C and fills the drum which soaks your laundry. The cycle then pauses to allow the clothes to absorb as much of that germ busting hot water as possible.

This removes germs and bacteria before washing the clothes and rinsing them in the same way as any other wash cycle. The soak period saves on water and electricity because the machine doesn’t have to heat up any more water to wash the clothes at this point.

When Should You Use A 60 Degree C Wash Cycle?

You should use the 60 degree cycle for any clothes that have been worn by an ill person to remove any viruses or bacteria. As well as anytime you need to clean;

  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Underwear
  • Pet Bedding

As we sleep we sweat and shed dead skin cells which can harbour germs and bacteria. Washing bedding at 60 degrees C helps to eliminate those germs.

Likewise with towels, they come into direct contact with our skin and need a 60 degree C wash to remove any germs or bacteria.

Pet bedding can harbour many germs, bacteria and insects/ larvae. The 60 degree C wash cycle helps to kill any fleas, mites and their larvae as well as removing germs and bacteria.

The Benefits Of Using A 60 Degree Wash Cycle

60 Degree Wash Cycle

The main benefits to using a 60 degree wash cycle include;

  • The successful removal of germs and bacteria
    Many germs and bacteria can survive at low temperatures. At 60 degrees C many of those bacteria and germs are destroyed.
  • The removal of fleas and mites
    Pets bedding often contains fleas. Mites or their eggs. A 60 degree C wash will kill any insects and remove any eggs or larvae.
  • The removal of stubborn stains
    Many stubborn stains need a 60 degree wash to remove them without the need for soaking or pretreating first.

The Problems With Using A 60 Degree C Wash Cycle

Apart from the time the 60 degree cycle takes, there are also other problems associated with using this cycle which include;

  • Some clothes are prone to shrink at 60 degrees
    Not all fabrics are robust enough to withstand 60 degree C temperatures. Many like wool and other natural fibres are likely to shrink in a 60 degree wash.
  • It costs more to run a 60 degree wash
    The cost of running a 60 degree wash cycle is 50% higher than using a 30 or 40 degree C cycle.
  • Some bacteria and viruses can survive
    There are many viruses and bacteria that can survive even at 60 degrees C. We recommend using a laundry sanitiser in conjunction with a 60 degree C wash to ensure the removal of germs and bacteria.

If you want to save money, save energy and maintain the integrity of your clothes, you should use a cooler wash cycle. As long as you use a laundry sanitiser in conjunction with a decent detergent, you can successfully wash your clothes at 40 or even 30 C.

Are There Any Quicker Wash Cycles Than A 60 Degree Wash?

We get it, 2-3 hours is a long time to wait for your clothes to wash, however if you do need to use the 60 C cycle, it’s well worth waiting as it does give you a good clean.

The obvious answer that comes to mind when trying to get it done faster is the Quick Wash cycle, which can take as little as just 14 minutes, or an hour on certain other machines.

However, bear in mind that this cycle runs at 30 degrees C and will not clean your laundry anywhere near as thoroughly and is better suited for 1-2kg – not a full load like you can do with a 60C wash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash everything at 60 degrees?

You should not wash everything at 60 degrees. There are many fabrics that cannot withstand 60 degree C. Some like wool and other natural materials will shrink . You should always check the care label before using the 60 degree wash cycle.

Is 60 degrees too hot for a wash?

60 degrees is too hot for some fabrics. You should always check the wash care label before putting clothes in a 60 degree wash. It is, however, good for removing germs and bacteria from 100% cotton clothes.

Will clothes shrink if washed at 60?

There are many clothes that will shrink if washed at 60 degrees C. You should check the wash care label before washing clothes at 60 degrees.

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