How Many Dryer Balls Do You Need To Use Per Load?

Nothing beats the smell of freshly laundered clothes. Especially when they are completely dry and ready for wearing.

Since they have been introduced, dryer balls are just one of the laundry products that many of us like using. All we have to do is put them in the dryer and our garments will dry so much quicker.

This brings us to the question: How many is enough to get the benefits of using dryer balls?

If you’re also wondering, let’s learn more about it in this article.  

Dryer balls: How many should you use per load?

Dryer balls, what are they? As the name suggests, the purpose of dryer balls is to dry clothes at a much faster rate when they’re put in tumble dryers.

How they speed up the drying process is simple: When they are placed inside a tumble dryer with damp clothing, the balls bounce around the container, creating space and aerating the fabrics. As a result, the garments will dry 25% faster and more evenly.

The general rule for how many dryer balls to use is this: The bigger the size of the laundry load, the more dryer balls you should use. On average, most households have 2 to 8 dryer balls they use in every laundry session.

The recommended number of dryer balls depending on the load size:

  • For small loads
    A small load is when your dryer drum is 1/3 full of dirty clothes. Usually, this will require the use of 2 to 3 dryer balls.
  • For medium loads
    A medium load is when your dryer drum is 1/2 full of dirty clothes. Usually, this will require the use of 4 to 5 dryer balls.
  • For large loads
    A large load is when your dryer drum is 3/4 full of dirty clothes. Usually, this will require the use of 6 to 10 dryer balls.

NOTE: Avoid overloading your machine! Are you struggling to place dryer balls in your drum? This means that you’ll have to remove some pieces of clothing, or your clothes will still be damp when the cycle is complete.

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Why are dryer balls so popular?

There’s a reason why dryer balls and dryer sheets are so popular in the UK.

Especially when the weather is ever-changing, many of us are looking for ways to dry our clothes out more quickly!

But there are so many more advantages to using dryer balls aside from speeding up the drying process of our garments. Here are some of them:

The benefits of using dryer balls

They save resources

What happens when your clothes get dry more quickly with dryer balls? That’s right, you’ll save energy.

In some situations, our clothes are still damp after one spin in the tumble dryer. When this is the case, we’ll have to run the machine again and do a second spin. This is where dryer balls can help.


Dryer balls are very effective at getting moisture out of your garments quickly, and so that reduces the amount of energy you need to consume. Hence: lower electricity bills!

They are good for the environment

Dryer balls are the best alternatives to dryer sheets. Why? Because they do the same thing sheets do, except they’re much better!

Dryer balls are usually made of wool or rubber. Compared to dryer sheets, the balls are reusable and can be made from natural material. A single dryer ball can even last 1,000 loads!

They are great for your clothes

Dryer balls bounce off clothes and ventilate the space, which dries them quickly.

In the process, this also reduces the static cling that often makes clothes stick together. How is this possible?

When the dryer balls are in the dryer, they also reduce the rubbing of the garments together. As a result, the fabrics will create less electrostatic charge. Gone are the days when your garments feel weird to touch or cling to your skin in a strange way.

Aside from this, dryer balls are also effective in reducing the wrinkling or creasing of clothing!

Which one’s better? Wool or rubber dryer balls?

Are you currently deciding on what type of dryer balls to buy?

Before you add that rubber ball to your shopping cart, we’ll tell you that wool dryer balls are the best option.

Wool dryer balls are great because they’re made of natural material. They are also more efficient for drying as they absorb more humidity compared to plastic and rubber dryer balls.

rubber balls

When it comes to noise, rubber balls can be quite loud once the spinning starts. Wool balls are much quieter and gentler on tumble dryers in the long run.

TIP: Want to make your clothes smell amazing? Put 3 drops of your favourite essential oil into your wool dryer ball, then wait an hour for it to dry. This infuses the ball with the scent, and it will transfer to your clothes once they’re done in the tumble dryer!

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Want quicker drying times? Start using dryer balls!

Dryer balls are helpful additions to your laundry sessions. Since they are not even expensive, investing in a pack can give you so many benefits such as reducing wrinkles and creases on your laundry!

Do you have any laundry-related questions? What type of dryer balls are you planning to buy? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many dryer balls should be used at once?

The number of dryer balls you will need to use depends on the amount of laundry you’ll do. The bigger the load is, the more dryer balls you will add to ensure that they will do their job well. In a regular load, you’ll only need to use 2-3 dryer balls.

How long are dryer balls effective?

Depending on the material and quality, well-made dryer balls can last for 2 to 5 years.

Should I wash dryer balls?

Usually, there’s no need to wash dryer balls as they do not come in contact with dirt and germs. However, if they do get dirty, you can always wash them with mild soap and water, let them dry, and they’re good to go.

What to do with dryer balls after use?

Store dryer balls in a cool, well-ventilated area.

Can rubber dryer balls damage the dryer?

Good-quality rubber dryer balls will not damage your dryer, but they can be quite loud when in the machine. If you’re worried about the sound, wool dryer balls would be the best alternative.

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