How To Clean A Waffle Maker

Waffles are a great way to start your day, that crispy, fluffy sweetness really does set you up for anything. But they’re certainly not so pleasurable when it’s time to clean the waffle maker. All those nooks and crannies in the grid can become really stuck fast with burnt on batter. However, don’t ban waffles from the menu just yet. 

There are a few simple tricks and tips that can make the clean-up program much less of a chore. Just follow our easy step by step guide to make cleaning the waffle maker a much simpler task.

How To Clean A Waffle Maker In 7 Easy Steps

As long as you follow these steps as soon as is physically possible, you should have little to no problems.

  1. Let The Waffle Maker Cool Down
    After use allow the waffle maker to cool down enough to be able to touch it without any heat sensitivity.
  2. Wipe Away Any Loose Crumbs
    Using a damp cloth or a dry paper towel, clear all crumbs and soak up any excess oil on the griddle.
  3. Wipe Down The Exterior
    Use a damp cloth to wipe the exterior of the waffle maker.
  4. Remove Stubborn, Burnt On Stains
    Pour a couple of drops of cooking oil onto the stain or burnt on batter. Allow the oil to soak in for 5 minutes.
  5. Clean With A Damp Cloth
    After the 5 minutes have elapsed, wipe the oil and stains away with some dry paper towel or a damp cloth. For any oil build-up that can’t be reached with a cloth due to the griddle shape, try wrapping some kitchen paper around a wooden skewer and gently dab the oil away.
  6. Remove Griddle Plates
    Some models have removable griddle plates, these can be gently cleaned in warm soapy water. Rinse well and dry thoroughly.
  7. Ensure All Components Are Dry
    Once you are sure all parts of the waffle maker are dry, reassemble, and store it away.

Waffle Maker Maintenance Tips

Although waffle makers aren’t terribly expensive, it makes sense to keep yours well maintained to prolong its life and usability. It’s always best to read any instruction manual and follow any advice specific to your make and model.

  • Waffle makers with a non-stick coating should be lightly coated with oil before first use every time it’s used. Not after every use, but before first use on that day.
  • Use cooking oil on a pastry brush to lightly coat the non-stick surfaces. Avoid spray oils as they can leave a nasty residue on the surface.
  • Never use sharp, pointed utensils or metal tools to serve the waffles or to remove any burnt on batter. Sharp or metallic implements can scratch the surface leading to more sticking problems further down the line.
  • Never submerge an electric waffle maker under water. Doing so will probably damage one or more of the electrical components and definitely void any guarantee.
  • If you notice burnt on waffle batter frequently you are probably not using enough oil at the start of the cooking session. Using butter rich recipes will also help to prevent burnt on batter.
  • Some waffle makers have dishwasher friendly griddles, be sure these are completely dry before replacing them and storing the waffle maker away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash a waffle iron in the sink?

Under no circumstances should you wash an electric waffle maker in the sink. The electrical components will get damaged and your machine will no longer function. An old fashioned waffle iron that works on the stove top or open fire can be washed in the sink.

Can you use PAM on a waffle maker?

Using PAM or other spray-on non-stick oils will leave behind a gunky residue which will render your non-stick, sticky.

How do you clean a waffle iron without removable plates?

Use a dry kitchen towel or damp cloth to remove as much mess as possible, for burnt on batter apply a few drops of cooking oil, and allow to soak in for 5 minutes, Then using the damp cloth or kitchen towel just remove the oil soaked batter gently.

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