How To Use A Lawn Scarifier

Lawn scarifiers are very good for keeping your lawn healthy, they take away the dead grass and mosses and other detritus that is commonly known as thatch. If the thatch stays on the lawn the grass will suffer, because it will be deprived of light, water, nutrients and oxygen.

What Type Of Scarifier Should You Buy?

There are 3 types of scarifiers: they are manual,electric-powered and petrol-powered. If you only have a small garden and/or a small budget a manual scarifier will probably suit you best, but they can be hard work to use.

Electric-powered are a good fit for middle sized gardens, but the cord can be a bit of a nuisance, although there are a few cordless models available nowadays.

Petrol-powered are the most powerful, the most noisy, and the most expensive. Plus they need regular maintenance and fuel top ups.

How To Scarify A Lawn

How To Scarify A Lawn

To correctly scarify your lawn you will need the following items: a lawnmower and a scarifier

Just follow these easy steps.

Remember to not walk over reseeded areas too much to allow the seeds to grow. If birds are a problem, you can net the reseeded areas to protect the seeds until they sprout. The next time you cut the grass, set the mower on a higher setting to give the seedlings a chance. 

  1. Mow The Lawn
    Set your lawnmower to cut low to expose the thatch.
  2. Use The Scarifier
    Scarify the area in just the same way as you used the lawnmower 
  3. Follow The Lines From The Lawnmower
    Use the lines formed when cutting the grass as a guide to scarify the whole lawn.
  4. Top Dress The Lawn
    Using your preferred top dressing, feed your lawn.
  5. Water The Grass
    If it is particularly dry, be sure to water the grass to help it recover.
  6. Reseed Bald Spots
    After watering, reseed any areas that have no grass growing.

When To Use A Lawn Scarifier

The best season to use a scarifier is late spring to early summer, as scarifying will leave the grass weakened. It’s best not to do it if there is any chance of a frost. Some people use their scarifiers in early autumn and that’s fine but scarifying in early summer will allow the grass to grow strong before the winter comes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is scarifying good for a lawn?

Scarifying is good for your lawn because it removes dead mosses and grass and allows the grass to get light, air water and nutrients.

How deep should I scarify my lawn?

It is best to scarify the lawn in 3 stages, start at a higher setting and work down so you can clear the thatch without damaging the grass.

Will scarifying get rid of weeds?

Regular scarifying will help to keep weeds down because the scarifier will prevent the weeds from getting too big.

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