What Is A Lawn Scarifier?

A lawn scarifier is a garden tool  that removes dead moss and grass from the surface of the soil. It  will help to keep the lawn looking healthy. Lawn scarifiers are available as hand-held(manual) electric-powered or petrol-powered. They range in price from about £25 for a manual model and rise to as much as £4,500 for a petrol-powered model.

Lawn scarifiers look very similar to lawn mowers, except instead of a spinning blade, it has many small blades mounted on a roller. These blades are designed to cut  slightly into the soil. 

In its simplest form, a scarifier looks like a rake on wheels, and it’s these manual models that cost so little. The design changes slightly when it comes to the electric-powered scarifiers, these look more like an electric lawn mower.

 What Does A Lawn Scarifier Do?

A lawn scarifier removes all of the dead grass, leaves and moss (thatch) from the surface of the soil to allow the grass to get extra water, oxygen, light and nutrients. It also pokes holes into the soil to allow water and oxygen into the subsoil,and trims the grass roots to encourage stronger, thicker growth. Scarifiers will either have tines, or blades, or in some cases both. 

Scarifier With Tines

Otherwise known as dethatchers, these have tines on a rotating roller. These are designed to clean the surface of the lawn. By removing any Thatch the grass has a better chance of growing healthily.

Scarifier With Blades

These are designed to cut into the soil as well as removing thatch, they also prune the roots of the grass encouraging it to grow thicker. Scarifiers with blades are usually found as mechanical models either electric or petrol powered. 

The best type of scarifier is one that has a combination of blades and tines. 

Why Use A Lawn Scarifier?

It is not necessary to use a scarifier. You can perform all of these tasks without a scarifier but, it is much easier, using a scarifier. The scarifier has been specifically designed to do those particular jobs. The blades are set at the correct angle to remove the thatch and keep the soil aerated.

Is A Lawn Rake The Same Thing As A Scarifier?

The difference between a lawn rake and a scarifier is that a rake works only on the surface of the soil. It will remove some  thatch but not as much as a scarifier will. Plus a scarifier works below the soil level as well to trim grass roots and increase air and water flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a lawn scarifier do?

A lawn scarifier removes moss and dead leaves and other thatch and it aerates the soil too.

Should you top dress after scarifying?

You should top dress after scarifying the lawn.

Can you scarify wet grass?

When you scarify a lawn it should be moist but not wet.

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