LG Refrigerator Mode Problems (do this if you’re stuck)

We would all be lost without our refrigerators, and as they’re so reliable, we take them for granted. We’re in a constant state of filling our fridges with food and drink and taking what we need from the fridge. Confident in the fridge’s ability to keep it all at the correct temperature and running smoothly week after week.

So when something does go wrong with the fridge it becomes a big deal, it’s not something we’re used to, or know how to handle. But don’t panic, modern fridges and fridge freezers have their own on-board diagnostic tests. So if and when something does go wrong, all you need to do is check the display panel for the error code which signifies whatever the problem is.

24 Error Codes

Armed with this knowledge, it becomes far less worrying and often easier to repair. LG refrigerators have as many as 24 different codes depending on the model refrigerator you own. With each of those error codes signifying either a fault or a reason the fridge is doing what it’s doing. 

This article looks at those error or mode codes and identifies what they mean, how that affects your fridge and whether it can be fixed at home. So all you need to do is check the error/mode code displayed on your LG fridge against our list to know exactly what’s going on with your LG fridge.

Some of these will be easy to fix whilst others will require specialist knowledge which we recommend contacting LG for further assistance.

LG Refrigerator Modes With Easy Fixes

Let’s start with the easy fix mode codes before we get into technician level modes. 

How To Run A Test Mode On A LG Fridge

There are a number of test modes used on LG fridges the main ones are;

Diagnostic Test Mode 1

From the control panel select and press “Freezer Temp” then press “Express Freezing” and “Colder” at the same time. This will start diagnostic mode 1. Whilst in this mode some of the fridges features will continue to function.

Diagnostic Test Mode 2

To initiate diagnostic test mode 2 just press “Express Freezing” and “Colder” at the same time and hold for around 3 seconds. In this mode it’s possible to run diagnostic tests on the defrost heater, damper and display LEDs.

Diagnostic Test Mode 3

This one runs diagnostics when the compressor is off and the damper is shut. Press and hold “Colder” and “Express Freezing” at the same time for around 5 seconds.

To check whether your LG refrigerator has a“Test” button consult your user guide, if it does have a “Test” button you just press the “Test” button for as long as advised and then press “Colder” and “Express Freezing” buttons together for 5 seconds.

How To Exit Diagnostic Test Mode

To exit any of these diagnostic test modes just press the same two buttons you used to start the test mode  or the “Test” button (if you have one). 

Defrost Mode


To put your LG refrigerator into defrost mode simply press the “Defrost” button. If your LG fridge doesn’t have a defrost button, press and hold the “Express Freezing” and “Colder” button together for 3 seconds. This will turn off the compressor, turn on the defrost heater and close the damper. Whilst the screen will display  1,3,5, and 7 on the LED.

To stop the defrost mode and get the fridge fully operational again, press the defrost button or the “Colder” and “Express Freezing” buttons again.

What To Do If Your LG Refrigerator Gets Stuck In Defrost Mode

If your LG fridge gets stuck in defrost mode, you’ll need to check the defrost thermostat. This problem often occurs if you are in the habit of putting hot foods in the refrigerator. What happens is the contacts on the thermostat remain too hot to shut down.

If that isn’t the issue, it could be the defrost timer is jammed and can’t advance the system from the defrost cycle and the defrost heater remains engaged. To fix this, locate the defrost timer on the back of the appliance and use a flat-head screwdriver to turn until the fan cuts out. This should reset the timer and start it operating again. If it doesn’t work you’ll need to replace the defrost timer.

Eco Mode (energy saver mode)

This is used when you’re not going to be using the fridge, during holidays etc. It works by lowering the temperature but using less energy, because the fridge door isn’t opened during that period it doesn’t need to keep topping up the cold level. To initiate Eco mode just press the “Eco-Friendly” button once. To take the fridge out of Eco mode, press the same button once again.

Vacation Mode

This is the same as Eco mode but on different LG refrigerator models and works in the same way. To initiate just press the “Vacation” button once and to deactivate press the same button once more.

Sabbath Mode

A selection of LG refrigerators have Sabbath Mode which is designed to be used by orthodox followers of the Jewish religion. Whilst the fridge is in Sabbath mode many of the features won’t function, this is normal and it’s only the functions that would otherwise violate religious customs and laws that are affected.

In Sabbath mode the doors and drawers on the fridge will close automatically if opened and the mode lasts for exactly 96 hours (4 days). To initiate Sabbath mode, close all of the drawers and doors and press “Wifi” and “Freezer Drawer” buttons at the same time and hold until both LED screens light up (around 3 seconds). To disengage Sabbath mode press the exact same button combination used to initiate it.

LG Mode Display Codes


LG Refrigerator Error Code “OF F”

If you see this display on your LG refrigerator panel, it signifies the fridge is in demo mode. This would be how the fridge was set up in the showroom to show potential buyers all of the functions without having the fridge cool down. 

How To Get Your LG Refrigerator Out Of Demo Mode

It’s a simple one to fix, for pre 2019 models just open the appliance door and select, press and hold the “Ice Plus” and “Refrigerator” buttons simultaneously until you hear a beep (around 5 seconds). The display should light up with numbers in the temperature field and this signifies that the refrigerator is out of demo mode and working correctly.

For LG refrigerator models made from 2019 and onwards, open the door and press the “Ice Plus” and “Refrigerator” buttons at the same time. Keeping your finger on the “refrigerator” button, tap the “Ice Plus” button 3 times to get it out of demo mode.

LG Refrigerator Error Code “FdH”, “rdH” or “Erdh”

This signifies the defrost function has failed to initiate correctly. It also shows that the appliance has been trying to instigate the defrost function for at least 60 minutes. The quick fix is to simply unplug the appliance from the power supply for 5 minutes to allow the system to reset. Once you reconnect the power, it should carry out its defrost cycle successfully. If not, you’ll need to contact LG.

 LG Refrigerator Error Code “gF”

If you see “gF” on the display screen it indicates a problem with the flow rate of the water supply to your LG fridge. This often shows up as water overflowing the ice dispenser. The quick fix is to just increase the water pressure by turning the supply tap on slightly more. If this doesn’t work and the code is still displayed, you’ll need to contact LG directly for advice and repair.

LG Refrigerator Error Code “67”

This indicates the fridge door is not closed properly. It could either be caused by an object preventing the door from closing, you have left the door slightly ajar or the door seal is damaged. If, after dealing with this problem, the error code doesn’t stop showing, you’ll need to consult expert advice.

Technical LG Refrigerator Error Codes (that need expert solutions)


The following error codes will only be of help to a refrigerator technician as they identify faults that need expert knowledge to repair. 

LG Refrigerator Error Code “IS” or “15”

If this error code is displayed on the display panel of your LG fridge it indicates a fault with the ice maker. Either the ice maker fan motor or the ice maker sensor has developed a fault. Both of which require expert repairs and are not recommended for the amatuer DIYer.

LG Refrigerator Error Code “CF”

This error code indicates a problem with the condenser fan which will also require expert attention.

LG Refrigerator Error Code “22”

This indicates a fault with the compressor relay and a breakdown and will need a refrigerator technician to repair or replace any faulty parts.

LG Refrigerator Error Code “C1”

This code shows a communication problem between the LCD screen and the dispenser which could be caused by a number of things. All of which need an expert to fix.

LG Refrigerator Error Code “CO”

This indicates an electrical fault resulting in no communication between the Display and the control board. An electrical engineer is required to fix this one.

LG Refrigerator Error Codes – Deciphering The Codes

There are many error codes in use by LG on many different models of refrigerators and depending on the model they will include one of the following; Some will start or end with Er, E or r. The following are the codes used by LG and what they indicate.

Error CodeCode Signifies
OF FDemo Mode
IS or 15Ice Maker Fault
22Compressor Fault
67Fridge Door Open
CFCondenser Fan Fault
COControl board and display communication error
DHDefrost Failure
dSDefrost Sensor Fault
FFFreezer Fan Fault (often just ice buildup)
FSFreezer Sensor Fault
GFLow Water Pressure (flow fault)
HSHumidity Disconnection
IF or F1Ice Maker Fan Fault
ITIce Maker Fault
rFRefrigerator fan fault (could be due to ice buildup)
rSRefrigerator Sensor Fault
rtRoom Temperature Sensor Fault
SSPantry Sensor Fault
SbSabbath Mode
Ad, L, AS, rAS, dr or dLDoor Motor Fault
OdWifi Communication Fault
C1LCD display communication Error With The Dispenser

Common Problems With LG Refrigerators & How To Solve Them

Overall, LG refrigerators are great appliances to have in your kitchen. But like all electrical equipment and fridges in particular, they can develop faults from time to time. It’s handy to understand just what’s going on and also to have some idea on how to repair them.

LG Refrigerator Feels Warm Inside

If your LG refrigerator feels warm inside the cabinet there are a few things to consider before reaching for the user guide or contacting a fridge engineer. The cause could be any one of the following;

  • Fridge Door Not Shut Properly
    If the fridge door isn’t shut properly, warm air will enter the fridge and prevent it from cooling correctly.
  • Door Seals Damaged Or Dirty
    If the door seals are damaged or dirty this will have the same effect as leaving the fridge door open. Clean any dirt or dust using warm soapy water and replace any damaged seals.
  • Cooling Vents Blocked
    The cooling vents are where the cool air enters the fridge. If these are blocked, even partially the cool air has a restricted flow and the fridge cannot cool down correctly. The cooling vents need at least a 2 inch clearance at all times.
  • Uneven Floor
    If your fridge isn’t sited on an even surface, the door might be out of alignment which will allow warm air to enter.

Other problems include control board issues, cooling system problems (compressor, condenser and evaporator) and these will need expert help to solve.

How To Reset Your LG Refrigerator

Sometimes all that’s needed to reinstate a function that stops working is to reset your refrigerator, it’s like rebooting your PC. To do this simply disconnect from the power supply and allow 10 to 15 minutes to elapse to dissipate any residue power. Then reconnect the power supply, your LG refrigerator should now be reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my LG refrigerator control panel?

To reset your LG refrigerator control panel, disconnect the power supply for around 15 minutes then reconnect the power. This should reset your fridge’s control panel.

Does my LG refrigerator have a reset button?

LG refrigerators don’t have specific reset buttons as such, but they can be reset by unplugging them from the main power supply for 15 minutes and then reconnecting the power. This performs a reset.

How long do LG fridges last?

LG fridges last between 14 to 20 years on average.

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