Mum Was Right: This Laundry Mistake Is Ruining Your Clothes’ Scent

We’ve all been there – you pull your freshly washed clothes out of the dryer expecting them to smell beautifully clean and fresh. Instead, you’re hit with a musty, damp odour that has you wondering if the wash cycle even happened. 

It’s incredibly frustrating when your clothes don’t smell as lovely as you’d hoped, despite all your laundry efforts.

So what’s going on? Why do your clothes sometimes come out smelling worse than when they went in the wash? The usual culprit behind this is exactly what your mum said: leaving damp clothes in the washer for a long time. 

As annoying as it is, there are also other pretty common reasons this happens – and some easy fixes too.

The Dirty Truth About Damp Clothes (it’s all about timing)

Remember those times your mum nagged you not to leave your wet clothes in the washing machine? Turns out, she was onto something. 

Clothes left damp can turn your wardrobe into a botanical garden of mould and bacteria. However, it’s the kind that doesn’t smell like roses.

Is Your Washing Machine Betraying You Find Out Why Your Clothes Smell!

When clothes are left damp, whether in the washer, a heap on the floor, or even in the dryer, they create an environment perfect for microorganisms to thrive. 

These bacteria and fungi feed on the sweat, skin cells, and oils left on your clothing, producing that all-too-familiar and extremely disgusting musty smell as a result. 

The longer the garments stay damp, the stronger the odour becomes. Oof! 

Awesome Tips To Ensure Your Clothes Smell Fresh Every Time!

At the end of the day, dealing with smelly laundry is just one of those unavoidable household headaches. 

But it’s an easy one to avoid if you follow these tips: 

Tip #1: Don’t Leave Wet Clothes Sitting Around

Want to get rid of those awful smells? The simplest step to combat musty odours is to dry your clothes immediately after the wash cycle finishes!

Why? Because leaving them sitting wet in the machine is an invitation to odour-causing bacteria and mould.

Never let damp or sweaty items sit around your home! Get them in the wash as soon as possible. 

person holding a laundry basket

If you can’t do a load right away, at least give sweaty fabrics a quick rinse and hang them up to dry before tossing them in the wash basket. Or if you’re really pressed for time, air them out!

Tip #2: Use The Right Drying Techniques

Make sure you’re not rushing the drying process, or you’ll get stuck with smelly clothes. 

Also, remember that not all drying methods are created equal:

  • Outdoor Drying – Whenever possible, hang your clothes outside to dry. The ultraviolet rays from the sun will not only help dry your clothes, but also act as a natural disinfectant that helps eliminate bacteria!
  • Tumble Drying – If drying outdoors isn’t an option (you live in the UK, don’t you?), make sure to use a tumble dryer correctly. Avoid overloading the dryer as this can leave clothes damp and prone to smells.

Tip #3: Clean Your Washing Machine Regularly

It’s not just about how you dry your clothes – sometimes the washing machine itself can be the source of the problem! 

How? Residue from detergent and fabric softeners, combined with the damp environment of the washer, can lead to the growth of mould and bacteria right inside your machine. 

mould in washing machine drum

Cleaning your washing machine monthly is crucial. Make sure to run an empty hot cycle with white vinegar to clean out any lingering smells and residue. 

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Tip #4: Store Your Clothes The Right Way

Once your clothes are dry, make sure they’re completely moisture-free before putting them away! 

Did you know that even slightly damp clothes can lead to musty odours in your wardrobe? 

baking soda in wardrobe

Store your clothes in a cool, dry place and consider using bicarbonate of soda, wardrobe dehumidifiers, or sachets of lavender to keep things smelling fresh!

Listen To Your Mum –  And Keep The Damp Away!

Remember, taking a little extra care in how you handle your laundry can make a huge difference in maintaining the fresh scent of your clothes. 

It turns out, listening to mum’s advice on this wasn’t just an old wives’ tale – it’s backed by science after all!

Do you have more questions about keeping your laundry smelling fresh or any other household tips? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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